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The 5 most influential people in startups.

There is no scarcity of entrepreneurs with bold ideas and passion about executing a startup.

The world is moving forward in the Startup culture, every 3/4th of the population is building their own startup.

Every entrepreneur wants to make an impact on the world and bring a positive change. From Start to Finish, a startup faces many ups and downs from finance to brand reputation, constant growth, Satisfied audience and many more hurdles. What makes the startup run is the willingness and enthusiasm to solve each challenge with creativity.

Here are the most influential people in Startups not only because they faced major challenges but also because of how they resolved and became one of the leading startups.


Whitney Wolfe, 2011

Bumble is a dating app that is women-centric. Where women make the first move. How did this idea begin? Let's dive into the history,

Whitney started her career working for Tinder as a VP in marketing. Later, Wolfe was promoted as a co-founder of Tinder, the world’s biggest dating app. Whitney alleged that she was sexually harassed and bullied by her mates. She filed a lawsuit against Tinder which was settled out of court for $ 1 million. The rest is history. It was her experience that she came up with the idea of letting women make the first move to initiate a conversation after she has matched with a man. Today Bumble reached more than 100 million users.

Whitney is an inspiration for all the women out there. Whitney took the curtains off about the mindset that women are never supposed to make the first move, created Bumble and in the coming time will soon be ahead of her competitors.


Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger - 2010

The first prototype of Instagram was a web app named Brbn – Inspired by Kevin's love for whiskey and bourbon. After analysing the user’s behaviour, the founders solved simple problems. They focused on photos and how they can create beautiful photos and how users can post them socially. After seeing user behaviour and low results, they launched and designed Instagram; on the first day it got 25,000 users.

Since then we all know how important Instagram is as one of the most important social media to grow personally, professionally as well as our entertainment source.

Kevin and Mike said in one interview that “it is all about feedback based on behaviour.”

“And the hardest part of going from Burbn to Instagram was actually realizing that we had to do something new. And making that decision was one of the hardest parts of my entrepreneurial career.”

Sometimes startups focus more on complex problems, innovation and market trends. Kevin and Mike focused on the simple problem and created a simple solution. Currently, Instagram has 700 million users.


Matt Mullenweg - 2003

Initially, people used to think that to build a website you need to learn to code. In 2003 Matt changed his thinking and came up with WordPress; now over 100 million websites run on WordPress.

There were many challenges faced by WordPress such as sanctions, funding, and lawsuits. In 2007 major security issues were faced by users; users' websites were blocked due to using old software. Keeping its users' demand and being safe from frauds, WordPress till today is updated on a regular basis.

WordPress has come a long way and worked hard to resolve all the challenges and issues with the software. Matt Mullenweg undoubtedly is one of the most influential people in the world of startups.


Deepinder Goyal, Pankaj Chaddah - 2010

Zomato started its journey by simply analysing the gap of the food delivery system. Deepinder and Pankaj witnessed people take time to look for the menu app on their phone.

They launched Foodiebay for people to save time and make menu cards easily accessible over their phone. From Foodiebay to Zomato, now one of the biggest food-tech companies in India, Zomato now deals with delivery from your favourite restaurant, giving various offers, reviews and many more.

Zomato’s major challenges were delivery, they did not have their own delivery system, unlike other competitors. A simple concept by Zomato led to millions of users today. Many entrepreneurs plan an idea like Zomato, but how to execute and be innovative during challenges is the real deal.


Eric Yuan - 2011

Let’s Zoom!

During this pandemic, Zoom helped the needy for various reasons such as birthday parties, weddings, college, and meetings. The major reason the audience used zoom was the number of participants who can join in one go.

Yuan Principal was to make video conferencing as easy as possible.

How did the idea of Zoom emerge? During Yuan’s freshman year in college, he always used to take a 10-hour trip by train to meet his girlfriend. He was looking for alternate ways how he could visit her without travelling and then came up with the idea of Zoom. Amazing, right?

Eric Yuan was finding a solution for a problem many people were facing during those days. He executed his idea with the help of technology and innovation.

Today Zoom revenue is a whopping $956.2 million.

“Part of entrepreneurship is realizing different things along the way are going to excite you in different ways. The people that grow best with companies are the people that realize that and get really amped about the different challenges, the different stages of the company.” - Niel patel


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