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What Is a Pitch Deck?

The term “pitch deck” can mean a variety of things. Most often, the idea is that the pitch will lead to investment in your company in exchange for a piece of it. But, that’s not the only time that you can use the pitch deck format.

Startup Pitch: How to create a startup pitch deck for investors

Entrepreneurship is booming. It’s no coincidence that searches related to how to create a startup pitch deck for investors have soared in the past few years, and continue to grow.

The main problem we see is many founders don’t really have a reference or starting point when creating their pitch decks. The format in which you apply for startup funding has become very standardized and there’s really no need to reinvent the wheel.

Thus, pitch deck is a very first impression and investors might get on your business.

The pitch deck outline

Many of the successful startup, ventures, internet personalities have published their ideal content of the pitch deck.

Pitch deck structure




Product Demo

Market Size

Business Model


Underlying Magic

Go-to Market


Traction/Milestones Fundraising Information

A pitch deck tends to have one purpose to wow potential investors or advertisers and make them want to work with your company. And while you want to make sure you have crafted the perfect startup story and share enough information on your metrics, marketing plan and target audience, the buck doesn’t stop there. Need to be sure that your pitch deck design is alluring and engaging enough that your audience is pulled into your pitch deck and can easily understand the data and information you’re sharing with them. Good pitch deck design, charts and visuals are the best ways to ensure you’ll really grab your viewers and keep their attention throughout your presentation.

The first challenge here is, a pitch deck is a tool to paint a quick and exciting picture of a business opportunity. Sometimes that idea is not fully formed, or sometimes the founders haven’t had the chance to sit down and figure out some key business components.

The Best pitch decks examples:

  1. Airbnb Pitch Deck

  2. Uber Pitch Deck

  3. Facebook Pitch Deck

  4. Slidebean Pitch Deck

  5. 5. Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck

  6. Peloton Pitch Deck

  7. Buffer Pitch Deck

  8. Monthly Pitch Deck

The point is, by solving your pitch deck, you are solving many strategic decisions about your business.

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