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No time? No money? No problem! Here is how you can get a start-up with a zero dollar investment.

Have you ever dreamed of having your own business but never found the right time to actually do something about it? As the famous author Samuel Johnson said ,” our aspirations are our possibilities”; so you don’t have to wait any longer to make your dreams come true.

Here are some illuminating ideas that can help you commence your zero-dollar startup.


Are you active on Instagram or Facebook? If you are, your start-up is just a click away. Around 3.96 billion people use social media world wide

All you have to do is reckon a name that suits your creative output and make a page. Jazz it up with all the fabulous merchandise or other creative digital outputs and get going! Use (#)hashtags to be striking. You've a humongous market lying ahead of you. You can also capitalize by creating sponsored posts for innumerable brands. It’s the most hassle free and trendy way to begin a start-up nowadays.


From the government to your beloved aunt, you can look for a sponsorship. Find a beloved relative and propose them your business idea, ask them to invest. You can also offer them some profit percentage and they would not say no. Also There are numerous government organizations worldwide like STARTUPINDIA that can help you convert your vision into reality. So all you have to do is ,just visit the website and sign yourself up , read their policies thoroughly and take notes , see if you are eligible to apply and you’re good to go. Enjoy your


What are you good at? Gardening? Painting or Cooking? Find someone who needs your help and trade your skills to earn some hard cash.

Help your mom complete the never ending chores , give her a foot-massage and she’ll be glad to consider the trade. Yes! Uncluttering is a thing now. We all know that we have professional closet organizers . Take reasonable payment and start arranging messy closets and homes. People are quite busy nowadays and they would love to let you help. You could paint their homes ,arrange their interiors, decorate their gardens and what not. People would not only be glad to pay you reasonably but you’ll take away a whole lot of burden from their chests.


Are you looking for investors but wish to hold 100% shares of your brand? Crowdfunding is your answer. Pitch your idea not just to a couple of investors but the whole world. Yes! It’s global. There are several crowdfunding platforms that allow you to showcase your business ideas to investors around the world. People from all round the world who relate to your vision can contribute from a handful to large sums and your capital is ready. Your crowdfunding can be donation-based, reward-based or share-based. Companies like KICKSTARTER, INDIAN ANGEL INVESTORS, etc.

5. E-commerce is your angel in disguise:

Are you insanely creative and want to immediately find a platform to sell your goods? It's time to be a professional creator and start selling on e-commerce websites with zero money investment. Websites like AMAZON,EBAY,FLIPKART etc… allows you with such an opportunity. The least you've to do is , visit the website , read it’s terms and conditions, sign-up , enlist your goodies and you are ready to roll. Your merchandise is exposed to millions of buyers worldwide. All these websites take is a small percentage from your revenue. In 2020 , more than 2 billion people purchased goods and services online. It’s a market increasing with God-speed. From handmade goods, to tasty food ; from hand woven apparel to collectable items, you can sell innumerable products on e-commerce websites.


Exhibitions have been in trend for years and several passionate artists from around the world prefer it and you can do it too. There are plenty of galleries to showcase your merchandise. These galleries usually take 30% to 50% of commission on your sales and let you get in touch with a huge fancy audience. People love to buy art and wander in interactive art galleries.

If this doesn’t work, pop-up exhibitions will do! Look for a relative who has a shop or knows someone who does. Ask them for a favour, why not! Offer commission to the owner and showcase your dainties and they won’t turn you away.

7. Open a club

No! I don’t mean a nightclub. You must remember you or some of your friends were always part of a social group, whether it be in college or school. If you are interested you can do that again. Yes! You’ll always find the people you share your interests with. Collect them and launch your very own social club again. Charge reasonably for memberships and hold creative meetings where your members interchange interesting ideas. You can also throw a house party and ask more and more people to join. Keep it fun! Do some fun activities in every meeting , let your members share their opinions and emotions and interact in every session. Say if your club has creative artists they can share their visions and inspirations with other members. You can also throw creative artwork sessions where members could create artworks together. It would help you raise funds and would so serve like a happy escape from everyday lives.


Be free and start blogging. Yes! Blogging is one of the best ways you can promote your vision ,gather funds and also sell. There are several popular blogging websites that allow you to Blog for free. All you have to do is join any of those websites , create an account and start blogging . Create blogs that show-case your products , both visually and verbally. You can also write step by step tutorials of your artworks and state that you are open for commission. People will not only love your blog but also purchase the merchandise of their choice. Don’t forget to add beautiful images of your products and it will make your blog more dazzling and attractive.


Everybody loves to party. Almost 80% of people have monotonous nine to five jobs and like to de-stress on the weekends. Most of the crowd likes to shed it by partying hard. If you have a good taste and have a knack at throwing the most amazing parties this idea will help you raise money with literally no investment. All you have to do is let people know that you are into the business. Throw a party at your house to show them what you are capable of. Convince people that you will give them what they want in most reasonable budgets and you are good to go. People would love to let you throw astounding parties for them. When it comes to parties you will never get short of ideas and themes. People like to throw parties for every next occasion. Birthdays , anniversaries, baby-showers, bachelor’s, spinster’s , promotion , retirement and what not. Your customers would invest and all you have to do is arrange music, food, décor and entertainment. Yes! Procurement is all that is required of you. Theme parties are a thing and might never go out of trend. So fasten your belt and become an event planner. It’s one of the most fun businesses you can opt for starting with a zero dollar investment.


If there is a shortage of time a casual public sale of products in good condition can make you a good amount of money. You can have an auction anywhere , from your garage to online you can sell n – numbers or stuff for cash. Ask your friends and relatives for donations of sellable stuff that they do not use anymore. Open your storage and start dusting off your precious collectables you had as a child and now have no use of. Make a list, include all sorts of stuff like Books of collectable editions , Historic coins, old cameras , your artwork , old heels , dresses , your old Nintendo , beautiful furniture ,rugs and all sorts of saleable goods. Decide a date , a venue and spread the word ; wherever possible and you are all set. People love to hoard collectables and they would pay you fairly for some. You’ll get surprised with the collections you’ll make and you could easily invest them in a startup or just start an auction business itself, it does take no investment just some old days junk.

When thinking of a startup with no money investment there are innumerable ways you can begin, as some stated above. But the most important thing you need is to take the risk. Believe in yourself and take a leap of faith. You might keep on waiting for the right time but there never is one. Now is all that you have. Go share your ideas with your beloved , trust yourself and they will trust you. Go ahead and do it. You’ll never regret giving it a try.


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