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What qualities must a person possess to have a start up?
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Aryan Raj Singh
Jul 13, 2021
It takes a particular kind of person to take on the unpredictable, but exciting, roller coaster of starting your own business. So what characteristics make a great founder and more importantly, if you have that! 1.Have a vision- Having a vision transforms average entrepreneurs into remarkable founders. The ability to see well into the future is essential if you want to survive the ups and downs of starting a business. 2. Be responsive- The best founders soak up any advice and knowledge they can get and act on it accordingly. Starting a business is a journey full of unknowns. You won’t know the answer to everything, so listen to the experienced people around you. 3. Embrace flexibility- The person must possess this quality because a founder must be flexible for accepting new things and doing any work at any time. 4. Stay curious- The Person need a thirst for knowledge, know what questions to ask and be keen to find a better way of doing things. Being curious is the best way to create a successful business because the more questions you ask, the more feedback you get. And that’s how you build a great product. 5. Have passion and drive- The person can develop the skills needed to grow a startup, passion and drive is something you can’t learn. Unfortunately, it’s not a ‘fake it till you make it’ kind of situation. It takes a lot of dedication to carry on through the twists and turns of starting a business, so if you don’t have passion it’s easy to lose your way.
Aryan Raj Singh
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