Press Freedom Day, History, Significance and Theme.

International Journalism Freedom Day 2022 (World Press Freedom Day) is celebrated every year on 3 May. Today we will learn about the history, importance, purpose and essays of World Press Freedom Day. Also this year's theme on which this day will be celebrated.

This year (2022) Press Freedom Day will be organized by UNESCO in the Republic of Uruguay. In India, this day is celebrated by thanking those journalists who did their journalism duty well.

History of World Press Freedom Day:

For the first time in the year 1991, Press Freedom Day was demanded by the journalists of the country of South Africa. After which this bill was brought in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in December 1993 and it was decided to celebrate Press Freedom Day every year on 3 May.

Importance of World Press Freedom Day:

This day plays an important role in reminding the governments of freedom of expression. This day also remembers those journalists who made their important contribution in journalism and also those who lost their lives for this field. On this day, the attacks on journalists and the moments that harmed their freedom are also discussed and on this day the governments of all countries are warned that the safety of journalists is the responsibility of the governments. The freedom of journalists and their security is also warned about the benefits to the country and how journalism contributes to the progress of the country.

Theme of World Press Freedom Day 2022:

This year (2022) the theme of World Press Freedom Day is 'Journalism under Digital Siege'. Which means 'Journalism under digital siege' in English.

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