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Coal Miners Day: Know when and how this day was started and its importance

India has coal, oil, natural gas, and deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals such as bauxite, dolomite, fluorspar, gypsum, iron ore, limestone, copper, asparagus, and zinc. This is a country where there is no shortage of minerals. To achieve this, thousands and lakhs of laborers work day and night in the mines, when all these things are obtained. So to bring the hard work of these laborers in front of the world every year on May 4, Coal Miners Day 2022 is celebrated to bring and appreciate the hard work of these laborers in front of the world. On this day the great heroes of the Industrial Revolution are remembered as well as the important works done by them ranging from tunneling to mining and excavation work are also appreciated. So let's know about the special things related to the history and importance of this day.

History of Coal Miners Day

Coal is a natural resource, but it is not easy to make but it requires a lot of hard work. Coal mining in India began in 1774 when John Summer and Suetonius Grant Heatley of the East India Company made commercial discoveries at the Raniganj coal field along the west bank of the Damodar River. During this time the Industrial Revolution also took place in the country between 1760 and 1840. In which coal was used extensively to fuel and locomotive engines and heat buildings. After this the demand for coal increased after the introduction of railway locomotives in 1853. But this time was not so good because during this time many incidents of exploitation and massacre of workers in coal mines were also reported.

Why is Coal Miners Day celebrated?

Coal mining is one of the most difficult jobs. This day is celebrated to tell people about this struggle for coal miners, to praise them and to honor their achievements.

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