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Jean Collins

Men In Black 3

Despite what most (except for me) thought was a disappointing sequel, Will Smith enters the secret and quirky world of the men in black to conclude a trilogy, delivering one of the most emotional third acts of any sci-fi film ever made. Even though I knew it was coming, I sobbed in tears.

Men in Black 3

After 43 years of being imprisoned at the LunarMax Prison, Boris escapes from the prison made for him with the help of his inmate Obadiah Price and his girlfriend Lilly, who came with the Weasel so that it could free Boris by shooting the cuffs. As they walk through the prison exclusively made for him, the guardians in the prison all go and try to prevent Boris from escaping. As Boris and Lilly armed themselves, Boris betrays and kills a protesting Price by pelting him with two spikes. He manages to defeat the guards by creating a hole inside of the building that suck them in to the vaccum of space. Lilly gets caught by the black hole, clinging to Boris who briefly holds her, but he betrays her in the end by letting her get sucked into space. With the deed done, Boris goes and attempts to kill K.

In the movie Men in Black 3, Will Smith once again wears a Hamilton Ventura medium watch, this time a Hamilton Ventura Chrono featuring three silver sub-dials on the face (reference number H24412732). It is not, as we first thought, the standard version, reference number H24411732, which was the model seen in the first Men in Black movie, with black face, stainless steel case and black leather lizard pattern strap. Tommy Lee Jones, as Agent K, wears a similar watch in MI3. 041b061a72


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