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Can't express how I'm happy with a service such as (@mineapp_company) - They find so many services where my data is hiding and allow me to request to delete it. Feeling so good to clean my Internet fingerprint once in a while.


Download Zip:

YesDogs allowed on roads and trails, within the Empire Mine State Historic Park Visitor Center, as well as the grounds within the historic zone of the park. Except for service animals, dogs not allowed inside historic buildings or in mine shafts.

A section of the Hardrock Trail at Empire Mine State Historic Park, between Stacey Lane Trail and the Sand Dam spillway, is closed until further notice due to the rapid development of a sinkhole. The closed trail section is extremely unstable, and any area within the closed section may be vulnerable to collapse without warning. Park visitors, hikers and equestrians are strongly advised to utilize the trail bypass, along the main Stacey Lane Trail and the Stacey Lane Crosscut Trail, which safely circumvents the area. The length of affected trail within the closed area, and the sinkhole stabilization timeframe, is not currently known. Park staff and geologic consultants are currently assessing the situation and a reopening date will be announced when determined.For updates and information, call the Empire Mine State Historic Park visitor center at (530) 273-8522.

To keep track of the mine's 367 underground workings, a place called "The Secret Room" (named for its blacked-out windows) was built. In it, the entire room was filled with a scale model of the mine's below the surface workings. Few people knew the room existed while the mine was in operation. Today, visitors to the park can see it in the Visitor Center. The model represents five square miles of underground workings. When the visitors go down the actual shaft in the park, they have journeyed only "one inch" on the model. Anything past "two inches" on the model is underwater in the actual mine.

Learn what it was like to live and work in one of Alaska's largest gold mining camps. Begin your tour of the Independence Mine State Historical Park at the Mine Mangers's House, which houses the Visitor Center and museum. Inside you'll see displays about mining, natural history and the Independence Mine story. Take a self-guided interpretive tour through the mine camp.

mine (present tense minar/miner, past tense mina/minte, past participle mina/mint, passive infinitive minast, present participle minande, imperative mine/min)

OCED held three public workshops to provide a detailed overview of the Clean Energy Demonstration Program on Current and Former Mine Land (CEML), collect feedback from stakeholders on drivers, challenges, and potential impacts of mine land demonstrations, and offer a forum for stakeholder networking in preparation for the funding opportunity announcement.

Abandoned mine drainage is water that is polluted from contact with mining activity, and normally associated with coal mining. It is a common form of water pollution in areas where mining took place in the past. There are several issues with abandoned mines that impact water quality:

Acid mine drainage is the formation and movement of highly acidic water rich in heavy metals. This acidic water forms through the chemical reaction of surface water (rainwater, snowmelt, pond water) and shallow subsurface water with rocks that contain sulfur-bearing minerals, resulting in sulfuric acid. Heavy metals can be leached from rocks that come in contact with the acid, a process that may be substantially enhanced by bacterial action. The resulting fluids may be highly toxic and, when mixed with groundwater, surface water and soil, may have harmful effects on humans, animals and plants.

As early as 1860, prospectors explored Mono Pass in search of gold and silver deposits. Here, among the glacially carved granite and craggy peaks of the Sierra crest, these hardy men discovered silver deposits and went to work in hopes of fortune. The Golden Crown Mine was established in 1879 by Orlando Fuller during the Tioga silver boom that also produced Bennettville and the Great Sierra Mine near Tioga Pass. Significant wealth was predicted, but around 1890, the mines were abandoned. Although the period of active mining in the areas of Tioga Pass and Mono Pass was brief, a few good examples of mining structures remain. Five log cabins mark the location of the Golden Crown and Ella Bloss mines. The Golden Crown Mine is located at Mono Pass, on the boundary of Yosemite National Park at 11,000 ft elevation.

The site of the Golden Crown Mine is just off the traditional trade route of the Mono Indians. It is also the route used by Lieutenent Tredwell Moore when pursuing the fleeing Indians in 1852. The Golden Crown Mine is illustrative of the high altitude mining camps that once existed all along the main crest of the Sierra Nevada, and relates to the economic development in the west. The presence of extractive industries like mining in the Sierra was a symptom of the growing population in the west, and it demonstrates the ways in which the Yosemite region became tied to local, regional, and national economies through industry and transportation. The mine complex is unusually intact, and is the best preserved mining site in Yosemite. It has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.

To enable the Salt Mine the mine_functions option needs to be applied to aMinion. This option can be applied via the Minion's configuration file, or theMinion's Pillar. The mine_functions option dictates what functions arebeing executed and allows for arguments to be passed in. The list offunctions are available in the salt.module. If no argumentsare passed, an empty list must be added like in the function inthe example below:

Mine functions can be targeted to only be available to specific minions. Thisuses the same targeting parameters as Targeting Minions but with keywords allow_tgtand allow_tgt_type. When a minion requests a function from the salt mine thatis not allowed to be requested by that minion (i.e. when looking up the combinationof allow_tgt and allow_tgt_type and the requesting minion is not in the list)it will get no data, just as if the requested function is not present in the salt mine.

With the addition of the format for defining mine_functions, themethod of adding aliases remains similar. Just add a mine_function kwarg withthe name of the real function to call, making the key below mine_functionsthe alias:

The Salt Mine functions are executed when the Minion starts and at a giveninterval by the scheduler. The default interval is every 60 minutes and canbe adjusted for the Minion via the mine_interval option in the minionconfig:

Because of the differences in the architecture of salt-ssh, mine.getcalls are somewhat inefficient. Salt must make a new salt-ssh call to eachof the Minions in question to retrieve the requested data, much like apublish call. However, unlike publish, it must run the requested functionas a wrapper function, so we can retrieve the function args from the pillarof the Minion in question. This results in a non-trivial delay inretrieving the requested data.

The mine.get function supports various methods of Minions targeting to fetch Mine data from particular hosts, such as glob or regularexpression matching on Minion id (name), grains, pillars and compoundmatches. See the salt.modules.mine moduledocumentation for the reference.

In general, projects that create economic/community development on or adjacent to eligible abandoned mine land (may require reclamation or was previously reclaimed). For specific information and examples, view the Guidance for Project Eligibility Under the Abandoned Mine Land Economic Revitalization Program for FY 2023.

What if there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Find out on Dollywood's Mystery Mine steel coaster where a 1,811-foot track travels through an abandoned coal mine. Uncertain encounters and amazing maneuvers await, including a hair-raising 95-degree, 85-foot vertical drop that plunges into darkness!

Following the Crandall Canyon Mine Disaster, where six mine workers and three rescue workers died, Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. issued an executive order establishing the Utah Mine Safety Commission.

On January 11, 2008, the Mine Safety Commission established by Governor Jon Huntsman made 45 recommendations following their investigation into the Crandall Canyon mine disaster. One of those recommendations was to establish a safety round-table group that included members representing the interested parties in coal mine safety on Utah.

Data is available to download and viewable with interactive mapping and aggregate dashboards and summary tables. Each coal mine is linked to its own separate factsheet on that provides references and further background, including news about project financing, civil society opposition, labor activity, and workplace accidents. The project methodology is available here.

The MMC protocol provides methods to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions associated with the capture and destruction of methane (CH4) that would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere as a result of mining operations at active underground and surface coal and trona mines and abandoned underground coal mines. The protocol focuses on quantifying the change in methane emissions, but also accounts for effects on carbon dioxide emissions.

This protocol is designed to ensure the complete, consistent, transparent, accurate, and conservative quantification of GHG emission reductions associated with a mine methane project. The protocol is comprised of both quantification methodologies and regulatory program requirements to develop an MMC project for generating ARB offset credits.

MVS focuses on bringing vision-related technology and software algorithms to the resources mining industry. As pioneers in the underground 3D mapping space, we work worldwide to improve efficiency, safety, production and automation in mining through unmatched data collection and workflow. Learn how our powerful solutions change the way underground miners work. 041b061a72


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