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The Binary Stalker is my idea for the quest (See quest fan idea) Code Helper, it is a bit like the Neon Nightrunner but with a green dye, 1s and 0s around it and replacing bubbles and purple trail, it has incredible handling with a automatic stop.

Auto Merge Auto Tap Auto Complete Obby Auto Reb...

Groups can be defined using a name supplied by you or automatically named by the program. If the unnamed option is selected, AutoCAD automatically creates a name of A1, A2, etc for each group as it is created. You can use the "Group" or "ClassicGroup" command depending on how you like to interface with AutoCAD. For this article I will be using the "ClassicGroup" command which uses the Object Grouping dialog box. Both of these commands are on the Ribbon.

This article is about one of the problems designers face when using ordinate dimensions which is placing the origin point for the dimension set. When I start dimensioning my drawing the first ordinate dimension placed is obviously not related to the part. So how do you move the ordinate dimension origin to the lower left corner the block. The answer is to re-define the User Coordinate System (UCS) of the drawing. When an AutoCAD drawing is created, the UCS is defined automatically in model space and you probably will see the UCS icon indicating its location. By the way, I am using 2D AutoCAD in this example, 3D UCS also exist but that is another topic. 041b061a72


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