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Subtitle Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol !!TOP!!

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol is the first movie in the series to add a subtitle and drop the numbers, which was a great decision given that numbered sequels in long-running franchises only draw attention to how old they are. But while the fourth movie is where Paramount began adding subtitles, the studio was almost even more sensationalist than having "ghost" in a title of a movie that features no ghosts. According to Variety, the studio was considering removing the franchise's very name from the title.

subtitle Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Hunt's team consists of four agents (including himself). There's Benji (Simon Pegg), the Q-like computer whiz who's returning from installment #3; Brandt (Jeremy Renner), the analyst with some field agent training; and Jane (Paula Patton), who adds a dose of estrogen to an otherwise testosterone-laden production. Of course, this is really all about Hunt/Cruise, who gets the best lines and the most daring stunts. Once Hendricks blows up the Kremlin and frames IMF, the President exercises the "ghost protocol" and "disavows" the group. They still have their mission, but now they're doing it off the grid, without external support. Hendricks' trail takes them from Moscow to Dubai to Mumbai, where the final confrontation occurs.

Unlike the three earlier entries in the film franchise, the next Mission: Impossible movie will have a subtitle: Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. So what is a "ghost protocol"? Neither Tom Cruise nor director Brad Bird wanted to provide any illumination on what that subtitle may mean during the press conference they attended in Dubai. 041b061a72


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