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Just look at the car industry: Quote, "The Big Three, all functionally bankrupt, are now lined up for bail-outs from the treasury's bottomless checking account. Personally, I believe the age of Happy Motoring is over. Many Americans have already bought their last car -- they just don't know it yet. The current low-ish price of oil is a total fake-out, having to do much more with asset-dumping in the paper markets than the true resource supply-demand equation. Most of the world (the media for sure) has ignored preliminary leaks from the International Energy Agency's (IEA) forthcoming report which forecasts global oil depletion to be 9.1 percent in 2009. This is a staggering figure, very likely to offset whatever slack we see in global demand from the worldwide economic crisis. In fact, the global oil markets are poised for the most severe dislocations ever seen, meaning it's a toss-up what happens first in the USA: a major leg back up in oil prices, or shortages, hoarding, and rationing."

look don't touch lauren phillips

OK, I know you will serverely discount this, but I wouldn't if I were you, even if I can't explain it right. The show was so close. If you want to know what's going on in politics and the world in the future, it's a new view of reality from a new consciousnes, a new mindset. It may be true that the country is, say, right of center. If all thinking is by analogy, then you can compare anything to anything to know more about what you want to know about. Take a jigsaw puzzle or a coin, for instance. There is only one piece in the puzzle that is in the absolute center and one piece right of center. Probably only one person, unless he has a clone who is in the exact center of the electorate and one person left of center. If the majority is right of center then they are following someone and I doubt that's a good idea as we're supposed to all be different. I think Barack is thinking more of appealling to everyone and serving everyone and he can reach everyone that way. Tough for the conscious mind, but not for the visual logic of the subconscious. Your intuition answers questions from that map and complexity is no problem. You have to look at everything that way. We don't need two conservative, one moderat and two liberal justices. We need someone who is left, right, middle and transcends the whole, inspired justices. The religions are accussed of taking a position that is comforting, but isn't an Atheist also taking a comfortable position instead of facine the infinitude of unansered questions, going outside the box. By using and checking intuition and gut reactions they can be accurate and we can feel secure in the midst of the complexity. Bush, McCain and Obama have all mentioned making their decisions by a gut reaction, but I doubt they have they checked them against everything, including practicality? You have to test gut reactionse. Cognitive therapy checks the thought behind a feeling for truth. That's what you have to do. If you have the big picture you can tell what Obama will do from what he has done. So far I see that he is doing just what I would expect. He has a good overview, having a biracial, international and varied economic background. He has a grasp of the different needs of people, a holistic view. The world is infinitely complex and we need this way of thinking, the way all the greats throughout history used. A word to the wise is sufficient. Einstein said, "The only real valuable thing is intuition." It's the connection with the rest of the 98% of the brain they say we don't use. We can us it. I suspect it understands nature and the universe as well. Elijah talked about the still small voice. The only question I want answered is, how do we extend our life and health. I think we will find that when we find it more reasonable to work together on that issue, rather than try to eliminate each other. Heads up Bill.

I want to dispute tho' the remarks about the bank bail-out. I don't think it was the most important thing to have done, but I do agree with the banks that the money is better left there. That should not deter them from lending anyway, since they lend a great deal more than their reserves. During the Revolution the Continental Congress printed a lot of paper money, which depreciated in fairly short order. They then got loans from Europe and started a bank that played a significant part in insuring the outcome. They didn't spend the money, they just used it to support the new paper money they issued. The story is told that they wheeled it out one door and in another, a tactic that was also used by some banks in 1932-3. In short, reserves are there to support the money supply. It was given in return for equity so that it would look better on the balance sheet. I suspect they knew that some of it would be used for mergers, but mergers are certainly better than bank failures. 041b061a72


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