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Mature Sexy Body Photo

But as social conditions and gender roles change, so do ideas about beauty. Consider some recent changes in the US. In the 1960s and 70s, beauty ideals for women shifted from the mature curvaceous body of stars such as Marilyn Monroe to the stick-thin, flat-chested figure epitomized by supermodels such as Twiggy or Kate Moss.The compelling fact here is that just as women started to make dramatic gains in the areas of education, employment and politics, the ideal female body began to look like a malnourished preadolescent girl, weak, emaciated and non-threatening. Women may have been gaining in freedom and power, but they were increasingly encouraged to discipline their bodies through diet and exercise to conform to ideals that were almost impossible to achieve.

mature sexy body photo

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A mature female western black widow spider is about 1/2 inch (13 mm) in body length, and has a rounded abdomen and very characteristic coloration. She is shiny jet black all over her body and legs, except for a red pattern on the underside of the abdomen, which looks, in perfect specimens, like an hourglass. Some specimens have a brownish or plum-colored tinge, but usually these are females that are so well fed that the black-pigmented abdomen has been stretched until it looks brown instead of black.

As easy as it is to identify an adult female black widow, the immatures, looking nothing like the mother, can be difficult to recognize. When black widow spiderlings emerge from their egg sac, they have tan legs and a tan cephalothorax (the body part to which the legs attach), while the abdomen is mostly white with a few black spots.

In contrast to the female, the male black widow retains the coloration of the juvenile. After it matures, it stops eating and its abdomen shrinks (its only task at this point is to mate). The male still retains one longitudinal abdominal stripe and a set of diagonal flank stripes on each side of the abdomen. The males are much smaller than the females in body length, although sometimes their legs are almost as long as those of the adult female.

Mature female brown widows are smaller than mature female western black widows, being about 3/8" in body length (10 mm). The normal brown widow spider coloration is a mottled collection of tan, brown, and gray. It has a lengthwise stripe halfway up the back side of the abdomen with two isolated dots in front of it and diagonal stripes on the side, somewhat similar to immature western black widow spiders (see Table 1). However, the usual background coloration of the brown widow is more of a tan, as compared to the western black widow, in which background coloration is more olive-gray. Male brown widows are much smaller [body length: 3/16 inch (4 to 5 mm)] than other widow spiders and therefore might be overlooked or misidentified.

The false black widow spider, Steatoda grossa, is not a true widow spider; however, it is in the same family, Theridiidae, as widow spiders and can easily be confused with them. It shares the same rounded-abdomen body form and web-making traits. It is slightly smaller than a mature western black widow spider [body length: 3/8 inch (10 mm)], chocolate brown in color, and never has red coloration on its belly.

Males have a T-shaped abdomen held tightly against the underside of the body until maturity when it becomes somewhat free. The immature female has a triangle shaped abdomen tightly sealed against the body.

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