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Resident - Search Results

SharePoint has both a classic and a modern search experience. The modern search experience gets results from the default result source. If you change the default result source, this impacts both the classic and modern search experiences. Learn more about the differences between the classic and modern search experiences in SharePoint.

resident - search results

For the classic search experience, you can create your own result sources, or use the predefined result sources. After you create a result source, you configure Search Web Parts and query-rule actions to use it.

For a tenant, in the new SharePoint admin center, select More features. Under Search, select Open, and then on the search administration page, select Manage Result Sources.

Remote SharePoint provides results from the index of a search service in a different farm (external source). In the Remote Service URL box, type the address of the root site collection of the remote SharePoint farm.

For a tenant, in the new SharePoint admin center, select More features. Under Search, select Open, and then on the search administration page, select Manage Result Sources.

The Search Box Web Part shows a text box where users can enter words or phrases to search for information. By default, the Search Box Web Part is used on the home page for the Search Center (default.aspx), and all default search results pages (Everything, People, Conversations, and Videos).

To show a link to an advanced search page, select Show advanced link, and then in the Advanced search page URL box, type the URL of the advanced search page that you want to link to.

Select the Make the search box have focus when the page is loaded check box so that users can immediately type a query in the search box when the page is loaded without first having to click the search box. This option is selected by default.

In the SharePoint admin center, you click search, click Manage Search Schema, and then click Crawled Properties. Then, you search for the People:LastName property and then add a mapping to the managed property that's set to Searchable.

In the SharePoint admin center, you click search, click Manage Search Schema, and then click Crawled Properties. Then, you select a property and then change the order of the Mappings to crawled properties list.

When you change the search schema in the people categories, the change is applied only after you update a user profile. If you have to apply the change to all user profiles, you should contact Microsoft 365 technical support.

Linked Pages lets you tell Bing which pages in the search results are specifically about your friend. The example Microsoft gave was the common name John Smith, but it also works with less common names such as Barry Schwartz. If you follow search, you are probably more interested in seeing information about me than maybe the famous psychologist or Cofounder of Calvin Klein.

If you're a serious job seeker, you'll want to make sure your profile is found by recruiters and head hunters on Linkedin. With over 300 million registered users, the need to stand out and shine on Linkedin amongst your competitors is greater than ever! Linkedin is a hugely popular platform, that's growing by the day; it's used by pretty much every recruiter in the UK and overseas to seek suitable candidates. It's not just recruiters using Linkedin, searches performed by business are growing at an amazing rate, making it even more crucial that your profile is found, preferably at the top of Linkedin's people search results. So, how can you improve your ranking in Linkedin's people search results.

"We can't guarantee a particular ranking for your profile, regardless of your subscription level and tenure on LinkedIn. The ranking of search results on LinkedIn is dependent on relevancy to the searcher. Because the results are tailored to what we believe is most relevant to each individual member, it's possible that a profile will appear on the 2nd page for one member and on the 5th for another, even if they are searching for the exact same keywords. The variables that determine this include the searcher's profile and attributes, and filters that the searcher applies, like Location."

The more complete your profile is, the more information there is for the search engines to crawl. The more keyword rich information there is, the more chance you have to improve your ranking in Linkedin's people search results. Fill out as many relevant sections as possible with as much non-sensitive information as you can. Don't forget to include a professional-looking profile photograph too. Linkedin profiles with appropriate headshot photographs receive 70% more engagement than those without.

Claiming a vanity URL on Linkedin is essential so don't skip this step. A vanity URL makes your Linkedin profile look far more professional and it allows people you know to find you more easily. If your profile is registered under your name or a variant of your name, you'll instantly improve your ranking in Linkedin's people search results. What is more, you can include it on your CV, business cards, etc.

Without keyword stuffing, try to use synonyms wherever possible. Repeating the same keywords not only gets boring and repetitive but it also limits your ability to show up in Linkedin's people search results.

If you only ever use the term 'sales representative' on your Linkedin profile, you may not appear if someone is looking for a 'field sales representative' or a specialist 'medical sales representative. Try to vary the words you use within your Linkedin profile to maximise search benefit, this applies to job titles, text within your bullet point statements and in your key skills section.

Similar to above, make sure you can be found in the most amount of searches performed by being very precise with your job title. As per the example above, if a recruiter is looking for a 'medical sales representative' and you've described your job title as simply 'sales representative', the chances of you appearing high in the returned people search results on Linkedin are slim. If you're worried about the possibility you may be deemed to be telling lies by not reflecting the job title on your contract precisely, try using a title such as 'sales representative (medical sales)' in the job title section.

Have you joined any Linkedin groups related to your industry? If not, why not? Not only is it a fantastic way to grow your network, it can also have a positive effect on your Linkedin profile's SEO because the name of the group appears on your Linkedin profile. The search engines will crawl your profile and your groups and associate the two. Join industry and regional groups to maximise and improve your ranking in Linkedin's people search results.

The more skills endorsements and recommendations your Linkedin profile has, the more credibility it has. Reach out to your network for endorsements and recommendations to show the extent of your industry knowledge and experience. What is more, some Linkedin experts claim that just 10 good recommendations can significantly improve your ranking in Linkedin's people search results.

Linkedin is an amazing resource and not one to be overlooked, particularly when you're looking for a new job. The wider and broader your network is, the greater the scope there is to connect with colleagues, industry leaders, experts and influencers, recruiters and other prominent people in your sector. The more connections you have, the more your profile is out there and the more attention it will get as your name will appear more frequently as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd connection in other's profiles and within Linkedin groups. Increasing your network can improve your ranking in Linkedin's people search results so consider becoming a Linkedin LION too.

To merge the results into your master I recommend you use the Merge Google Sheets add-on from This is a paid add-on that is available for Microsoft Excel, too. I guarantee you this is the fastest way to quickly and accurately merge two spreadsheets. The time this add-on will save you makes worth it the small cost you pay.

With both files open, copy the data from your results file and paste it into a new sheet, in your master spreadsheet. Then open the Merge & Combine add-on and choose Merge Sheets. Follow the instructions to complete the merge.

The order that the people show up in the search results is relevance driven. I wouldn't be able to give you an exact rundown of how relevance is calcualted, but it takes into account various types of matches, including match on the name, title, position as well as match on skills, projects etc.

Don't want to split hairs, but looking at other users search results with the same query I can't see a difference in relevance. All poeple are listed in the same order when using dfferent user accounts to do so. And that order does not make any 'sense', eg no obvious closer connection to staff listed at the top, not A-Z or whatever it might be weighted by. 041b061a72


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