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Buy Humidifier Filters

Our ClearChoice fridge and AirX HVAC filters are made in our factory and headquarters here in Indiana, with great attention to quality. Don't settle for poorly-made knock offs. Filters are not just replacement parts, they are the water and the air that our families drink and breathe.

buy humidifier filters

Generally speaking, we limited our search to portable humidifiers rated to cover between 200 and 700 square feet, with a minimum tank size of 1 gallon (although we have made occasional exceptions). In our experience, a 1-gallon tank is big enough to allow a humidifier to last for most or all of a day running on medium without having to refill.

After running the Venta and the Winix air washers against our former top pick, the Honeywell HCM-350 evaporative humidifier, we saw the particle concentrations drop for the Venta and the Honeywell but actually rise for the Winix.

Regardless of which type of humidifier you have, you must clean it regularly to prevent funky stuff from growing in the reservoir and other parts of your machine. The EPA suggests (PDF) cleaning and disinfecting portable humidifiers every third day; most manufacturers recommend about once a week. A bacteriostatic treatment such as Essick Air or an antimicrobial cleaning cartridge like the fish-shaped Protec can also help to discourage nasty things from growing. But these should still be used in conjunction with a regular cleaning.

The Honeywell HCM-350 Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier was our top pick from 2015 to 2021, largely because of its simplicity. The base is dishwasher-safe, there are no bright lights or beeping sounds to keep you up at night, and several Wirecutter staffers have used it long enough to attest to its durability. But we started hearing more and more complaints from readers who had trouble cleaning the non-dishwasher-safe parts or who were otherwise disappointed with this model. Its availability has also become increasingly scarce. This is still a pretty great, simple evaporative humidifier if you can find it, but we think most readers will be better served with one of our ultrasonic picks or the EVDC300.

The Vornado Evap3 Evaporative Humidifier is a very attractive model. It aced our humidity-hold test, reaching the steadiest value among evaporative models, 3.6% over the set point and 1.0% standard deviation. It has a large, 1.5-gallon tank and a high output of 2.7 gallons per day. It uses two wicking filters that last for four to eight weeks before they need to be replaced, at a cost of $12. Unfortunately, it was a little loud on high, and we found the fill cap really hard to turn.

Why use a Humidifier?Humidifiers are designed to put humidity back into the air, but what does that mean? Humidifiers release water vapor into an area to increase the level of humidity in a room. When used properly, a humidifier can help to alleviate medical issues that may arise during the colder weather months. This may include dry skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, allergies, etc.

Are humidifiers bad?The pros definitely outweigh the cons on humidifiers! They typically do more good then bad, as long as you are properly cleaning them and keeping up with their maintenance. If you do not properly clean your humidifier you can pollute your air with mold and bacteria.

Why use a wick or evaporating humidifier?They are self-regulating, as the humidity increases, the humidifier's water output vapor decreases. The WIC system generally uses paper filters, which draw water from the reservoir and use a fan that blows over the filter, putting humidity back into the air. Unlike steam vapors, this humidifier does not produce steam and will not be harmful around children.

What is a Dura-Ester Filter?Natural-Breeze is excited to announce that we have designed a filter that is made out of a special synthetic polymer, and can be simply washed and rejuvenated. Our filters have been proven to last several times longer then the disposable paper filters, saving our customers a lot of money every season.

Why Natural-Breeze over the commonly used Paper Filters?That's a great question! We are currently dominating the market, with our efficient NEW product. Not only will you save money every season, but you also don't need to worry about finding space to store cases of disposable filters. It may also be an inconvenience that every time your filter has become filled with mold or bacteria you have to purchase a new one, but with Natural-Breeze Filters; simply refer to our cleaning instructions. These are located directly on the FREE REUSABLE cleaning bag included with your purchase and show how to effectively rejuvenate your filter. It's that simple! If you are not satisfied with our product, our customer service specialists are readily available to take your call and answer any of your questions. If you find that it does not perform as expected, just ship it back to us within 30 days and receive a full refund!

Using genuine Dyson filters ensures that your machine continues to work effectively, capturing 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from your home. Dyson filters are warranted against original defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Filter units that must be replaced because the filter life has expired are not covered by the warranty.

The approximate size of this filter is 11.5 x 10 x 1.75. This item must be replaced at least once per year for optimal performance. Fits Skuttle model 2000 humidifiers and others. This item is sometimes called a water panel, media filter, evaporator pad, or humidifier pad. This component is also known as HUM-1725052 and fits the HUM-SFTBP series humidifiers. The filter includes the wick that goes into the water distribution tray.

Evaporative humidifiers need filter replacement at least once in every 3 months. If your humidifier has mineral absorption filters, you need to change it every 2 to 3 weeks, to avoid mineral deposits from contaminating and destroying your humidifier.

You can either have a central humidifier or a portable room humidifier depending on your needs. A humidifier has several types too but they all contain coils comparable to those in the air conditioning system.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use sound vibrations to produce fine mist and add moisture into the air. Both humidifiers come in cool-mist and warm-mist and may or may not need filters to operate, depending on the manufacturer.

To sum up, these humidifiers may or may not come with filters but, it still varies on the brand and design. Portable humidifiers typically use filters to trap mineral build-ups. Over the course of time, the filter gets dirty, clogged and damaged.

A humidifier can be made of several parts, and each plays an important role. And in my passion towards achieving the right amount of moisture in every home by guiding my avid readers like you; I would like to discuss more on humidifier filters.

Reusable filters are easy to clean and can last longer when properly maintained. To save more on buying humidifier replacement filters, you can opt to use other humidifier brands as long as they are highly compatible.

This is a universal cut-to-size humidifier filter that is made from durable synthetic polymer plastic. Unlike other filter replacements which are made of papers, this cool-mist reusable filter lasts longer.

My thoughts are divided on this matter, especially when the humidifier we are talking about is used in nurseries and bedrooms. Filter replacements only cost around $5-$30 depending on the brand and quality.

Regardless of the material, I believe that we cannot put the health of our loved ones at stake by using DIY filters. Remember, the air that comes out of the humidifier mixes with the air we breathe. So, whatever contaminants there are, we are also inhaling it.

I know that there have been lots of concerns pertaining to humidifier filters. Some say that their filters discolor after using a few times. However, to set the records straight, the discoloration is not caused by the filter itself.

An evaporative humidifier includes a base having a portion defining a reservoir for holding a quantity of water. A housing is mounted on the base over the reservoir, the housing having an air inlet and an air outlet. A cylindrically shaped wick filter with a permeable support is seated in the reservoir and extends up into the housing. The cylindrically shaped wick with permeable support filter has an open top end and a sidewall. A color change indicator strip is provided on the inner portion of the sidewall. The color change indicator strip provides a signal when the filter requires changing due to the extent of use and immersion of the filter in water. A fan is mounted inside the housing for drawing air into the housing through the air inlet, then into the center of the cylindrically shaped wick filter through the open top end, then out through the sidewall of the cylindrically shaped wick filter with a permeable support and then out of the housing through the air outlet. A heater is also mounted inside the housing for heating the air drawn into the housing prior to passage through the cylindrically shaped wick filter with a permeable support.

The present invention relates generally to humidifiers and more particularly to evaporative humidifiers utilizing a wick filter. This invention is further directed to a wick filter for use with an evaporative humidifier with a color change indicator that shows when the filter should be changed.

Humidifiers have been found to be very useful in raising the humidity of air present inside homes, particularly during periods of very dry weather or in winter, when outside air of low temperature is drawn inside a home and heated, causing the relative humidity within the home to be lowered to an uncomfortable level. Under these circumstances it is beneficial to introduce moisture into the air. Several types of humidifiers, used for increasing humidity in a room or enclosure are well-known in the art. Examples of these include steam-type humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, warm-air humidifiers and evaporative humidifiers. 041b061a72


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