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Daniel Sloss: X(2019)

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Scottish comedian, Daniel Sloss, will run his critically acclaimed new show, Daniel Sloss: X, in a month-long off-Broadway run February 6 24, 2019 at SoHo Playhouse. Following the NYC run, Sloss will tour X to theaters across the U.S. For full tour dates and show times visit Daniel's website. Daniel Sloss: X is Daniel's third show presented off-Broadway, previously running Daniel Sloss: DARK in two separate runs, as well as Daniel Sloss: Jigsaw off-Broadway.Daniel Sloss: X is Daniel's exploration of modern masculinity, which he has been touring since September across the U.K. and to 26 countries across Europe. Daniel premiered X in August to rave reviews in a month-long sold out run in the biggest venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.On September 11, 2018, Daniel's 28th birthday, Netflix premiered two of Daniel's live shows, Daniel Sloss: DARK (2015) and Daniel Sloss: Jigsaw (2016), worldwide in 190 countries and 26 languages - The Jigsaw effect of his questioning relationships has to date been cited in the breakups of over 11,000 relationships, 59 divorces and 48 cancelled engagements, and that's just the tally from the folks who have messaged him on social media and via his website to let him know. But it's not all broken hearts, in fact mostly it's people saying thank you for instigating conversations they and their partner had both been putting off.

Daniel Sloss: X(2019)



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