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Jameson Price
Jameson Price

[S1E15] Masquerade

Millionaire superstars Roz and Bill (Michele Lee and Fernando Lamas) have remarried and are celebrating their newest honeymoon aboard the Pacific Princess in "Hollywood Royalty," scripted by Ray Jessel. Of course Roz has brought along her $1 million diamond, which a group of thieves (John Schuck, Harold Gould, Larry Storch and Karen Valentine) intend to steal in "The Caper," written by Gordon and Lynne Farr, and Ben Joelson. and Art Baer. In "The Eyes of Love," Jenny Lang (Stephanie Zimbalist) and Steve Hollis (Desi Arnaz Jr.) meet for the first time since they were students at a school for blind children. Now, as young adults, the two fall in love, but Steve does not tell the unsighted Jenny he now can see. Tony Webster wrote the script. Juliet Mills and Dan Rowan play Barbara and Alan Danver, who become friendly with Cathy Randall (Adrienne Barbeau), in "Masquerade." Barbara and Cathy discover they have much in common as Alan nearly flips out because Cathy is his mistress and Barbara suspects nothing. Louis Pelletier and Marcia Muldoon wrote the script. Highlight sequence of the episode, which was directed by Allen Baron, has the entire regular and guest cast in costume at a masquerade ball.

[S1E15] Masquerade



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