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(English pronunciations of demesne from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary & Thesaurus and from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, both sources Cambridge University Press)


The bigger the location the more challengers, from five to ten objections for a closet to fifty for a house.[5] Generally the size of a demesne would be measured in rooms, a building at maximum.[17][18] A larger Demesne is generally better, with a larger one supplying more power,[5] but this is dependent on the presence of useful Others; a large area that is desolate, with few challengers, is less useful.[7]

As a practitioner uses their demesne, it will improve as it draws likeminded spirits to it, eventually strengthening the practitioner's magic while they are inside it.[7] This could also allow them to order the spirits around like a powerful cosmic being.[19]

Inside of a demesne the practitioner is 'a step below a god' as the domain is a reflection and an extension of the self, a safe place that they can do nearly anything in. They can alter or break the laws of physics, magic, potentially even logic.[23] The practitioner can alter the it's appearance and materials, internal dimensions,[6][18] prevent weapons or explosives from working, repair what is damaged, move around at superhuman speeds,[10] unlock locks,[24] reshape the landscape,[25][4] alter the flow of time,[26] conjure items[27] etc.

All this means that fighting a practitioner within their demesne is immensely difficult.[10][24] It can also serve as a secure stronghold where one can store power with the certainty that it will remain untouched.[28][18]

There are other potential applications of this reality warping. Some Practitioners use their demesne as a sort of 3D display where something abstract, such as stock prices or software, is made physical and can be observed and interacted with.[18] If one suffers from a curse, a demesne can halt it's effects while you are inside.[18]

A demesne's flexibility can also be a drawback. Unwanted influences can creep in from the practitioner's mood,[6] familiar, or sources of power. The usual solution is to focus and restrain these influences to just one part of the demesne.[29]

In the event that a practitioner becomes too attached to their demesne and ignores the outside world they may become a part of it and die when it fades away, resulting in a ghost, and/or a location saturated with power. Otherwise they fade into Limbo.[30][34]

Physically destroying a demesne is generally nigh impossible, since the owner has so much control. However it might be possible if they were foolish enough to claim one in a property they don't control (such as an apartment in a building they don't own.)[10]

Mobile, underwater, or flying demesnes are all possible; but rare, and generally foolhardy. They are likely to be severely weakened or flawed as a result of violating tradition, and may not technically be considered "demesnes" by some.[38][39] Similarly, a sapient demesnes/familiar hybrid is possible, but the result is significantly weaker, flouts tradition, and prevents one from ever gaining either a true demesnes or familiar by occupying both "slots".[40]

Some families are able to pass on a demesne to their descendants. Such a demesne is much less flexible, with a very limited ability to change it, and tends to mark the owner as a representative of their family rather than an individual.[13]

Certain beings, such as Conquest, Advanced Bugges, The Hyena, or Nex Machinae, can form Depressions; exerting such influence over an area and its spirits that it resembles a demesne in effect if not in the method of gaining that influence.[42][43][44] Some can reach the point that they are effectively crafting whole new realms with god-like authority, these are typically called Demiurges.

The Park also offers areas dedicated to biodiversity and holds a significant number of old trees which include horse chestnut, oak and beech trees. These trees give the demesne its character by virtue of their age and size and also benefit a range of wildlife species.

But what the Third Crusade showed most clearly was that the crusading movement was being lost to the papacy, and becoming part of the demesne of the secular state - organized by the state on its own basis of taxation, and conducted by the state according to its own method of negotiation.

The other most notable open spaces wholly or partly within the county are Hampstead Heath in the north-west, a wild, high-lying tract preserved to a great extent in its natural state, and in the south-west Wimbledon Common, Putney Heath and the royal demesne of Richmond Park, which from its higher parts commands a wonderful view up the rich valley of the Thames.

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