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Chromatic Clicker

The RGB Helm gives 5 defense and reduces the number of clicks required to activate a clicker's clicker effect by 1; the RGB Breastplate gives 12 defense and 25% increased base click radius; and the RGB Greaves gives 8 defense and 25% increased base click radius.

Chromatic Clicker

A full set provides a total of 25 defense, reduces the number of clicks required to activate a clicker's clicker effect by 1, and 50% increased base click radius. Its set bonus causes every 20 clicker clicks activate the clicker effect Chromatic Burst. Chromatic Burst releases 7 chromatic orbs in a circle outwards from the cursor, which rapidly decelerate, and after a second rush towards the cursor's position, damaging any enemy that comes into contact with them. Each chromatic orb deals 33% of the held clicker's damage.

The multispectral sensor IC used on the Spectral click is the AS7261, an XYZ chromatic white color sensor + NIR with electronic shutter and smart interface. This is a very advanced multispectral sensor, which integrates a 6 photodiodes array element. Every photo element is filtered through the Gaussian filters, implemented through the nano-optic deposited interference filter technology, designed to meet the X, Y, Z standard observer filter characteristics, compliant with the CIE 1931 standard. This technology ensures minimal drift of the color readings and the temperature stability. It should be noted that the filter accuracy will be affected by the angle of incidence, determined by an integrated aperture and the internal microlenses, which is 20.5 for the AS7261 IC.

TypeOpticalApplicationsColor measurement and absorbance, color matching and identification, precision color tuning/calibration, all the professional grade applications that require a high degree of color recognition accuracy, especially for the white light coloration sensingOn-board modulesAS7261, a XYZ chromatic white color and NIR sensor, with electronic shutter and smart interface from ams; AT25SF041, a 4Mb SPI serial flash from Adesto Technologies Key FeaturesTri-stimulus XYZ sensing, realized by the proprietary silicon interference filters, lifetime-calibrated sensing with no drift over time or temperature, on-chip data processing, auxiliary illumination LED drivers, smart UART interfaceInterfaceI2C,UARTCompatibilitymikroBUSClick board sizeL (57.15 x 25.4 mm)Input Voltage3.3V

The six previous colors (silver, black, mint, turquoise, berry red, and rose pink) were replaced by silver, black, purple, light blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink, for a total of nine, although the Product Red color was only available directly from Apple (website and retail stores). Apple marketed the new colors as "Nano-chromatic". Also added is an accelerometer which allows the Nano to shuffle songs by shaking it, the option between portrait and landscape display modes by tilting the iPod left or right, and access to Cover Flow when tilted sideways.[15] Videos, however, can only be played in landscape mode. The user interface was also refreshed, adding a more stylized look in keeping with the new hardware design. It includes a new voice recording feature which starts automatically when an Apple compatible microphone is plugged in. It also includes the new "Genius" feature, introduced by Apple the same day. The Genius feature automatically creates playlists based on a selected song using an algorithm built by Apple.

Featuring 16 lens elements across 10 groups, the GF 250mm f/4 lens has quite a lot of glass. There is a Super ED element and two ED elements to help ensure optical quality and reduce issues with respect to aberrations. Speaking of which, I found no noticeable issues with chromatic aberrations when using the GF 250mm lens. 041b061a72


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