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Only a few suppressor models have a baffle stack made entirely of Inconel because of its price point and workability. The CGS Helios QD is one example of a full inconel baffle stack. But a lot more suppressor manufacturers use inconel as the blast baffle, like the YHM Resonator K (pictured) or the SureFire SOCOM556-RC2.

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As with stainless steel, several suppressors use a stronger blast baffle than itself. You will see a lot of titanium suppressors feature an inconel or stainless steel blast baffle, or at least thread mount. This is because it improves the suppressor's durability. A great example of this would be the Dead Air Nomad LT (naked Nomad pictured), which boasts a stainless steel thread mount, giving you more durability, but with all of the weight savings. 041b061a72


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