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X Men Destiny [Region Free][ISO]

The places where the virus is taking its highest toll depends primarily on two factors: 1) the impact of the virus on economic activity and 2) the number of people living close to the international poverty line. IMF projects that advanced economies will contract by around 6% in 2020 while emerging markets and developing economies will contract by 1%. Yet with more people living close to the international poverty line the developing world, low- and middle-income countries will suffer the greatest consequences in terms of extreme poverty. Though Sub-Saharan Africa so far has been hit relatively less by the virus from a health perspective, our projections suggest that it will be the region hit hardest in terms of increased extreme poverty. 23 million of the people pushed into poverty are projected to be in Sub-Saharan Africa and 16 million in South Asia.

X Men Destiny [Region Free][ISO]

Factor Three struck again when Professor X attempted to free his stepbrother from the powers of the Juggernaut. The resulting experiment of both science and sorcery ended with the Juggernaut's revival and Xavier on the brink of death. Factor Three mentally contacted the Juggernaut and tried to recruit him.[172] The X-Men ultimately stopped the Juggernaut with the aid of Doctor Strange, who banished Marko to the Crimson Cosmos. However, during the process, Factor Three managed to kidnap Professor X.[173] When Banshee attempted to contact the X-Men after locating Factor Three's European headquarters, his message was interrupted, leading the X-Men to briefly fight Spider-Man, mistakenly believing the wall-crawler to be a member of Factor Three.[174] Not being able to afford the airfare to Europe, the X-Men tried to raise money and ended up taking a loan from the wealthy philanthropist father of Tom Regal after the X-Men aided in stopping Tom's rampage as the armored Mekano.[175]

Arriving in Europe, the X-Men were captured by Factor Three, whose membership included the Vanisher, the Blob, Unus, and Mastermind as well as two unknown villains: the Changeling and the Mutant Master. The group found the X-Men "guilty" of betraying mutantkind and sentenced them to death. Before executing the X-Men, Factor Three revealed their intentions of sparking a nuclear World War III by attacking both the United States and the Soviet Union.[176] The X-Men split into two groups, ruining both plots[132] and coming face-to-face with the Mutant Master at his headquarters in the United States.[177] There, with the aid of the Changeling, they freed Professor X. The Mutant Master was revealed to be a member of the Siris, an alien race. The X-Men and Factor Three then worked together to stop Mutant Master, parting peacefully though vowing to meet again as enemies. Upon returning to the X-Mansion, the X-Men were rewarded with new individual costumes designed by Jean Grey.[177]

Later, an accident during a test of one of the Xavier's inventions led to the X-Men accidentally teleporting Blastaar from the Negative Zone to Earth. During the confrontation, Blastaar was seemingly killed when the machine to which he was linked short-circuited.[191] Cyclops reentered the life of his younger brother, Alex, who had just graduated from university. Bizarrely, Alex was captured by the Living Pharaoh, a mutant who found that his and Alex's mutant powers were linked.[135] Tracking the Pharaoh to Egypt, the X-Men battled him there and learned that Alex was a mutant who could emit plasma energy.[192] With full access to Alex's powers, the Pharaoh was transformed into the Living Monolith. Alex managed to break free, cutting off the source to Living Monolith's powers, but was left horrified when realizing he did not have control over his newfound chaotic powers.[193]

Dane vanished soon after, being put under the mental control of Tad Carter. The X-Men found that Carter was a member of a group called the Promise, mutants who intended to shape human and mutantkind.[214] Following a brief confrontation, some of the X-Men were sent to their doom, ending up unconscious in the realm of the Mole Man.[215] Meanwhile, Magneto and the Sub-Mariner carried on an attack on Earth, which was being opposed by the Fantastic Four.[216] Ultimately, the rest of the X-Men escaped from the Mole Man's clutches and were reunited with Angel, while Havok managed to free Dane from the Promise, who parted company when their leader Tobias Messenger was secretly killed by one of their own. After these events, Professor X returned to his X-Men at the X-Mansion.[217]

Beast left the team for a position at the Brand Corporation where he further mutated while battling the Secret Empire.[218] Soon after, the X-Men and other mutants were targeted by the Secret Empire, seen as a valuable power source, which led the X-Men to team up with Captain America the Falcon to defeat the Secret Empire and free the captured mutants.[219]

When Cerebro registered a large mutant energy signature on the island Krakoa, the X-Men were sent by Professor X to investigate. They learned to their horror that the entire island was one single mutant environment, which captured them in order to feed on their life-force.[12] To save his students, Professor X gathered a group of mutants previously mentored by Moira to form a new team of X-Men. These X-Men included Petra, Sway, Darwin, and Kid Vulcan, the last one being Cyclops' long lost youngest brother. The inexperienced group went to Krakoa and was rapidly overpowered by the island: Petra and Sway were murdered by the island while Darwin and Kid Vulcan, unbeknownst to everyone, were saved by forcing themselves to a dormant state. Through their sacrifice, Cyclops was freed and managed to return to Professor X, believing everyone to be dead and being in shock over the ordeal. Professor X telepathically wiped out the memories of Moira's ill-fated group from Cyclops' mind, leading him to believe he had escaped on his own.[220][221]

Professor X decided to recruit another new team to face Krakoa and save his X-Men. This new group of X-Men from all parts of the globe consisted of the German demon-looking teleporter Nightcrawler, the Canadian berserker and federal agent known as the ferocious Wolverine, the Irish former member of Factor Three Banshee, the African wind rider Ororo, rebaptized as Storm, the Japanese son of the atom Sunfire, the Russian metallic strongman Colossus, and the stubborn Native American Thunderbird. This group succeeded in freeing the original X-Men and, as both groups combined their powers to send Krakoa into Earth orbit, its threat ended.[12]

At the X-Mansion, the X-Men were attacked by the Canadian military super hero named Weapon Alpha, who intended to retrieve Wolverine and bring him back to Department H. However, Weapon Alpha was heavily outnumbered and had no choice but to flee after he confronted the X-Men.[234] The X-Men were once again attacked at their own home by the mercenary Warhawk, who trapped the X-Men in the Danger Room. The group broke free and managed to defeat the villain for hire.[235]

The X-Men were then brainwashed by Mesmero into becoming circus performers. Beast assessed the situation to recover his friends. As they broke free from the manipulations, the X-Men were intercepted by a vengeful Magneto,[236] who kidnapped,[237] and tortured them using his robotic Nanny. In their escape, the X-Men destroyed Magneto's base and found themselves separated from Phoenix and Beast,[238] in the Savage Land, with each group presuming the other dead. Phoenix and Beast returned to the school to give Xavier the tragic news of the X-Men's demise. Believing his X-Men to be dead and having nothing to keep him on Earth,[239] Xavier chose to accompany Lilandra back to Shi'ar space as her consort.[127]

On the Savage Land, the X-Men were attacked by Sauron.[239] Reverted to his Karl Lykos identity, Sauron was revealed to be an ally of Ka-Zar against Garokk the Petrified Man and the priestess Zaladane who disrupted the Savage Land's fragile environment.[240] After helping Ka-Zar and Lykos defeat the villains, the X-Men sailed home.[241] As their boat became adrift in the raging ocean, they were rescued by a Japanese ship.[127] In Agarashima, the X-Men joined Sunfire and the Daughters of the Dragon in a battle against the warlord Moses Magnum. Though the heroes prevailed, Banshee injured his vocal cords in action and was left powerless.[242] On their way back home, the X-Men were ambushed by Weapon Alpha (now rebranded as Vindicator) and his new team, Alpha Flight, as they had Wolverine back into the Canadian government's custody.[243] After a fight between X-Men and Alpha Flight, Wolverine escaped by successfully tricking Alpha Flight into believing he wished to return to Department H.[244] When the X-Men finally returned home, they found Professor X gone and the X-Mansion uninhabited.[245] Ambushed by the maniac Arcade, who had been hired by Black Tom and Juggernaut, they were trapped in his Murderworld and forced to be part of deadly games.[246] Overpowered, Arcade freed the X-Men and escaped.[247]

When Arcade was revealed to have been kidnapped by Doctor Doom, his employee Miss Locke blackmailed Storm into rescuing him by kidnapping some of the X-Men's family and allies.[265] Although the hostages were able to escape Miss Locke, the X-Men went to Arcade's rescue regardless only to learn he was in apparent coalition with Doom.[266] In a climatic turn of events, Storm elevated her powers after being entrapped by a provoked Doctor Doom, liberated her teammates and debated Arcade's freedom.[267] This mission led Angel to confirm that Wolverine was a dangerous man, prompting him to leave the team as it no longer represented Xavier's original views of peace.[268]

The X-Men were contacted by their ally Spider-Woman regarding the situation of the comatose Carol Danvers, the Avenger formerly known as Ms. Marvel. She had been attacked by the malicious Rogue and had her powers and memories absorbed. Rogue moved her attack to the Avengers in order to break her teammates from the Brotherhood of Evil free. After the battle, Danvers was taken into Xavier's care.[271] Around this period, the X-Men were joined by the Invisible Girl into helping Arkon free Polemachus from the Badoon.[272] In another confrontation between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, Frost incapacitated Storm and Pryde, while Shaw and Leland attacked the X-Men using Project: Wideawake Sentinels. Frost had usurped Storm's body but was defeated for being unable to control the vast weather manipulation abilities.[273] 041b061a72


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