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Smoker, still in Tashigi's body, was seen fighting alongside Tashigi and the G-5 marines in an attempt to break into the front of the research facility. While she was struggling to control the Devil Fruit powers, Smoker scolded her and commented on how he could easily infiltrate the facility in his own body. When Luffy arrived with Robin and Franky, Smoker appeared to be aggravated by their presence.[71]Caesar stands triumphantly over Smoker, Tashigi, and three of the Straw Hat Pirates.Tashigi attempted to attack Luffy, finally managing to make a conscious transformation with Smoker's Logia abilities. However, Luffy easily dodged her attack, grabbed her arm, and then pinned her to the ground, questioning how 'Smoker' had become so weak after the time-skip. Annoyed that Tashigi was losing while in his body, Smoker (in Tashigi's body) quickly moved in to strike Luffy, hitting him with a barrage of attacks using his seastone-tipped jitte. Confused, Luffy did not understand how 'Smoker' became so weak, while his second-in-command (to whom Luffy has forgotten the name of) had become so powerful. Declaring himself as the real Smoker, the Marine again lunged towards Luffy who narrowly dodged the blow, stunned at this claim. Robin then interjected, explaining the possibility of Law having something to do with the change which helped Luffy understand. He then broke into laughter right after realizing the situation. Not impressed by the pirate captain's attitude, Smoker attacked out of anger. Luffy managed to dodge again, entered Gear Second, and quickly moved in front of Smoker, stating that he would postpone their fight until the Marine was in his original body and at full strength. After the brief scuffle with Luffy he noticed the slime appearing on the Marine warship and asked one of the G-5 marines what it was. Some marines tried to burn the slime and Smoker then witnessed it explode, killing the marines onboard the warship. Tashigi then suggested that they go find a safe place with a roof, to which Smoker agreed too. As more pieces of slime fell from the sky, Caesar Clown revealed himself to both the G-5 Marines and Luffy's group. Smoker and Tashigi then watched the battle between Luffy and Caesar. He was rather surprised when Luffy suddenly fainted after taking down Caesar. Smoker, Tashigi, Robin, and Franky later fell into unconsciousness without Caesar even touching them.

Watch One Piece (Dub) Episode 572 for free on g...

While Caesar was giving out his broadcast to the underworld brokers about his experiment with his chemical mass destruction weapon, Smoker and the other captives witnessed the destructive effects of the poison cloud released by Smiley. Caesar proceeded to move the cell outside of the facility so the captives could die of the poison.[72]The counterattack begins.Smoker then watched as Law began their escape plan, directing Franky to launch his Franky Fireball at the segregated battleship down below. Setting the wood ablaze, the smoke then rose up to the cage, which allowed for them to discreetly take action, Law quickly revealed that he had replaced some of the Seastone Chains with regular ones allowing him to escape easily. Once Luffy and the others were freed, Smoker and Tashigi are then coerced by Law into cooperating after he returned them to their own bodies. 041b061a72


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