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[S1E1] The Danger Begins

Henry invites Jasper and Charlotte to Mini Golf, but she reveals that she and Jasper are heading to Debbie Dutch's birthday party. Henry begins to feel outcasted as Debbie didn't invite him after he accidentally knocked her off the roof using an overpowered ball machine the year before. After coming to Ray about his problems, he receives a pizza from Debbie's mom, who invites him over to Debbie's party. Ray and Henry then decide to dress up as German sleuths and question everyone who attended the party the year before. They learn that they each have their own allegations against Debbie, so Ray has Henry investigate the pictures that photographer, Nathan, took at the party. At the party, Henry arrives to show Debbie pictures that reveal an angry Piper throwing her broken phone towards the "11" button the machine, which reveals how the machine had such strong power. As Debbie's parents apologize to Henry, he finds a balloon stuck on the light fixtures, so he heads up to retrieve it. He jumps on the trampoline below, which sends Debbie flying off the roof once more.

[S1E1] The Danger Begins


When Jasper stops a thief and becomes a big news hit, Henry becomes jealous because nobody gives him any credit as Henry. In an attempt to prove himself, he tries to stop an angry customer who has taken hostages at an animal store as himself; however, Captain Man shows up, causing Henry to become distracted and taken hostage. When the angry customer threatens to drop a poisonous spider on Henry's face, Captain Man is forced to lock himself in a cage. Meanwhile, Jasper shows up at Henry's house looking for Henry, where Mr. and Mrs. Hart are getting massages. When he discovers Henry is in danger, he runs off to rescue him. Jasper then shows up at the animal store and lets Captain Man out of his cage. The angry customer becomes aware and comes back out demanding answers, but Captain Man punches him and puts a stop to him. When Henry and the rest of the hostages are freed, Jasper mentions how Henry does not need to thank him because they are best friends, causing Henry to feel bad for being jealous. To make up for it, Henry purchases the same poisonous spider that the angry customer threatened to drop onto Henry as an apology because Jasper saw it at the store and really wanted, but he could not afford it as it cost $150.

When Henry mentions that Piper was at a JAM session to control her anger issue, Ray says it will not help her, he makes a bet that if he goes over to dinner at Henry's house that one night, He would be able to get Piper to lose her temper, Charlotte is on Henry's team, while Jasper is on Ray's team, the agreement is that whichever team loses must eat a whole bucket of pumpkin guts. At dinner, Ray shows up at Henry's house and joins him for dinner, later, the doorbell rings, and a man is at the door with a pony, Piper loved ponies and the man says that Piper can have the pony, But the man asks for her age and she says she is eleven, the man says that she has to be thirteen to have the pony and takes the pony away from her. Piper begins to get mad, but Henry squeezes her bulb, and she starts to calm. Meanwhile, Schwoz sees a note that Ray had left for him, he wanted Schwoz to go to the grocery store and get more pumpkins, However, a tornado had hit Swellview, Schwoz leaves to go to the grocery store, but he is quickly blown into the air, Later, Ray goes on the porch and transforms into Captain Man, and then comes back into the house and tells Piper that she cannot be president of the Man Fans because she is 4'10". Later Schwoz is blown into the house and falls on Piper, and he then starts to eat their dinner. Piper is upset over what happened and loses her temper, Henry and Charlotte lose the bet and end up having to eat the pumpkin guts.

Kid Danger and Captain Man are judges on the show "Swellview's Got Talent", which Piper and her friend, Carl (William Simmons), are performing in. After the first performance goes awry due to Harry Hoagie (Jay Tapaoan) acting strangely and then passing out, it is Piper and Carl's turn to perform their dance. Unfortunately, they too start to act strangely before passing out. Later in the backstage area, Jasper notices that champion Steven Sharp is making a big deal about having performers pet his ferret for good luck. Jasper searches on his phone and discovers that it is a Norwegian ferret and that it is dangerous and contact should be avoided because it secretes powerful oils that are capable of causing strange reactions, tongue-chewing, and loss of consciousness. Steven Sharp was having performers do this so he could win.

When news reporters and social media start to report about how Kid Danger's hyper-motility superpower is a severe illness, and people on social media begin to believe that he is in grave danger, Henry decides to make a livestream as Kid Danger, so he can tell the public that he is not ill, but he slips on a grape and falls, thus hurting his ankle, then his tongue gets stung by a bee, the livestream begins, and Kid Danger appears, but he is limping and can hardly speak because of the bee sting, This makes everyone believe more that he is sick, and later it is announced that Piper would be dumping 1,524 rocks on her head, Kid Danger and Captain Man go to stop her, She and her friends load rocks in a forklift, preparing, they later show up, Kid Danger demonstrates his power by ripping a man's wig off his head, and tells them that it was not a disease, and to never drop rocks on their head.

A new internet celebrity named GoBro is causing havoc with his super dangerous videos where his latest video will have him send Grandma Sullivan down a hill at 90 MPH. Captain Man and Kid Danger release Frankini and Goomer from Swellview Prison so that they can help capture GoBro. The plan involves Captain Man temporarily swapping bodies with Frankini so that he can infiltrate GoBro's lair.

Convention day comes, and Bruno and Kamala make it to AvengerCon mostly intact, though the latter loses her bike on the journey. Just before the Captain Marvel cosplay competition begins, Kamala gets the bangle on, and wouldn't you know it, it has magical powers!

Shawn Walker: So we can have a lot of time travel from some of these news stories and social media posts. So there might be a headline that seems relevant today. But the headline was from two weeks ago, three weeks ago, or even years ago. So oftentimes we'll see this with, for example, people will dig up tweets that someone posted months or years ago, then they'll repost them. And because of the design of most social media platforms, if you click on it, it shows the current version of the profile, but then the sort of old texts of that tweet from three years ago, for example. And then someone's really angry because someone who wasn't in that position, so somebody who was a grad student said something that somebody who's a professor might not say, or someone who wasn't a politician, and who is now a politician, you know, as I said, something years ago that they wouldn't say now, if we don't evaluate that date, we don't realize, "Oh, they didn't say that today. They said that three or six years ago," and I mean, that doesn't mean some of this information cannot be relevant, but it can be really difficult. So I know in some of the work that we've done, and some data you have, looking at natural disasters, we might report accurate information, but that information was actually from That's true two weeks ago. So we're out of danger, but then by republishing it two weeks later, we sort of amp up that danger.

Shawn Walker: And we can have, you know, because different types of harm depending upon the type of event so we can think of during a natural disaster if someone is propagating misinformation. So even if you say, Michael, we'll just use you as an example, you say that, you know, we need to evacuate this area, everyone should go to this rally point at this school gym. Well, if that school gym is on fire, now we've sent someone to a dangerous place. And that may be because that someone told you and you don't mean to share misinformation. But we can because that type of harm. Again, we have political harm that's been caused by the protests are much more violent than they truly are, or different types of actors from the right and the left are involved when they're not and that causes all this political turmoil and causes a different type of harm. So not just going to a burning building, but then causes people to kind of think or feel a certain way which may cause them to vote or act in a different way or may cause some beliefs to react in a certain way, which kind of spiraled out of control?

He has arguably the most outstanding ensemble of the year at his disposal, boasting the venerable Kiki Kirin and the youthful grace of Mayu Matsuoka, both ably supporting the overwhelmingly affable nucleus established around Lily Franky and Sakura Ando.Within this context, one cannot help but think of the old Bicycle Thieves conundrum. Are people who steal in order to provide for their families in the wrong? The law says they are. Whereas those who abide by the accepted rules, even while remaining aloof toward their own children, are considered model citizens. These are the fractures hidden behind conflicting dichotomies, where people are dying on the inside as families slowly fall apart.But Kore-eda takes it a step further. Even amid their dubious activities, this ragtag clan is a beacon of radical love in an inordinately orderly society, somehow still starving for affection. So, he allows for a smidgen of hope even as their ragged oasis begins to break down. What we remember most are the moments of warmth. 041b061a72


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