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Buy Piano Stool ((NEW))

Professional pianists, accomplished performers, and music teachers alike know the value of impeccable posture at the keys. Often, the position one takes at the piano sets the tone for the music to come!

buy piano stool


Those musicians who value a mobile seating option will find an American made piano stool to be as convenient to tote from place to place as it is comfortable. Pianists should note that Jansen Piano stools are only meant for single player use.

Once comfort, flexibility, and safety are accounted for, musicians will want to be sure to pick a piano stool in a style and finish that matches their personal preferences. Whether a customized maple piano stool is selected, or a sleek finish is added, a piano stool can create an eye-catching addition to a musical performance.

While the color and style of a piano stool can be impactful for musicians, our products are also designed to help enhance the musical performance and experience. Our adjustable and slim models of piano stools promise to provide the proper fit for players, allowing for more movement at the keys.

Do you need more than one person to sit at the piano at the same time? This is something to think about if you have a visiting teacher that sits next to you at the piano during lessons, or if there are two of you in the home who like to play duets. Two people on a single bench can be a bit of a squeeze, so if you have regular duet sessions or private lessons, it could be worth investing in a double bench if you have room for one.

For those looking for a reasonably priced option that will provide the comfort needed to play the piano for hours on end, the On-Stage KT7800+ Deluxe is the stool for you. This X-frame style bench may not have any storage space, but for the price point, it's a well-made option for any pianist.

At the other end of the price spectrum, we have the Roland PB-500. This luxury bench oozes class and is the perfect accompaniment to any piano. With its premium padding, outstanding built quality and 10cm of continuous height adjustment, this really is one of the best piano benches on the market.

Lastly, we have to give a shout out to the Gear4Music Deluxe Duet bench. This inventive stool is the best solution for piano teachers, as each side can be adjusted independently - and better yet, it even comes with practical storage for tidying away sheet music and other learning materials.

Well-known for their high-quality keyboard stands and mic stands, it comes as no surprise to find that On Stage also have a seat at the table when it comes to piano benches. The KT7800+ is the deluxe version of their folding portable X-frame bench, with a thick padded seat for extra comfort and four different height adjustment settings.

Properly solid and weighty with a quality feel, this mid-priced bench is a great solution if you need a traditional look combined with a practical storage facility for your sheet music. The high-quality and durable imitation leather seat and piano-black gloss painted wood finish communicate that this is a quality item.

Korg is no stranger to the world of pianos, producing some of the finest digital pianos on the market. This all-black rise and fall bench is perfect for those seeking a sleek, classic looking bench to accompany their black piano - that said, a white option is also available.

Donner is a well-respected name in the digital piano and keyboard industry, and this lightweight, compact and adjustable bench is a perfect accessory for a digital instrument, either on stage or in the home.

This traditional piano stool from HomCom is a fine example of the classic design, with its tufted, faux leather cushion sporting seven buttons and its legs a curvier, more antique-looking profile than most benches on this list, making it a great match for a traditional acoustic piano.

So, the Liquid Stands bench certainly stands out from the other, more traditional benches on this list. This fully adjustable, lightweight stool includes a backrest for added support - perfect for ensuring you keep the correct posture while playing.

Whoever you are, comfort is key. Some benches are hard-top, which means there is no cushioning. These benches may be cheaper, but they can get uncomfortable very quickly. Remember: you want to motivate yourself to play piano more, not less! So, invest in a comfortable place to sit.

That is why today, we wanted to break down some of the key things to consider when purchasing a piano stool or bench as well as some of the reasons that choosing the right piano stool for you matters!

When purchasing a piano, it's often common for dealers to 'throw in' a piano stool free of charge. Whilst at first this may seem like a fantastic package deal, in reality these kinds of stools are often lower quality and overtime, we have seen many cases where they become wobbly, squeaky or the mechanism may even break.The same goes for piano stools that can be found online for maybe 20 or so, these stools are almost always lower quality and can in fact affect your playing more than you may first think. We've even had one client come to us looking for something more high quality after they brought a cheap stool online that collapsed whilst they were playing!A great example of this is the cheaper 'foldable' piano stools that are often supplied with digital pianos. Due to their x-frame design, these stools are often increidbly wobbly and lack the padding and comfort to encourage good piano posture. We would personally recommend avoiding these options for home use unless you have no other space.A far better approach when it comes to piano stools is to consider them an extension of your piano and home. We have spoken about this in our interior design guide for pianos, but having a high quality piano stool can really maximise the impact that your piano has on the room and will leave you want to keep coming back to play more and more.The easy ways to spot low quality piano stools are often:

Some great examples of quality piano stools that we personally offer are the Toledo, a highly adjustable entrypoint to piano stools and also the Madrid, which features not only a slightly more durable and quality adjustable action, but also allows for personalisation of colours and tops to match your home.

Many premium benches, many have been ergonomically designed to alleviate pressure on the lumbar spine and thighs through rounded edges and secure padding.For those who do especially struggle with back pain, it is even possible to get piano stools with supported backrests. If this is of interest, contact our experts today to learn more.

For optimum piano posture, your back should be straight, your arms relaxed from the shoulder, your elbows elevated slightly above the keys and your feet firmly on the floor and in reach of your pedals. There is an awful lot of technique also in piano posture, which you can read about further here.

Again, this is covered extensively in our interior design guides for piano, however we personally believe that your piano stool should enhance your piano and reflect your personality. That is why we offer a number of finishes and tops across our piano stool range to help find a stool that matches your piano, style of play and the room it is in.A fantastic model to start with here is the Hidrau Madrid Adjustable Piano Stool that comes in both polished and matt finishes as well as a kalidoscope of top colours.

Hopefully this guide has helped give you a little more insight into the world of piano benches and has given you some food for thought when purchasing your own bench!If you would like any further assistance on choosing the right piano stool for you, our showroom team are available and ready to help! Get in touch today!

When you purchase or take one of our pianos on a rental agreement the stool is always included: we take a lot of care in matching up stools and pianos. We offer a comprehensive range of piano stools for sale, often with over forty available in stock. We can advise on the most suitable stool as the choice is much greater than one could at first imagine!

We deal in Hidrau stools (Spanish-made), CGM stools (Italian-made) and Bespoke stools (British-made), any of which can be supplied to customer requirements. Normally we would recommend choosing the wood finish of the stool to match your piano; fabric or leather top is chosen to match your decor.

The first examples of RuII and RhIII piano-stool complex histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors are presented. The novel complexes have antiproliferative activity against H460 non-small-cell lung carcinoma cells that is comparable to the clinically used HDAC inhibitor suberoylanilide hydroxamic acid (SAHA). Strong evidence for HDAC inhibition as a primary mechanism of action is provided. The complexes reported here represent an important step towards the design of highly active and selective HDAC inhibitors.

We are agents for Tozer piano stools which are manufactured to the highest standards using only the best materials.We have a large selection of stools in stock , please call us for availability . Every stool is thoroughly checked prior to dispatch from our premises.

Choosing the right piano stool for your instrument is an important consideration and one which can enhance (or diminish) your playing experience. When thinking of pianos stools, many people recall visions of large ornate pieces with music storage. These days, with a greater awareness of posture and a greater variety of piano heights, most people choose the option of a height adjustable stool. These stools allow both the adult and child player to have a perfect height ratio with their piano so their forearms are level with the keyboard. 041b061a72


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