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Buy A Puppy Store

Yes, but remember that puppies in pet stores are the ones who have already made it out of the puppy mill. The real tragedy is the hundreds of thousands of dogs and puppies still living in puppy mills, where almost all pet store puppies come from. These dogs live in tiny, cramped cages for most of their lives, for the sole purpose of producing puppies to be sold in pet stores. You can help put puppy mills out of business by never buying a puppy from a puppy store for any reason.

buy a puppy store

Many pet stores would have you believe that their puppies come from reputable, small-time breeders who treat their dogs like family, which can make you think you should buy a puppy from that pet store. This, unfortunately, is almost never true. According to Goodwin, almost every puppy in a pet store comes from a puppy mill.

Puppies bred in puppy mills suffer inhumane, unsanitary conditions and do not receive adequate veterinary care, dog food, water, socialization or exercise. As discovered in a 2016 report by the Humane Society, breeding dogs at these facilities can spend their entire lives indoors stacked in tiny, filthy dog crates without fresh air or human interaction.

Puppies sold in pet stores suffer from more than physical ailments. Although they may appear excited when you walk by their cages, many are experiencing acute stress and will have lifelong behavioral issues.

Before you decide whether you should buy a puppy from a pet store, remember the facts above. To do your part in ending puppy mills, adopt your next pet from a shelter or breed-specific rescue. If you choose to purchase a dog, the Humane Society provides guidelines on how to find a responsible breeder.

Pros: You get to play with the puppy before you buy. Often can place a hold on a puppy without a deposit while you decide to buy. Financing options are available. Product and merchandise discounts are available. The staff will know your puppy.

Cons: Higher cost. The puppy may have come from a puppy mill. Feels like being at a used car dealership. The staff may not have the breed-specific knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

If you let the staff know you are seriously looking to buy a dog, some pet stores will even hold your selected pet for a short amount of time until you make your decision. Holding your puppy gives you enough time to talk with the rest of your family or come back for a second visit with the dog before bringing it home.

Many pet stores will offer financing opportunities to approved buyers. Making monthly payments can help offset the cost of your dream breed. Although I would not recommend financing a dog. You want your new puppy to be a blessing, not a financial curse.

In truth, buying from a breeder can save you hundreds when it comes to popular breeds that the stores know will be in demand. While credit options are available, some stores will have huge interest rates.

If your going to a store that deals in selling puppies then be prepared for sales tactics. Many stores that thrive on puppy sales will try to get you to interact with the dog quickly. You are more likely to get attached by actually holding or playing with the puppy.

Returning a puppy, of course, usually comes with some incredibly strict guidelines you have to follow to return a dog and get your money back successfully. Guidelines are for the puppies protection and the stores.

Keep in mind that most stores will have a manager determining the legitimacy of your return. For issues like surprise allergies, most managers will be cooperative in the return process. If your puppy gets sick after bringing it home, then look into your health guarantee to access what can be done to cover the cost of medical expenses before considering a return.

You can take home a new puppy for as little as $150 at some locations. This also gives you the advantage of visiting with the dog to see how well you interact. Many shelters have online listings you can browse to get an idea of available breeds. The site Petfinder is also an excellent tool when searching for shelters as it can tell you which location has your selected breed.

Be aware that to hold your selected puppy a deposit of half the cost of the dog usually has to be made in advance. Most breeders will even include spay/neuter services and the puppies first shots in the price.

Deciding to buy a dog is not an easy one. A puppy is a long term commitment of at a minimum of 10 years depending on the breed. However, where you buy your next dog should be a little easier now. There is no right place to purchase a dog.

Puppies play in a cage at a pet store in Columbia, Md., in 2019. New York has become the latest state to ban the sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits in pet stores in an attempt to target commercial breeding operations. Maryland banned such sales in 2020. Jose Luis Magana/AP hide caption

Pet shops have argued that the law will do nothing to shut down out-of-state breeders or increase their standards of care and said it would result in the closures of the dozens of pet stores remaining in New York.

California enacted a similar law in 2017, becoming the first state to ban such sales. While that law requires pet stores to work with animal shelters or rescue operations, like New York is doing now, it does not regulate sales by private breeders.

A handful of states followed. In 2020, Maryland banned the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores, triggering pushback from shop owners and breeders who challenged the measure in court. A year later Illinois barred pet shops from selling commercially raised puppies and kittens.

In New York, pet advocacy groups have long called for a full shutdown of facilities that raise and sell animals for profit, saying animals are raised in inhumane conditions before they are shipped off to stores.

"Ninety percent of our business is selling dogs. We're not going to survive this," said Ortiz, who considers the ban unfair to stores that work with responsible breeders. "They're closing the good actors along with the bad actors."

Jessica Selmer, president of People United to Protect Pet Integrity, a New York coalition of pet store owners, called the law "careless" and "counterproductive" and said she hopes the governor will "consider legislative remedies to some of the pitfalls of the bill."

"One pet store near me, they get dogs from all over the Midwest and different large facilities, and you have no idea where they come from and who the breeder is. People are really clueless and take the puppy," Haney said.

Enjoying the full lifespan of your pet from the time they are an adorable little puppy through their years of maturity is a beautiful experience for everyone involved, so if you are looking to bring the love and affection of a puppy into your home, you have come to the most trusted place with puppies for sale in Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse, NY.

The key to a happy, healthy experience is being able to control the quality of food, the cleanliness of the home, and the love and affection your pet receives from the time they are a puppy. Knowing your puppy comes from a regulated system from the time they are born until the day you bring them home dramatically increases the chances of having a positive experience.

All of our puppies are up to date on their shots, and come with a wellness checkup from a licensed vet, and a health guarantee for six months on anything congenital and two weeks for viruses or diseases. If you buy a puppy from us and have any issues during the transition to your home, we are here to help, so do not hesitate to call.

Illinois pet stores sell thousands of puppies each year from large-scale commercial breeders and brokers who treat mother dogs as little more than breeding machines and puppies as mere products to be shipped to pet stores and sold. Many of these operations have terrible animal welfare records, impacting the health of the puppies. When families acquire ill puppies, this can lead to high veterinary bills and the puppies can even die within weeks of purchase, leaving families heartbroken. The new law sends a clear message: The days when pet stores can showcase the cute puppy or kitten in the window while puppy and kitten mills hide their horrors are coming to an end. Despite the vast resources the pet stores put into fighting this legislation, it passed both the state House and Senate by strong bipartisan majorities. And Gov. Pritzker did not cave to the veto campaign that followed its passage. Instead, lawmakers, led by Republican Rep. Andrew Chesney and Democratic Sen. Cristina Castro, sided with the people of Illinois who called and emailed by the thousands to urge support for this important law.

The strong stand by Illinois lawmakers against puppy mill cruelty this session did not stop with the pet store bill. The state also became the first in the nation to prohibit the financing of dog and cat purchases with the enactment of HB 572. Because puppy mill puppies are often sold for thousands of dollars to those who may not be able to afford them outright, some stores offer financing as an incentive to close the sale. Pet stores and large internet brokers often promise low-interest financing through third-party lenders that end up charging exorbitantly high-interest rates and hidden fees. Petland customers have complained of interest rates as high as 188%, and in some cases, customers must make payments for years after their pets died. HB 572 passed unanimously in both chambers, showing zero tolerance for these predatory practices.

With the momentum of public opinion and bipartisan lawmakers on our side, we will continue full steam ahead until puppy mills no longer exist. New York, with more than 60 puppy-selling stores, is in the middle of a two-year legislative session in which a humane pet store bill has already passed the state Senate. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Massachusetts also have active bills, and there are several key local ordinance votes coming up. We are campaigning for the passage of these laws in communities around the country that are affected by the impacts of puppy mills, leading the charge for a more humane future for puppies and kittens. 041b061a72


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