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[S4E1] What's Your Story [VERIFIED]

In the cold open we see a lone man, John Dorie, reading a book until he hears a twig break. He asks if anyone's there and no one answers. As he goes back to reading his book, he hears a walker and immediately shoots it down, revealing Morgan Jones, who was about to kill it. John asks Morgan, "So, what's your story?"

[S4E1] What's Your Story

Along the way, the group stops their vehicle when they see a woman crawling on the ground, who turns out to be Alicia Clark. Morgan, John and Althea are then surrounded at gunpoint by Nick Clark, Victor Strand and Luciana Galvez. Althea asks Alicia, "So what the hell is your story?", as the episode ends.

John Dorie hears a noise while reading by a campfire. Believing it to be a person, he starts talking about himself and he asks them to join him. When it's revealed to be an approaching walker, he shoots it, only to see a man standing behind it: It's Morgan Jones. "So, what's your story?" John asks Morgan with a friendly smile.

I think we talk about diversifying our portfolio. I often talk about diversifying our training program, but it's specifically, I guess, in this case, it's diversifying your career choices or career options or even career titles. And I think, yeah, at a young age, I knew that there was a lot in this world. And I guess growing up in Miami, Florida, I didn't necessarily have the opportunity to travel with my family. We were a middle class family, very blue collar. We hustled my mom and dad and made it happen, but I got to see it all on TV. And I said, you know what, if there's a world out there, I want to live it. And so I've always been adventurous inside and out. And in terms of not only being able to travel the world as an adult at forging opportunities, but also when it comes to my career, I know we get so caught up in what's my life purpose.

Feedback. I love it. I just love how you express that too, because it's doable. It's very, I don't want to say simple because it's hard to think of those things, but you don't need technology to do it. You can do it any time. You're comfortable. You can build on these things over time, depending on how far you push yourself in, in your thinking. So I love that. And it's funny that you're describing things, you know, I would say for you, you're so authentic. You know, what you stress, I think to people really, really comes across and having had my ass kicked in your boss up classes. I know that you can have a great time on the bike, but be really tough too. And the funny thing is, when you say you're going to hate me for this, but you got to do it. And I'm like, yes, yes, I have to do it. Um, so it's a really hard balance to have fun and yet really push people and do it in a way that at least for me, I feel like you're pushing yourself too. So I really thank you for that. You know, you go out and you do love squad events. What are the things you hear from folks? Or is there a story that someone shared with you that made you think, Oh my God, this is why I do this. That was great.

I said, the negotiation doesn't start until no. So what's the worst thing. And I'll give this tip for free. My love squat out there. What's the worst answer you could get when you walk into a room to negotiate for yourself. And most people said, no. I said, actually, that's the best answer you can get. The worst answer can get is yes, because guess what? Guess let's say you go in a room and you said, Hey, I need a promotion. And I needed this. And your boss says, Sam. Absolutely. And you walk out and you're like, I did it. You call your girlfriends, your mom, your dad. You're like, I did it. I got the promotion, I got the raise. I got more money. And they're like, how did it happen? You're like, I walked in there and I said, I needed this. And they said, yes. Okay. What you forgot though? Is that I think you're asking might've been too easy.

Yeah. So once you get that, no, you can either, again, some of us, including me, there are many meetings. I've gotten a little bit emotional and I don't want to be the emotional and not necessarily crying, but I'm like, okay, I need to actually think clearly. And you could say, you know what? I'd love to follow up on this meeting. Could I put something on the calendar, the next two, give yourself time. Since you really to think about it, digest it once you get that, no, you go back to your manager, your whoever you report to directly and say, well, what's the roadmap to find that yes, I'd love. I'd love a tangible roadmap to find that. Yes, because we're going to have, you know, you have your annual biannual reviews. We're going to have these reviews again in the next few months. And so I want to make sure that I'm applying myself and offering and being a value, additional value to the company.

Okay. That story gave me chills for so many reasons. I'm the mother of a nine-year-old daughter. And the thought that your mother said that to you. I mean, it's bringing tears to my ads. I, I don't know if I would have that strength to be that way with her because I'd be scared. And the fact that she was that way and then taught you something is really remarkable. But I think what came out of that too, is you prayed and you chose, but you also were a fighter through the challenging times. That is a really strong lesson. I just want to put that out in the record. So thank you. Thank 041b061a72


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