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Damon Thompson Ministries - We are learning how to sit in a seat called "beloved" at a table called "goodness" in a house called "Abba's" in a land called "free indeed." If you ever try to get into close proximity with God with the mindset that you are guilty you will never make it into close proximity. You have to accept your status of innocence through the blood of Jesus if you want to ever approach the throne of grace boldly. Your boldness cannot come as a consequence of what you did or did not do. Your boldness has to come out of the confidence of knowing the sacrifice of God was sufficient.

01 Seat At the Table.m4a

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For Mountain View voters, that means there will automatically be a runoff election In November for the congressional seat held by Democrat Anna Eshoo and the state Assembly seat held by Democrat Marc Berman, and it's highly likely in the Santa Clara County sheriff's race, where four major candidates are running with no incumbent.

His message and youthfulness is not unlike those of Silicon Valley Congressman Ro Khanna, 45, a progressive Democrat who was elected in 2016 on his second try to unseat eight-term incumbent Democrat Mike Honda. In four years, Khanna has become a prominent member of the progressive wing of the party.

Four major candidates, including Palo Alto Police Chief Bob Jonsen, a retired county Sheriff's Office captain and two current sergeants, are vying for the seat. Jonsen's primary appeal is that he has the administrative experience of having led both the Menlo Park and Palo Alto police departments.

Rosen's other opponent, is a prosecutor who was demoted and then fired by Rosen after writing an opinion piece in the Mercury News criticizing progressive prosecutors who would seek short sentences for violent crimes. Daniel Chung, 33, is now suing the county and seeking to unseat his former boss at the ballot box. He said criminal justice reforms are creating a revolving door for repeat offenders and the department's "hot potato" method of handling cases, by which cases get handled by multiple DAs, has led to long delays and is a disservice to crime victims. 041b061a72


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