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The Boondocks Episode 40 Fixed

This episode begins with Granddad in the frontyard. The grass needing to be cut badly, he calls Uncle Ruckus, finding out Ruckus is cutting "the white man's" grass and refusing to do Robert's because he's "just a n***a." Frustrated, Granddad goes into the boys room to get one of them to cut the grass. Riley fakes having allegies, so Huey has to do it.

The Boondocks Episode 40

The series was broadcast on Adult Swim; premiering on November 6, 2005 and concluding on June 23, 2014 after four seasons and 55 episodes. The series also airs in syndication outside the United States and has been released on various DVD sets and other forms of home media.

Huey Freeman vs Numbah Five is the 40th episode and Season 4 Finale of Zeo Fanon DEATH BATTLE! featuring Huey Freeman from the The Boondocks series and Numbah Five from the Codename: Kids Next Door series in a battle between two hyper-intelligent African American kids.

HBO has ordered two seasons of the series, for a total of 24 new episodes. The other 55 episodes from the original show will also be available on HBO Max. The streaming service is scheduled to launch in spring 2020.

Leonard Pierce of The A.V. Club gave the episode an "A-": This episode was an odd duck: it was more or less a gentle, family-sitcom-style installment, with very little in the way of social satire, parody of contemporary black culture, or even racial content (Ruckus aside). But strangely enough, it worked for me; it had plenty of funny lines, and I liked the way it encapsulated a dozen or so cliches about family life in the space of a few afternoons of action.

Woodcrest is the name of the fictional suburban town and setting in the comics strip and animated series The Boondocks. Woodcrest as stated in the original comic version is situated in the state of Maryland, specifically a suburb of Baltimore. However, the television show is based in Woodcrest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Woodcrest by name sake is possibly based on Woodlawn, Maryland, a real life suburb of Baltimore, or Crestwood, Illinois a real life suburb of Chicago. The town of Woodlawn itself is mostly White with a small ratio of other races living there.In the beginning Huey and Riley (though mostly Huey) despised their new surroundings provided by Robert,their grandfather,with his idea of "the new white man." Later in the series Woodcrest apparently began to welcome more races to live in it's vicinity,i,e Thugnificent. In the comics Woodcrest is explicitly stated to be in Maryland. In the episode The Trial of Robert Kelly, Woodcrest is stated to be 40 miles outside of Chicago. In the episode Wingmen, Woodcrest appears to be a significant distance away from Chicago as the Freeman's traveled there by commercial airways. In the episodes Granddad's Fight and Smokin' With Cigarettes the town appears to be within the vicinity of Chicago as the city's skyline could be seen. The show never directly states where the setting takes place.

Riley has all the sauce but nothing to put it on in this straightforward episode about the pitfalls of streetball culture. The Shaq impersonation that appears in the opening segment is hilariously spot-on.

If they were to produce new comics or new episodes, they should try to bridge that continuity gap with the previous installments. Reintroduce characters like Michael Caesar. Hell, why not also bring back that one fanatical Star Wars nerd from the comics, considering that there's the new The Force Awakens movie coming up soon.edited 5th May '15 1:20:58 PM by AHI-3000

Likely the difference in formats. Comics do well with a co-protagonist because the limited space in newspapers in the modern era means that it's easy to set up a protagonist and their foil and just let ideas bounce off each other, a la Calvin And Hobbes. Caesar wasn't needed in the show because everybody was Huey's foil, if Huey was the focus at all (since he slid badly Out of Focus as the show proceeded. S3 had few Huey-centric episodes and the infamous S4 was basically Granddad's story arc).

FINAL ALSO-if they make a fifth season, get back Aaron Macgruder and have the first episode where Grampa has a nightmare saying all the dumbest parts of season 4 were just a dream, primarily that bullshit about becoming Ed Wuncler jr's slave. It was just dumb, it went no-where, and if felt like they only reason they did it was to do a Breaking Bad parody.

If they did make a Season 5 with McGruder (which admittedly is as likely as Hell freezing), they should try to balance the screen time with different characters. And yeah, it would seem like a good idea to make most of the events of Season 4 just a nightmare that Robert had. Although my problem wasn't really with Ed Wuncler II, there were far lamer moments in the last season (like the Siri and Kardashian episodes, ugh). And most importantly, the Freemans need more backstories!edited 10th Aug '16 1:35:44 PM by AHI-3000 041b061a72


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