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Switch Hacking And Modding Guide

This is by no means a Nintendo Switch modding guide. This is solely for educational purposes as to what the Switch can do when hacked. If you're interested in purchasing a Nintendo Switch, we recommend finding one with an older one with a build date of older than August 2019 in order to make hacking incredibly easy being an unpatched Nintendo Switch. These units are incredibly sought after given the ease of hacking.

Switch Hacking and Modding Guide

Most fridges cool down to about 4 C /39 F without hacking them. Freezers will go much lower. If we are going to ferment beer at a much higher temperature, a thermostat set to its lowest setting will not interfere at all. No need to rip it out: all we have to do is switch power to the entire fridge. This is easy to do: buy a power cord and insert an SSR into the cable.

In this guide, we used a solid state relay. An SSR is an electronic switch: with a small DC voltage, it can switch a large AC current. SSRs offer a few advantages over mechanical relays, which is why we recommend using SSRs. The BrewPi shield is compatible with both.

If you do NOT want to update your switch you can try the guide anyway, I will not gurantee it will work as some games might not work on old firmware, also the sd patch might not work which would not allow bigger SD cards to function.

Hacking in Cyberpunk 2077 is split into two main kinds of hacking: Quickhacks and Breach Protocol. Though most objectives can be completed with a bullet in the right place, players opting for stealth may find themself in situations where a quiet hand is the best option. In this guide, you'll learn about Cyberpunk 2077's hacking minigame in detail, and tips for better hacking.

Like in my last article on remotely installing a keylogger onto somebody's computer, this guide will continue to display the abilities of Metasploit's powerful Meterpreter by hacking into the victim's webcam. This will allow us to control the webcam remotely, capturing snapshots from it.

IntroductionLet me start by stating this mod is NOT COMPLICATED. It may seem that way at first but it really is not. Its just very different from what you may be used to in Vanilla Fallout 4. The premise of this mod is to make all Power Armor Models, (T45, T51 etc.) viable through the entire game and to give you ways to experiment with different focused builds for your style of play. To give you POWERFUL mods that specialize PA in a way that is not overpowered but also extremely useful depending on the setup.To do this I have added 6 specializations, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The way this is done is to use items in the PA station to "Unlock Access" to different parts of your power armor.For example, when you add a specialization to your power armor frame it "Unlocks" a new category called Plating which in turn will "Unlock" a new category in your PA station called Plating Enhancements. This is the only thing about WIPAG that you need to understand before starting. Now that we understand this "Unlocking" aspect of WIPAG keep in mind that when you unlock a category, it does not show up on the same level as the item you used to unlock it, it will show up 1 level above that item so you need to hit TAB to see the new category. See the diagram below for the Menu Structure._SPECIALIZATION (Unlocks Plating) _Recon _Assault _Heavy Assault _Brawler _WastelanderSniper_PLATING (Unlocks Plating Enhancement) _Aluminum _Steel _Fiberglass _Tungsten _Carbon _Ceramic _PLATING ENHANCEMENTS _Titanium _Daddy-O _Etc Etc_VARIOUS MOD SLOTS (Visor, Attachments etc)_VANILLA MATERIALS (WIPAG Paint Categories) _Matte Style 1 _Matte Style 2 etc etc_UNLOCKED PAINT (Example: Matte Style 3) _Solid Black _Solid Green _Solid Blue etc etc_DECALS (Decal Categories) _Clean _Scratched_UNLOCKED DECALS (Actual Decals) _BoS _Gunner _Army etc etcBOLD = TOP LEVELUNBOLDED = SUB LEVELNEVER MODIFY POWER ARMOR WITH MORE THAN 1 SET IN YOUR INVENTORY/PA FRAME AT A TIME. THIS CAN CAUSE A GLITCH THAT PREVENTS THINGS FROM SHOWING CORRECTLY IN THE PA STATION!Step 1: Unlocking Advanced Power ArmorAdvanced Power Armor SchematicsSchematics for Advanced Power Armor can be acquired by using the Adv Power Armor Workbench from WIPAG to Reverse Engineer vanilla PA. I do this so you have to not only use up your old vanilla power armor but it also gates crafting Advanced Power Armor behind finding and acquiring vanilla PA. There is no other way to unlock crafting Advanced Power Armor. Future plans include a quest that teaches you how to unlock and craft the PA.Perk requirements for Reverse Engineering Advanced Power ArmorRaiderNone. This armor is automatically craftable when you have the listed perksT45Requires: Armorer 2, Robotics 2 and Science 2T51Requires: Armorer 3, Robotics 2 and Science 2T60Requires: Armorer 3, Robotics 2 and Science 3X-01Requires: Armorer 3, Robotics 2 and Science 3OverbossRequires: Armorer 3, Robotics 2 and Science 2ALL 3rd Party Vanilla and Advanced PA (X-02, Submersible etc)Requires: Armorer 3, Robotics 2 and Science 3Step 2: Crafting Specialization KitsFinding SoftwareSpecializations require a few things to craft and unlock. First, you need to find software in-game. This can be found by either purchasing or finding Holo-Drives (kill robots!) and Hacking them in the Adv. Electronics Workbench provided by WIPAG. When hacking Holo-Drives you will receive a random Software. Each specialization has its own software used to craft the specialization kits (More on kits later).Software is no longer available on Vendors.Crafting SoftwareOnce you have found at least 1 software tape, you can duplicate it for the pieces you need using the Adv. Electronics Workbench from WIPAG. This table allows you to craft blank Holo-Tapes and duplicate additional copies of the software. It is recommended that you never use up all of your software and that you keep at least 1 copy at all times.Specialization KitsSpecialization kits can be crafted by taking a Universal Kit and adding software to it. Universal Kits can be bought or crafted at the Adv. Power Armor Workbench. You can also sometimes find full specialization kits for sale but it's more worth it to buy the software and craft the kits using the software.Universal Specialization KitsThese are crafting components used to craft the Specialization Kits. There are several ways to acquire these kits.1. You can craft them from scratch2. You can purchase them from certain vendors3. You can deconstruct vanilla Power Armor for them. Deconstructing requires Armorer 2, Science 2 and Robotics 1.Step 3: Applying Specializations to the Power ArmorSetting the SpecializationThis step is pretty simple. Go to the Power Armor Bench and using the Specializations drop-down add it like you would add any other mod.Where the hell are my Power Armor Stats???This is where a lot of people get confused. When you first apply a specialization to your power armor all of the stats are dropped to 0 or 1/1. This is because I have moved all of the Health, AC, Energy, etc to the Plating. Using plating to control all of the stats for the PA is done for several reasons.1. This gives me a lot of flexibility in controlling the stats for each Specialization. Fallout 4 does not handle negative values very well with certain stats so in order to customize the specializations the way I have done it, it was necessary to Zero out the stats when the frame is applied to the Power Armor.2. Some plating now affect the carry weight in some way. For example, Tungsten is very heavy, you will get huge defense using this plating but you will sacrifice some carry weight to do so. The very light materials do not affect carry weight, the heavy materials do. Make sense? Good!WARNING: YOU CANNOT MIX AND MATCH SPECIALIZATIONS. DOING SO WILL GIVE YOUR CHARACTER A DEBUFF THAT IS NOT PLEASANT.Step 4: Applying Plating and Plating EnhancementsPlatingSo now that we understand where our stats went its time to give them back to our Power Armor. Plating are essentially the old vanilla Linings but instead of boosting stats the provide all of the stats and are separated into 3 tiers and are distributed according to the Specialization. Not all materials are usable on all Specs. Recon and Sniper are typically lighter materials where Heavy Assault uses heavy materials. This is done to keep things balanced and provide each spec with its advantages and disadvantages.Plating tiers also do something else other than providing stats to the power armor. They also unlock the ability to use Plating Enhancements.Plating EnhancementsPlating Enhancements are essentially Vanilla Materials. These provide additional bonuses to power armor similar to the way materials worked. These enhancements come in 3 tiers just like plating and are LOCKED to the tier you are using for your plating. In other words, you need to have T3 plating in order to use T3 Plating Enhancements.NOTE: Some of these mods require 3 Perks!!! Use VIS-G to fix your UI to show which perks are required. If you do not see 3 perks listed for some of the higher tier mods you may not have VIS-G installed or working correctly. I will be working on adding these additional Perk Requirements to the description of the mods, I just have not gotten around to it yet.Plating Enhancement Requirements:Tier 1: Armorer 2 and Science 2Tier 2: Armorer 3, Science 3, and Chemistry 1Tier 3: Armorer 4, Science 4, and Chemistry 2Step 5: Applying ModsMod SlotsEvery Power Armor item has multiple Mod Slots available. Instead of only 1 slot for mods, Advanced Power Armor has 3+ for each armor item (Helmet has a lot). Mods are distributed in these slots based on the type of mod it is and what its function is. They are also distributed in a way that prevents the player from crafting armor that is too overpowered. This system limits to an extent what mods can be added together. This is in an effort to balance the mod so it's not too overpowered while still giving you the flexibility to experiment with builds.Advanced Power Armor Mod SystemNow that we have installed our specialization, Plating and Plating Enhancements we can now move on to the good stuff. Power Armor Mods!! These are applied just like any other mod.There are a few unique things to consider though.First, all mods come in many tiers of strength and difficulty in crafting and are unlocked as you progress through the game. Each specialization has access to certain tiers of these mods. You will find that some specs have really high tier access like T 7-9 whereas other specs only have access to low tier versions and others have access to mid-tier versions. Technically, you can use pretty much any mod on any specialization, you just won't get the best versions of these mods on every specialization. For example, Sniper gets the best Targeting Matrix while Recon gets the best Improved Gears. This is done throughout the entire modding system.I have tried to separate these tiers to their "Intended Role" as best I can but this is still a work in progress.High Tier Mod UnlocksSometimes you will notice on a mod it will say something like "Glove Pump unlocks higher tiers of this mod". This is another thing done for balance. Some mods are very powerful and require additional power to run. Essentially this forces the player to use up one of the other mod slots on that power armor item in order to use these superior mods.These Mod Unlocks will also require special boss dropped ingredients down the road, for now however they are just more difficult to craft. Every mod that requires an additional mod to unlock it should say so in the description of the lower-tier versions that are already unlocked for the player.Legendary Specialization ModsEach specialization has (or will have) a special mod that is designed ONLY for that spec. These mods are the most powerful in the game and will typically combine several mods into 1 giving your Power Armor a huge boost in strength. These mods are ONLY available for the spec that they are built for. This is a way for me to further enhance specializations giving them a truly unique ability that no other spec has.Each Legendary Specialization Mod has (or will have) its own toggle switch that allows you to cycle through different modes of the mod. For example, Sniper gets the Sniper Targeting Matrix which is a combo of all of the Targeting bonuses in 1 mod. You use a toggle switch to cycle through each mode.Step 6: Setting Toggle Switches and HotkeysMany of the mods in WIPAG have a toggle switch that allows you to turn on and off certain mods abilities. Mods like Night Vision, Jump and Speed Boosters, Power Core Eject and a few others have dedicated Toggle Switches to control when these mods are active. Some of these are done purely for your convenience and others are done for balance (like the legendary mods). Toggle Switches can be crafted in the Advanced Electronics workbench, controlled through the MCM menu or the Terminal Menu.Night Vision Mod - Now its own mod located hereThe night vision and overlay mod is a huge addition to power armor. With this mod, you can independently choose all of the settings for Night Vision, Thermal and the overlays for Friendly, Enemy, and Corpses. These settings can all be controlled with hotkeys but there are a few things to take note of when selecting which ones to use.Due to the way Night Vision effects are applied in Fallout 4 it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to do colored overlays with certain Night Vision Effects. It is very easy to apply a nice colorful overlay on objects like Corpses, Enemies, Friendlies and Even loot when you have no night vision running. The problem arises when you use Image Space Adapters to create the Night Vision effect. These settings change EVERYTHING on the screen including the overlays. Its sort of like a pair of red-tinted sunglasses on, it's going to turn everything red!Because of this when you apply an overlay AND thermal vision (the white and black version) you will notice that overlays are bright white and not colored. I have provided black and white overlay options specifically for these Night Vision modes. This is really how its done irl also. I have found it best to use black for enemies as they really stand out nice when using thermal.For regular tinted night vision like the red, pink and green, the colors will show up to an extent, but not as bright as they are when these Image Adapters are not being used. Green will be slightly washed out when using pink NV for example. Don't worry though, I've supplied you with a ton of options to experiment with as well as a very nice toggle switch that allows you to cycle through the different modes. You have everything you need to create a night vision setting that will work perfectly for your needs.Hacking ModuleSome people may ask, why do a mod for hacking when I can get the perk? The short answer is I hate spending points on this perk and I feel that when you are in Power Armor you should have the ability to hack into terminals due to the suite itself!! That being said this mod and the perk tend to conflict with each other. In my testing, if I had the perk and then added the mod I would occasionally lose the ability to hack all together. In the most recent version, I have the perk disabled whenever you enter your power armor. "I think" this should solve the problem but I need to test it further. For now, if you want to completely avoid issues simply opt out of getting the perk itself and use the Power Armor Mod or skip the mod and use the perk. Once I get this ironed out I will update this page with notes on it.WIPAG and the Vanilla Perk should no longer conflict with each other.PA FramesYou can craft frames in the Advanced Power Armor Workbench from WIPAG. Upon doing so you will receive a Power Armor item in your inventory that is used to place a PA frame using the Workshop menu. You can also use this to move frames from 1 settlement to another if you wish by scrapping the frame and placing it in another settlement.Step 1: Craft a PA frame in the Advanced Power Armor Workbench from WIPAGStep 2: Open Workshop Menu and under "Special" craft the frame you wish to use. Any frame will work with any specialization.Optional: You can scrap any frames you find in the world and you should get the same crafted PA frame item for use in crafting any of the WIPAG frames. Hint: You can take stolen frames and turn them into clean frames this way.CompatibilityA lot of people ask about MPAM, PAMAP and other PA mods. These mods are 100% compatible with WIPAG. WIPAG does not modify or change any Vanilla Power Armor entries in any way. WIPAG uses Advanced Power Armor as a crafted item for this reason. If you want to add more mods/split up mod categories for Vanilla you will need to use another mod to do so. Any support for Vanilla PA will not be answered by me because if you have issues with vanilla PA its not from WIPAG.3rd Party Power Armor AddonsAddons like X-02 Enclave Power Armor can now be crafted like all the other Vanilla frames in an Advanced PA and can be used with the specialization system.To unlock the crafting of these addon armors you must first find them in the world. Once you have the full set of an armor you do the same thing as with Vanilla, Reverse Engineer it in the Advanced Power Armor Workbench from WIPAG. Once you have done this exit the workbench and re-enter it so the recipes show up. You should see crafting recipes for BOTH Vanilla and Adv for that Custom PA!!When you first craft a set of PA for any of the addons the PA will be set to the default Vanilla Spec which mimics most, if not all, of the functionality of the original power armor. The only thing that will not work properly are the INNR (Names) of custom mods


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