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[S2E2] Evil Twins Are People Too !LINK!

There is also a 3rd option where similarly to 2nd an AP is set up as a bait for people to connect to but is not targeted to specific organization or people. Its purpose is to catch anyone trying to utilize free access to internet, hence the term phishing. It is also an open network just like evil twin. You'll know when you see one...

[S2E2] Evil Twins Are People Too

After they realize these events taking place and then some, there they see evil versions of George and Harold (George and Harold's evil counterparts) and they learn through one of their evil twins' comics that they had turned their principal into an evil supervillain named Captain Blunderpants. Sulu and Crackers are kidnapped by Evil George and Evil Harold. They are hypnotized to be evil. Sulu becomes evil and attacks Good George and Good Harold but Crackers, on the other hand, saves them (which Good George and Good Harold can't understand why).

However, Evil George and Evil Harold are prepared to use the Shrinky-Pig 2000 on their alternate twins, but Good Harold claims they can go right ahead as they are holding the device backward. The evil twins stupidly believe this and turn the device around before activating it, resulting in themselves being shrunk. After giving the evil twins the punishment they deserve and George and Harold's grandparents fly off for a romantic dinner, the duo dehypnotizes and shrink Sulu to normal. They then take Evil George, Evil Harold, and Captain Blunderpants back into the Purple Potty, and then they kick them back to their universe.

"History's Most Evil Twins," sounds pretty darn interesting, doesn't it? Curious by nature, I pulled out my surfboard and went to the internet to see for myself just how many evil twins are really out there. Have there been that many twins that have committed heinous crimes? I wasn't sure then but I am sure now that this article is going to be cool for you readers!

Throughout our history, there are indeed multiple twin brothers and sisters that have caused havoc all around the world. Some of the duos and the crimes they committed have happened recently. Other evil twins and the story of their offenses have stood the test of time. Some of history's most evil twins have gone unpunished. Like the two brothers, you'll read about at number 9 today. Other evil twins have been locked up in prison, and the government threw away the key to their cells years ago.

Evil twins hurting innocent people, breaking the law, and robbing us behind our backs date back to the early 1900s with the Fox brothers. Once concluding my day reading through page-turning pieces of information on these insanely notorious sets of twins, I sat back and started writing this article. You may not believe how evil one person can be but what happens when that one person is two people and they're both equal parts delinquent?

These two evil twins will be spending around the next decade in prison. Doing a dime is a hell of a lot of time no matter how you look at it. Especially when you're as young as these two brothers. The duo pictured here are Nicholas and Matthew Deparasis, and they're from Virginia. Their crimes were committed in that state where they both conspired in running a drug retail outlet of sorts. The brothers found out they had a knack for selling heroin, blow, and firearms from various locations including a flat that was located on the beach itself. That's moving some pretty serious weight in the land of organized crime, and these two brothers are both paying dearly doing hard time.

Moving on to the number 12 spot on our list of history's most evil twins are Pete and Pat Bondurant. It was the 1980s in the Volunteer State of Tennessee that these two evil twin brothers worked together to murder several innocent people. One of the victims was torched and thrown into a nearby river. Another person was unearthed chopped into pieces after being found on the brothers' property. The Bondurant twins have even received their 15 minutes of fame per se and have appeared on the television show Evil Twins. The gruesome details of what these two brothers did to their victims are horrifying, and both received 25 years in prison initially before being linked to more murders!

These twin brothers named George and Stefan Spitzer are a woman's worst nightmare. For those of you who aren't familiar with what the drug Rohypnol is, here's a little refresher: it's commonly referred to on the street and in the news as the "Date Rape Drug." It's extremely dangerous in the hands of men like these two. In 1996 these evil twin brothers were charged and convicted of raping a ludicrous amount of women dating as far back as 1982. That's a disgusting act against any person let alone taking advantage of a woman like that. The Spitzer twins were eventually convicted on all counts and received a combined 90 years behind bars. Doesn't seem long enough to me, or most of you reading this listicle today, I'm sure.

Coming in at the number 10 spot on our list of history's most evil twins is Sunny and Jeen Han. These evil twin sisters don't look evil to you, do they? Well, evil comes in various forms and is linked to these two once beautiful girls. The tragedy is that one of them is crazier than the other and forms a plan to kill her own flesh and blood. The Han girls weren't only well-liked and attractive, but even valedictorians of their school. In an eerie story of a close sisterly bond gone wrong, Jeen Han and two males were charged with the attempted murder of Sunny Han and her one time roommate Helen Kim. The entire story of the twins is messed up from beginning to end. Jeen must have been one pissed off twin sister.

Here's a story of two modern day gangsters named Mike and Peter Adiwal. I say 'modern day gangsters' because that Benz they're driving doesn't look that old and Peter got shot over 25 times back in 2009. Yes, he did survive, believe it or not, in case you were wondering. These two found themselves in the court system after being charged with a narcotics-related abduction they both participated in back in 2005 while in British Columbia. These two evil twins look like some hard ass mofos, and I wouldn't doubt that there's a laundry list of other offenses they got away with over the years. The two brothers were also the focus of an investigation to charge them for various unsolved murders at the time.

At number 6 on our list of history's most evil twins are sisters who conspired together to kill one of their husbands. His name was Dr. Jack Wilson. The women are Betty Wilson and Peggy Lowe. The year was 1992 and James White was the hitman the two women hired to murder Betty's husband. James White would later end up testifying against the two evil twin sisters in court. Not that he was any more innocent than they were in all honesty. Apparently, James White had been trying to get on Peggy Lowe's good graces and was hired for just a few thousand dollars to perform the hit. The old doctor never even saw it coming! This is another story about two evil twins that received national recognition.

We'll have to travel out east to find the story of the Chesco twins. Looks like a few of the evil twins on our list like explosives. These two were sentenced to just 2 years in prison for their crime. I'm pretty sure we can agree that using explosives to harm unsuspecting people is about as heinous a crime that there is. The two brothers were also ordered to have no contact for five years in 2016. The twins began their bombing spree blowing up good old fashioned mailboxes but then decided to up their game. Residential buildings were next on the list for the duo. These two twins were in their young 20s when committing their crime while visiting back home on vacation.

Making our way into the top 5 today and sitting at number 4 spot on our list of history's most evil twins are Tre'Von and Kretron Barnes way down south in Florida. These two decided they'd get together and boost their cousin out of jail. The two evil twin brothers created hand signals with their cousin and suspected murder Dayonte Resiles. Don't these two twins look almost identical? I think I can understand how these two 17-year-old kids could pull off some pretty slick tricks. Especially while in a crowded courtroom. Or maybe they got lucky, at least for a short time. The two were arrested for trying to help their cousin escape via a waiting parked car outside the courtroom doors.

These two hood rat twins were both arrested on prostitution charges. I know by looking at their pictures that probably doesn't come as a surprise to you readers. Authorities were brought to light that the two had a liking for posting ads online. Shame on you girls! The two had sexually explicit ads posted on the website Backpage. If you're unaware, that's a website that's very much like Craigslist. If you're going to get into the prostitution business, it's probably best not to do it on a globally recognized website. The two evil twins actually look pretty hot in this photo don't they? I'm going to go out on a limb and say whatever they were trying to charge for their service was too much!

These two evil twin sisters are from the Palestinian city of Tulkarem. Pull out your globes people! The 18-year-old twin sisters are the only girls on the list today that are female and have been charged with making explosives. A trade that they both learned online through instructional videos. Sucks that's possible to do! That's a scary thought, isn't it? The Hawila twins were arrested in 2015 for making pipe bombs that were destined to be used for terrorist activities. Thank goodness they were caught before anyone got hurt. When I found this photo of the two sisters on the internet, I knew it had a place on our list today! In my opinion, that's a really creepy photograph of the pair.

Taking the top spot on our list of history's most evil twins are probably the most notorious pair of evil twins of all time. Their names are Ronnie and Reggie Kray, and they were at the top of organized crime in London from the 1950s through the 1960s. There isn't a crime in the books that these two evil twin brothers didn't commit. Recently in 2015, there was a second movie filmed named Legend that depicted the two brothers and their reign over London. The movie gets solid reviews. I personally haven't seen the film, but after learning about the ruthless Kray twins, I'd be willing to give it a whirl. These guys sound like some straight up thugs! 041b061a72


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