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The band are featured on the song Glistening Bay on Thea Gilmore's new album Ghost & Graffitti, which will be released on April 27th. The track was produced by Mike Scott. Thea and Mike share lead vocals, Ralph Salmins bashes the drums, Brother Paul plays piano, Steve Wickham fiddles and the band is completed by ace UK guitar man Robbie Mackintosh and Thea's musical partner and occasional bassist Nigel Stonier. When Mike was asked to contribute to the album he suggested Glistening Bay. "I heard this song on Thea's album of Sandy denny's lyrics-turned-into-new-songs, and fell in love with it. Getting to record a new version was magical." Other contributors to Ghost & Graffitti include Joan As Policewoman, Billy Bragg, John Cooper Clarke, Joan Baez, John Bramwell of I Am Kloot and Scottish songster King Creosote.

Pan Piano Patreon Collection.rar

The first single from Modern Blues is the song November Tale, a beautiful soul-influenced rocker. It features electric piano and string arrangement by Brother Paul, and lead guitar by the band's ace new guitarslinger Zach Ernst, plus Muscle Shoals great David Hood on bass. You can listen to it here, and pre-order the album for download here. The single is immediately available upon album pre-order, but it is also available as a separate download, in digital format only. Photo by Dara Munnis. 041b061a72


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