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Aygun Kazimova Sevdim Official Music Video

Kazimova's professional solo career began in 1988, when she won the first prize at the Baki payizi-88 (Baku Autumn-88) music contest. In 1989 she won an award in the Yurmala music contest, and then in 1992 she won an award in "The Voice of Asia" music contest, in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kazimova released her first album in 1997. The CD Sevgi Gulleri (Flowers of love) contained 14 tracks with most of them written by pop composer Vagif Gerayzade. She has released ten albums, with the most successful in sales being the CD Aygun which was released in October 2000 and contained multimedia files with videos and pictures. In 2002, she became 'Honorary Artist of Azerbaijan'.

Aygun Kazimova Sevdim Official Music Video

Aygun Kazimova is considered the most successful female singer in the Azerbaijani music industry and has released the largest number of best-selling singles in the history of Azerbaijan. She is also known for innovative music videos and carefully prepared stage performances. 041b061a72


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