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Hector Isaev

[S5E8] Rebellion

At the whats left of the rebel base Sea Hawk, Swift Wind, Perfuma, Frosta and Netossa encountered Castaspella. Frosta captured her in ice and made sure she wasn't chipped. Shadow Weaver revealed that Mystacor was under Micah's control. They all joined together and went to find a new hiding place. Shadow Weaver insisted that Castaspella follow her; Castaspella refused at first but she reluctantly agreed after Shadow Weaver said she had a plan. As they walked Castaspella told and Shadow Weaver to slow down but she told her to keep up. When Castaspella was about to turn back,Shadow Weaver pointed out that Micah is the strongest sorcerer on Etheria and now that he was under Prime's control he was a dangerous obstacle for the rebellion, so Castaspella resumed following Shadow Weaver as she said her plan will make them stronger.

[S5E8] Rebellion

The new episode will see the rebellion begin. I always laugh at how medical dramas all seem to come up with the same storylines sometimes. New Amsterdam is also dealing with a rebellion in the hospital due to a medical director looking at cutting costs.

The Gem rebellion began as a solely environmental effort to protect life on Earth from the devastation of unchecked extraction, but over time it also became an effort to protect the Earth as a place of queer possibility and liberation for Gems1. On their Homeworld, Gems are created fully-formed and expected to serve within a strict caste system, so the freedom of organic life seems like its own kind of magic to them.

Led by Ahsoka, the Onderon rebels infiltrate the capital and carry out a series of strikes on targets throughout the city. As the Separatist-aligned king comes under increasing pressure to deal with the growing rebellion, the rebels choose a new leader. 041b061a72


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