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Where To Buy Nuwave Induction Cooktop

Kitchen Gear Review: the NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop A lot of people ask me about the gear I use in my kitchen sessions and cooking demos - and the most asked-about piece of equipment has to be my NuWave portable induction cooktop.

where to buy nuwave induction cooktop


As a note of full disclosure: if you are interested in purchasing any NuWave induction cooktops or cookware through Amazon, following my associate links in this post will kick back a small percentage my way. I appreciate you supporting me and hope you find this content of value to you in your pursuit of better home cooking!

Induction works differently. An induction cooktop uses a powerful electromagnet to get the metal ions in the cookware moving super fast, creating a type of friction that causes the portion of the pan in direct contact with the magnetic surface to get hot. The heat is created in the cookware, NOT the cooktop.

Like most induction cooktops, the PIC plugs into a standard outlet, which means you can use it anywhere that gets electricity: in the house, on the deck, in the garage, in the office, at a park shelter, or even most campgrounds.

Another point I should mention here is the accuracy of the temperature settings. I have used another, cheaper model of induction cooktop that claimed to be bringing a pot of frying oil to a certain temperature, yet the thermometer in the pot did not match the reading on the machine. I have found the NuWave temperature settings to be very accurate; even if they are off by a few degrees, you again have the ability to shift up or down by 10 degrees on the fly.

I purchased the 7-piece set to use in my hands-on kitchen sessions. As I mentioned with the cooktop, this is the only brand of induction ready cookware I have bought, but I really like them. They, too, are lightweight, and the Duralon Ceramic coating is terrific. Even notoriously sticky things like eggs or chowder soups slide off with ease!

I hope this helps you in determining whether or not to invest in an induction cooktop. I never realized how much I'd enjoying using one until I got one. Thanks again for using the Amazon Associate links on this page to lend financial support to this blog, and be sure to let me know if you end up purchasing a cooktop or cookware and tell me what you think!

I installed a GE 27" induction cooktop about a year and a half ago....very slick and easy to use. Yes I had to replace cookware with "induction" ready utensils etc which is basically anything magnetic. Never really thought of it but my cast iron pans work great with it. Induction is lightning fast to pre-heat and fast to cool too. Being a glass top care must be taken at all times to prevent cracking. I really wanted a gas range but we aren't plumbed with gas lines where I live...nothing beats a flame for heat and speed-this is where the induction falls a bit short as it can never achieve the temps of a flame.

I have a Max Burton single burner, and plan to replace my cooktop with induction. A full kitchen induction cooktop (usually has more wattage than the hot plate burner) can actually cook faster than gas. It's safer, cleaner, and more efficient. The main thing I miss is the feel of picking your pan off the stove to swirl it as you cook - induction only works with the pan resting flat on the cooktop. Other than that, I think induction is superior. More temperature control, timers, faster, etc. 041b061a72


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