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[S1E2] The Fire __HOT__

Cameron insults the poor quality of the IBM BIOS code in a response explanation why she hasn't, and won't look at Joe and Gordon's reverse engineered binder. IBM suggests that Cameron will be fired as soon as the BIOS is complete.

[S1E2] The Fire

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FIRE COUNTRY stars Max Thieriot (SEAL TEAM) as Bode Donovan, a young convict seeking redemption and a shortened prison sentence by joining a prison release firefighting program in Northern California, where he and other inmates are partnered with elite firefighters to extinguish massive, unpredictable wildfires across the region.

A series of fires, meanwhile, are erupting around the city, and Naota visits the site of one of these fires with two of his school friends. On the way home, he sees Mamimi down by the river and learns from his friends that she is being bullied at her school. Naota realizes it is Mamimi who is starting the fires, and that she truly believes her game to be reality and the robot to be Canti, the Lord of Black Flames from her video game. Naota finds her performing a 'fire ritual' by the water bank. She explains she burnt down her old school house when she was younger because she 'hated the place', and had been saved from the flames by Naota's brother, which is the reason she loved him. A robot emerges from Naota's head then, and starts to battle Canti. Naota merges with Canti, and is able to transform into a large, howitzer-like weapon to destroy the robot. At the end of the episode, Naota wonders what he can do for Mamimi, and promises to always be by her side.

"Fire Starter", it's a hand-held video game. No one knows how Endsville, the city of devils, was created, but as soon as it appeared, it started to grow, and slowly eat up the world. You are an agent of Canti, the god of the black flame, and you must stop Endsville from destroying the world. Your only weapon is flame: matches, lighters, and fire-bombs. Get the weapons, outsmart the firefighters, hide from the police, torch the city, and purge its devils. But you must be careful; you cannot burn everything. If the entire city burns down, there will be no place to live. Thus, the battle is hopeless: there is no final victory. The only thing you can do is burn and burn and burn. Your highest goal is to receive the personal blessing of Canti, the god of the black flame.

In Spanish class while discussing local news, a classmate told the students (in English) about a man in critical condition after a fire broke out at a motel. Patty panicked, remembering how close she was to lighting the homeless guy on fire the night before, and Nonnie left school to investigate. The more Patty found out about the story, the more she was convinced she was guilty. She called on Armstrong to help her investigate as well.

Coggins is then shown going through Duke's house to look for anything incriminating. Just when he is about to give up he finds an envelope taped under a drawer which has the information he was looking for. He throws the envelope in the trash and lights it on fire. However, he is still visibly high and bumps the trashcan against the curtains causing them to immediately burst into flames. He tries to put the fire out with a coat hanging nearby, but when it catches fire he throws it at the door which also gets engulfed with flames.

Before they can talk at all, though, a call comes through that there is a fire at Duke's old house. Without the fire department all seems lost until the town's residents band together to put the fire out. Linda hears that someone is inside and dashes in to save Coggins who is on the verge of passing out in Duke's office. When she finally gets out it looks like the fire can't be stopped. People begin to worry that perhaps it'll end up spreading, but then Big Jim comes into the picture with a bulldozer and knocks the house down effectively snuffing out the flames.

The town rallies around Big Jim and Linda and praises them for their efforts, but they're interrupted by Paul who looks increasingly erratic. He turns to the dome and fires his pistol, this causes a bullet to richocet and hit Freddy, possibly killing him.

Now, we knew that the Valyrians had blood mages and harnessed their power from, you guessed it, fire and blood, but the Anogrian appears to be a wholly new term within the lore and gosh darn it, I want to know more! 041b061a72


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