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Subtitle City Of Ember [BEST]

Languages Available in: The download links above has City of Embersubtitles in Albanian, Arabic, Big 5 Code, Brazillian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese Bg Code, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi Persian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian, Vietnamese Languages.

subtitle City of Ember

City of Ember releases to DVD on a flipper disc, with both wide and full screen presentations. Audio tracks are available in 5.1 Dolby Digital (English) and Dolby Surround (Spanish and French) with subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

When mankind is about to come to an end, a group of scientists decide to create and populate a city deep underground. The City of Ember is to last for two hundred years, after which its inhabitants are to retrieve from a strong box instructions to return to the surface. Over time, however, the message is lost and life in Ember is rapidly deteriorating. Their power supply is failing and food is being rationed. It's left to two young teens to unearth the secret of Ember and to lead the way out.

Overall, this was an "okay" film; not bad, but nothing that memorable. I enjoyed the sets of the subterranean city and the teen kids were likable, but it took a little long before anything happened and when it did it was a little too far-fetched with poor special-effects. Nonetheless, the visuals and acting were fine and supporting performances by the always-goofy Bill Murray and Tim Robbins were somewhat entertaining.The most intriguing actor, to me, was Saoirse Ronan, as "Lina Mayfleet." At first she minded me a bit of Peggy Ann Garner in "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn," but maybe two years older. Ronan has a plain but expressive and intelligent face, a la a very young Cate Blanchett. She looks like she's on her way to a good career.Her counterpart, the male teen "Doon Harrow," was played nicely by Harry Treadaway.Although it's a nice, safe family film, I think a lot of kids will be bored by the time anything happens, and adults will be so-so on it. I stuck around for the visuals, mainly, but was disappointed in how amateurish the action scenes in the last 20 minutes looked.

Due to an unspecified danger, engineers built underground City of Ember. The people are supposed to be left there for 200 years. The mayor is given a case that counts down the 200 years. At the end of the count, the case opens revealing instructions to exit the city. The case was supposed to be passed from one mayor to the next. However, it was lost when one of the mayors unexpectedly died. Now it's well pass 200 years, the city is crumbling, supplies are dwindling, and no one knows that they're suppose to leave.Doon Harrow (Harry Treadaway) and Lina Mayfleet (Saoirse Ronan) are two young people ready to pick jobs on Assignment Day. However they are sure that the generator is breaking down, and they must escape the City. But they just don't know how.The underground world is absolutely fascinating. I love the style and visual of the City of Ember. The mystery of the exit isn't that compelling, but I love the search around this world. The two young actors are very good. The movie works very well until they start searching for the exit. The quest for the exit isn't as exciting as it needs to be. It has great possibilities with the giant moles and beetles. It should have been thrilling, but it's feels more like solving a puzzle. It's a good movie. With a more exciting third act, it could have been a great movie.

When the human race was on the brink of destruction, they built an underground city, Ember, designed to last 200 years. But it is now much later than that, and the city is in a state of decay, with power running out. Two children, Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, serendipitously find instructions left by the builders detailing how to leave the city. But their endeavour is threatened not only by the dangers of the way out, but also by uncooperative officials, who had much rather remain in the city.

This originality is strengthened by strong photography choices, which use the film medium to the fullest of its capacity, conveying meaning and feeling in every scene. The film is rich, and has its own very unique atmosphere, which makes the City of Ember look even more different from the "real" world under which it has been built.

Admittedly, the characters are slightly one-dimensional and the actors do not have much to act on; and yet they pull off the challenge remarkably well, and take us all on to a fantastic joyride out of the underground city. 041b061a72


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