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Download File Wimpy.part4.rar

how to switch file on daemon tools for the cc-data file? i already try but not working, when in halfway installation appear a button command, and i try switch to cc-data will, anything not happen, and still button command appear

Download File wimpy.part4.rar

When running this game, make absolutely sure that you are playing it while the CC DATA file is in your BD Rom Drive from it being mounted by DAEMON Tools, otherwise the game is likely to crash at specific points.

didnt get it to work with the instructions on the recent comment pages so here is an alternative way. after extracting the rar-archives extract the content of the bin-files and move it all to one folder. overwrite if you want.. doesnt matter. then run the patch and choose the directory of the folder where the extraced bin-files are. worked for me.

I cannot download the third part file. It stops in the middle of downloading, saying that the file could not be saved because the data might be corrupted or something. Please tell me what is wrong. Thank you.

this is a bit late but i just downloaded the game and found that copying the inconsolata.tff file (the cross channel font type) to c:/windows/fonts fixed the problem for me maybe it will help you, hope you can enjoy the visual novel now!

Also, while the sex scenes werent all that bad (and were mostly the reason why i downloaded it (i was looking for meganekko due to my glasses fetish) as i got further in i wish i used the all ages version of the TL patch, as i found myself wanting to continue with the plot rather than have a cheap fap in a time that is usually rather inconvenient (read as day time or dont feel like it).

Okay, so I understand people are having trouble. Heres what worked for me: First extract the files from the rar. and then use Daemon Tools to mount the CC_SYSTEM file. Next go to My Computer, open the disk and copy all the files to desired folder. Then do the same with CC_DATA. Once thats done, copy patch to the same folder, run the patch and follow the steps. You should be good to go, enjoy. 041b061a72


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