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Tu Chor Main Sipahi Full Movie HD Download in Hindi: Watch Online or Offline

Tu Chor Main Sipahi Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 Hd

Tu Chor Main Sipahi is a 1996 Hindi action comedy film starring Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Tabu, and Pratibha Sinha. It was directed by Guddu Dhanoa and written by Robin Henry and Rumi Jaffery. The movie revolves around a police officer and a master thief who join forces to free a village from the clutches of an evil landowner. The movie was released on 10 May 1996 and was a moderate success at the box office.

Tu Chor Main Sipahi Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 Hd

Cast and Crew of Tu Chor Main Sipahi

The movie features a talented ensemble of actors and actresses who play various roles in the film. Here are some of the main cast and crew members of Tu Chor Main Sipahi:

  • Akshay Kumar as Inspector Amar Verma/Guddu: He is a brave and honest police officer who is determined to catch Raja, a notorious criminal. He also disguises himself as Guddu, a village simpleton, to infiltrate Thakur's empire.

  • Saif Ali Khan as Raja/King: He is a clever and charming con man who robs wealthy businessmen around the city. He escapes from Amar's custody and reaches Tandarikala, where he poses as a fake inspector.

  • Tabu as Kajal Singh: She is Thakur's niece who falls in love with Amar/Guddu. She is unaware of his true identity and helps him fight against Thakur.

  • Pratibha Sinha as Rani: She is Raja's love interest who follows him to Tandarikala. She is a bubbly and naive girl who gets into trouble with Thakur.

  • Amrish Puri as Thakur Gajendra Singh: He is the ruthless and powerful villain of the movie who rules over Tandarikala with an iron fist. He enslaves the villagers and kills anyone who opposes him.

  • Anupam Kher as Police Commissioner Kushal Singh: He is Amar's boss who assigns him the task of arresting Raja within four days or face transfer to Tandarikala.

  • Deven Verma as ACP Verma: He is Amar's father who supports his son's mission.

The movie was produced by Namrata Dehal under the banner of Pooja Arts.

Plot Summary of Tu Chor Main Sipahi

The movie begins with Inspector Amar chasing Raja after he robs a jewellery store. Amar manages to catch Raja but on their way to the police station, they are attacked by Thakur's men who free Raja and kidnap Amar. Raja learns that Amar was supposed to be transferred to Tandarikala, a remote village where Thakur rules with terror. He decides to take Amar's place and go to Tandarikala as a fake inspector, hoping to make some money by fooling the villagers. He also takes Rani, his girlfriend, along with him.

Meanwhile, Amar escapes from Thakur's clutches and reaches Tandarikala in disguise as Guddu, a simple and innocent villager. He befriends Kajal, Thakur's niece, who is sympathetic to the plight of the villagers. He also meets Raja and realizes that he is impersonating him. He decides to play along and expose Raja's fraud. He also plans to bring down Thakur and his illegal activities.

The movie then follows the hilarious and thrilling adventures of Amar and Raja as they try to outsmart each other and Thakur. They also fall in love with Kajal and Rani respectively. The movie reaches its climax when Thakur discovers the truth about Amar and Raja and tries to kill them. However, with the help of the villagers and the police, Amar and Raja manage to defeat Thakur and his goons. They also clear their misunderstandings and become friends. The movie ends with Amar and Raja getting married to Kajal and Rani respectively.

Songs and Music of Tu Chor Main Sipahi

The movie has a catchy and melodious soundtrack composed by Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen. The lyrics are written by Anand Bakshi. The movie features six songs sung by various singers such as Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Udit Narayan, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Poornima, Vinod Rathod, and Sadhana Sargam.

Here are the names and details of the songs in the movie:




Hum Do Premi Chhat Ke Upar

Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik


Tu Hai Mere Dil Ka Kissa

Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik


Ye Aag Thi Dil Mein

Udit Narayan, Poornima


Mastana Mastana Yeh Dil Tera

Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Poornima


Tu Chor Main Sipahi (Title Song)

Vinod Rathod, Sadhana Sargam


Bachke Tu Rehna Re Bachke Tu Rehna

Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Poornima




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