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Travel Guard

The US government, through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), regulates travel to the destination you have selected. To purchase this policy, you will need to mail Travel Guard a paper application for insurance, a Cuba Travel Compliance Certification (Travel Guard version) and, if you are traveling under a specific OFAC license, additional documentation. Please contact our sanctioned countries hotline at 866.375.2546 for forms and additional details.

travel guard

Just another expense, right? Wrong. A travel insurance plan can cover you for unexpected costs incurred before or during your trip so that expenses can be less likely to come out of your own pocket. A vacation insurance plan from Travel Guard helps to protect your trip investment with coverages like trip cancellation and interruption, medical expense and evacuation, lost or delayed baggage and more.

As a bonus - most travel insurance plans also include 24/7 emergency assistance services to re-book flights and hotels on your behalf and act as a personal travel assistant while you are away from home.

The cost of travel insurance is based, in most cases, on the value of the trip and the age of the traveler. Typically, the cost is five to seven percent of the trip cost. You can get a free quote for your personalized travel insurance plan or call our representatives at 800-826-5248.

If you're looking for a specialty plan, or would like a quote from one of our representatives, you can call us at 800-826-5248. Through our call center, we can find a policy that fits your travel plan and budget.

Our Travel Guard Plus Plan is for those travelers who want the most comprehensive package of travel insurance coverage and assistance services that includes Adventure Sports coverage. If you are looking for the total package that includes our highest level of medical expense coverage, plus hospital of choice, then this is the package for you! Travel Guard Plus is a factor-based priced plan that covers for carrier financial default, even trip cancellation due to job loss and other covered work reasons. If you purchase within 21 days of initial trip deposit, this plan provides a waiver for pre-existing medical conditions. Optional coverages include Cancel for Any Reason and Flight Guard coverage.

Planning an extended stay overseas? The Travel Guard MedEvac plan can provide worldwide travel medical and evacuation coverage for trips up to 365 days in length. MedEvac can cover the cost to transport you to the hospital of your choice or home if medically necessary, and can cover any qualified accompanying medical expenses you may incur. MedEvac plan also includes Security Evacuation coverage, including natural disasters (not available in all states) and optional baggage coverage. The MedEvac plan is our recommended plan for travelers applying for a Schengen Visa.

Coverage available to residents of U.S. states and the District of Columbia only. These plans provide insurance coverage that only applies during the covered trip. You may have coverage from other sources that provides you with similar benefits but may be subject to different restrictions depending upon your other coverages. You may wish to compare the terms of each policy with your existing life, health, home, and automobile insurance policies, as well as any other coverage which you may already have or is available to you, including through other insurers, as a member of an organization, or through your credit card program(s). If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer or insurance agent or broker. Coverage is offered by Travel Guard Group, Inc .(Travel Guard). California lic. no. 0B93606, 3300 Business Park Drive, Stevens Point, WI 54482, CA DOI toll free number: 800-927-HELP.

If you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason (e.g., unforeseen sickness or injury of you or your family member, required work, victim of a crime, inclement weather, financial default of travel supplier, etc.) you will be covered. To see the whole list of covered reasons, refer to the terms and conditions of your policy.

AIG Travel Guard plans may appeal to vacationers, last-minute travelers and people who take multiple trips a year. There are five plans offering a range of benefits including trip cancellation, trip interruption, baggage delay and coverage for medical and dental expenses.

AIG Travel Guard Deluxe: The Travel Guard Deluxe plan includes lots of extra coverage beyond the standard benefits, which include trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance, travel medical insurance, evacuation insurance, travel delay insurance and baggage insurance. It includes missed connection, travel inconvenience and AD&D insurance, and offers pet, wedding, adventure sports upgrades.

AIG Travel Guard Preferred: Medical expenses up to $50,000, dental expenses up to $500 and emergency evacuation compensation of $500,000 are just a few of the benefits of the Travel Guard Preferred plan. It also includes trip interruption, trip cancellation and trip delay coverage. Lost, damaged and stolen baggage is covered up to $1,000. This travel plan may be a good fit for family vacations and international travel.

AIG Travel Guard Essential: This budget travel insurance option includes coverage for trip cancellation, trip interruption, medical expenses of up to $15,000, dental expenses up to $500, baggage delay up to $200 and trip delay up to $500.

24-hour assistance services are included to help the traveler with things such as emergency medical assistance, lost baggage tracking, emergency or last minute travel arrangements, assistance with replacing lost travel documents, and much more.

All Wellfleet Student Health members may contact Travel Guard when traveling outside of the U.S. and need covered assistance. Student members must provide school name and the nature of the emergency when calling.

AIG/Travel Guard is a comprehensive, 24 hour medical and emergency response organization. Additional benefits include VIP concierge and identity theft services. Services are available to students, faculty, staff and alumnae traveling on official College business. This program is provided to all member colleges of Five Colleges, Inc. excluding UMass travelers.

All students, faculty, staff and alumni/ae traveling on official College sponsored trips (for Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith) automatically have Medical Evacuation and Repatriation coverage through AIG/Travel Guard Insurance. This plan provides assistance in the event you become seriously ill or injured while traveling. These plans provide emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility or, with some plans, to your hospital of choice. Repatriation means medically assisted travel to a medical facility in your home country or repatriation of mortal remains.

AIG/Travel Guard can also coordinate certain travel assistance services on behalf of our travelers. Many of these services are provided free of charge (Such as arranging for a translator) . Examples of services AIG/Travel Guard provides include arranging for a translator, event ticketing, wireless device assistance, local activity recommendations, roadside assistance, assistance with identity theft, legal referrals, etc.

The ONLY services the college insures are medical evacuation and repatriation. All other services that require payment for services including medical treatment, or shipping a prescription to a traveler, are the financial responsibility of the traveler. Any transaction that would require payment for services including medical evacuation or repatriation MUST be coordinated and approved by an Authorized Person at the college or by the Five College Director of Risk Management. If needed, System Administration or the applicable institution will work with AIG/Travel Guard to provide pre-payment for services required. Your home institution will bill you for all charges incurred upon your return.

Trip Cancel Guard is in effect until you cancel your benefit, submit a request for reimbursement on a canceled flight, or you reach your benefit end date. This benefit applies only before your trip starts and does not offer coverage during your trip or return flight. If you want to update or change your trip, you must call the Benefit Administrator todetermine if the benefit can be applied to your updated itinerary. If you get a travel credit or airline voucher for your cancelled trip, Trip Cancel Guard can provide reimbursement once the credit or voucher has expired or isforfeited by its own terms and conditions.

Trip Cancel Guard is an optional add-on benefit available for certain travel itineraries booked through American Express TRS that allows you to receive reimbursement when you cancel your trip for any reason at least two (2) full calendar days before your departure date and before the benefit end date, as defined by the benefit terms & conditions. You may receive reimbursement of up to the amount stated on your schedule of benefits, which is up to 75% of your nonrefundable prepaid expenses. This benefit is a cancellation fee waiver and is not an insurance product.

Yes! You may purchase Trip Cancel Guard in addition to any other travel insurance. Trip Cancel Guard will provide reimbursement if you decide to cancel your trip for any reason at least two (2) full calendar days before your departure date and before the benefit end date, as defined by the benefit terms & conditions. Please review your travel insurance policy details for the specific reasons that trip cancellation insurance coverage is different from Trip Cancel Guard and whether you are eligible for benefits under one or both.

If you have purchased Trip Cancel Guard and receive a travel credit or airline voucher for your cancelled itinerary, your eligibility for reimbursement from Trip Cancel Guard may be delayed until the credit or voucher expires or is forfeited by its own terms and conditions. If the credit or voucher expires or is forfeited, you may reopen your request for benefit. 041b061a72


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