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Karen Timofeev

[S3E3] Theory And Methodology [EXCLUSIVE]

Abstract:Urban spatial form is a significant reference to getting to know cities and running the cities. The fractal theory is an effective means to quantify urban spatial form. Taking the buildings in the outer ring of Zhengzhou City as the research object, the basic architectural models are built by extracting their forms. The research site is subdivided into 199 regions. The distribution of architectural forms in Zhengzhou is analyzed by fractal theory and spatial autocorrelation from the perspective of two-dimensional(2D) and three-dimensional(3D). The results indicate that the architectural layout of Zhengzhou has distinct fractal characteristics; Both global spatial autocorrelation and local spatial autocorrelation show significant positive correlations; There are obvious spatial differences in architectural space forms in different regions. The refined grid analysis strengthens the understanding of the urban spatial structure and development rules in more detail. The study promotes the refinement and visualization of fractal theory effectively and improves the depth of urban spatial form cognition.Keywords: fractal theory; architecture; urban spatial form; visualization; 2D fractal; 3D fractal; grid

[S3E3] Theory and Methodology

Agreed. And the whole Changeling theory is hard to believe because he knows Picard so well. We have seen Changelings pass for someone we known for a certain length of time like Bashir and General Martok, but we never seen them interact the way Riker is interacting with Picard here.

This is the kind of thing that only hardcore theory crafters will spend a lot of time on, but with how Destiny 2 obscures exact damage and scaling values, it's fascinating to see a largely ignored Exotic become the keystone of a reverse-engineering project.

"To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum [playing chaos theory mathematician Ian Malcolm in "Jurassic Park"], 'You can do this, but should you do this?' That's one of the strong arguments that we've historically made in science," Brady explains in his book. 041b061a72


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