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Download Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Signed Apk

Suspects: Mystery Mansion is an action-adventure game designed for 10 people to play simultaneously. They are all located in a mysterious mansion and play different roles. Among them there are ordinary guests who freely move around the locations and perform simple missions: cleaning the floor, lighting the lights, arranging furniture, hanging pictures, disarming explosives and other actions. The player can choose the role of a detective and devote time to finding the criminal. This is the most interesting character on which the ending depends. Finally, you can become an assassin, hide in secret places and eliminate anyone who tries to solve the mystery.

Download Suspects Mystery Mansion mod signed apk

Suspects: Mystery Mansion MOD APK is a role-playing game that solves the mystery of the mansion with 8 players online. Are you ready to be a great detective to find the killer? Join the game Suspects: Mystery Mansion, to find the real killer after mysterious cases.

Description : Suspects Mystery Mansion - a project that is an excellent clone of an exciting adventure game on a space station in the company of a sophisticated killer. Only in this case will the players get the role of investigators who, in the best tradition of classic detectives, were invited to the old mansion to investigate the murder. A murderer is hiding among the guests and most likely none. So someone has to search for evidence and draw conclusions while others have to hide the suspicion and distract from themselves. And all of this with countless possibilities to achieve your goal. As well as the complete unpredictability of other events in the game. In this game, 10 people take part at the same time, who falls into a huge mansion only to find the killer. Players will be both detectives and murderers who will stop at nothing. You will do everything possible to complete the investigation and kill anyone who comes close to solving the mystery.

It is very hard to protect the mansion because there are many enemies in the game. To solve the mystery, you need to have good observation skills and a strong sense of logic. To solve the mystery, you need to carefully study each scene, and find clues to solve the case.

This game is a detective game in which the player is an investigator, who wants to solve the mystery of the mansion. There are many clues around the mansion, and the player has to collect them to solve the mystery.

Because this is a detective game, the features in the game are not too strange for players. In Suspects: Mystery Mansion, there are 3 groups for you to choose from: a group of guests who both do missions and vote to choose a suspect, while the detective group is responsible for finding the real culprit and the other group is the group. The killer kills the number of people in the mansion as quickly as possible. Regardless of the role, you also need to do your assigned job well, if you live through the rounds, you will be lucky to gradually know who the "final boss" is. 041b061a72


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