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Watch Shakal Pe Mat Ja dubbed movies in hindi 720p Online with Subtitles

Shakal Pe Mat Ja dubbed movies in hindi 720p: A hilarious comedy of errors

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, you should check out Shakal Pe Mat Ja dubbed movies in hindi 720p. Shakal Pe Mat Ja is a 2011 Indian comedy film that revolves around four young boys who get mistaken for terrorists at the Delhi international airport. The movie is a laugh riot that mocks the stereotypes and prejudices related to terrorism and security. It also has a positive message about friendship and humanity. Here are some reasons why you should watch Shakal Pe Mat Ja dubbed movies in hindi 720p.

Shakal Pe Mat Ja dubbed movies in hindi 720p

What is Shakal Pe Mat Ja about?

The plot summary of the movie

Shakal Pe Mat Ja is a story of four young boys who get caught up as suspects at the Delhi international airport, on a high alert day. They get caught while capturing an American Airlines aircraft landing on their camera, which they claim to have shot for a documentary that they are making. With their explanation and situation not being fruitful, they are brought into the interrogation room of the International airport to be questioned by the CISF. With looks that are totally anti-terrorist, these simple guys get into crazy trouble, as their hold up doesn't turn up the way anyone expected. After all, looks are deceptive. Everything that they say or possess or even do leads them to further obstacles. Whether it's the suspicious footage of the boys being at Rashtriya pati bhawan, or the Arabic and Pakistani Porn that they find in Rohan's bag, Whether it's the bomb like looking device in Dhruv's bag which he states to be his physics project or the fact that the 27-year-old Bulai who resembles a most wanted terrorist and doesn't carry any id or even a cell phone. At the same time the Intelligence has reports that a group of terrorists are planning some sort of an attack. Do these 4 guys have any involvement with the terror group or do they have different plans altogether. Are looks always deceptive? Could these four innocent looking guys be hard core terrorists involved in one of the biggest terror plans? Shakal Pe Mat Ja... is a film which deals with all such deceptive goof ups, mistaken identities & madness created due to being there at the wrong place at the wrong time. Innocent Looking maniacs, amateur terror groups, and Security forces who are never on time is what Shakal Pe Mat Ja is all about!

The cast and crew of the movie

Shakal Pe Mat Ja is directed by Shubh Mukherjee, who also plays one of the lead roles of Ankit Sharma. The other three boys are played by Pratik Katare as Dhruv Sharma, Harsh Parekh as Bulai, and Chitrak Bandyopadhyay as Rohan Malhotra. The movie also features Aamna Sharif as Diana, Saurabh Shukla as Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, Raghuvir Yadav as Om Prakash, Zakir Hussain as Omama, Mushtaq Khan as Burkhewali's Husband, Aditya Lakhia as Rajkumar Kanojia, Joy Sengupta as Officer Thomas, and many more. The music of the movie is composed by Nitin Kumar Gupta, SalimSulaiman, Amar Mohile, and Honey Singh. b70169992d


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