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Buy D2 Steel

D2 tool steel is a high carbon and high chromium-based grade that features excellent machinability and wear-resistance. This grade has maximum toughness at high hardness in sections of all sizes. In addition, D2 features a high level of resistance to abrasion due to a profusion of extremely hard wear-resisting alloy carbide particles that make up the steel.

buy d2 steel


D2 tool steel is used extensively for tools and dies for blanking, punching, forming, cold-extruding. The deep hardening and high compressive strength of D2 make it ideal for applications that require long runs and close tolerances.

Typical applications: Press Tools (inc. heavy duty), general purpose punches and dies, crushers, gauges, swaging dies, tools requiring resistance to abrasion, blanking tools, Thread rolling, Coining, General purpose See our tool steel application chart

All our D2 tool steel flats and squares are cut from plate and can be supplied to any dimensions you require. Our D2 tool steel is available in pre-machined economizer or black. Equivalent grades DIN 1.2379, 69S.

Steel Express - Tool steel suppliers and stockholders delivering throughout the West midlands and nationwide. Stock cut to size as required. D2 Steel Properties. Call now to place your order for rapid delivery.

Based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Steel Express are steel suppliers and stockholders. Stock is delivered on our own fleet of vehicles locally and nationally quickly and efficiently on the day we say we will.

Tool steel is a type of carbon alloy steel. It is often used to make, modify or repair hand tools or machine dies. Metal Supermarkets offers a variety of shapes and grades of tool steel, cut to size, including: A2, D2 and O1.

Tool steel is notable for hardness, resistance to abrasion and deformation. The steel can retain a cutting edge at very high temperatures which is why it is often used in the shaping of other materials through cutting, pressing, coining or extruding. The resistance to abrasion lends to their use in the production of injection molds.

Tool steel H13 is a chromium molybdenum, vanadium hot work tool steel which is has high hardenability and excellent toughness. This material can withstand rapid cooling and it resists premature heat checking. H-13 has good machinability, weldability and good ductility.

Tool steel S7 is a shock resisting tool steel with excellent toughness, high strength and medium wear resistance. Due to its maximum shock resistance and high compression strength, it has good deformation resistance and retains good toughness during use.

In choosing the best pocket knife you should pay particular attention to the type of steel used in the blade. Alongside edge geometry and design, blade steel is a critical element that determines how a knife performs. Steel is essentially an alloy (i.e. a mix) of carbon and iron that is often enriched with other elements to improve certain characteristics depending on the desired application.

In the knife industry different types of steel are created by varying the types of additive elements as well as how the blade is rolled and heated (i.e. the finishing process). Refer to our Knife Steel Composition Chart for more details on these elements.

Made by US based Crucible, CPM S30V (often simply referred to as S30V) steel has excellent edge retention and resists rust effortlessly. It was designed in the US and is typically used for the high-end premium pocket knives and expensive kitchen cutlery. The introduction of vanadium carbides brings extreme hardness into the steel alloy matrix. Dollar for dollar, this is generally regarded as one of the finest knife blade steels with the optimal balance of edge retention, hardness and toughness. Note S30V now has a slightly better looking brother in S35VN which is distinctly similar but easier for manufacturers to work with thanks to niobium. Still, S30V is pretty common these days and one of our favorites. >> See knives with CPM-S30V steel.

This steel can be thought of as the Japanese equivalent to the US made 154CM. Accordingly, it has very similar properties and characteristics to the 154CM and in general represents a high quality steel which has become very popular with knife makers. ATS-34 has great edge retention but is actually a little less rust resistant than the lower-range 440C steel.

The MoV (or Cr) series of steels originate from China and comparable to AUS-8 but containing slightly higher carbon content. You typically get great value for money with this steel and good manufacturers like Spyderco have mastered the heat treatment process to bring out its best.

Our knife steel popularity index shows you the relative popularity of different steels currently used in folding knives production by the major manufacturers. This index is impacted heavily by factors such as consumer preference and production costs.

CPM stands for Crucible Particle Metallurgy which is a process for manufacturing high quality tool steels. American Crucible Industries is the sole producer of CPM steels which are formed by pouring the molten metal through a small nozzle where high pressure gas bursts the liquid stream into a spray of tiny droplets. These droplets are cooled, solidified into a powder form and then hot isostatically pressed (HIP) where the powder is bonded and compacted. The trick here is that the HIP process ensures each of the fine particles have a uniform composition without any alloy segregation. All this results in a steel that has improved toughness, wear resistance and can be ground and heat treated with maximum effect.

Austenitic steel contains high amounts of nickel (around 8%) which makes it non-magnetic and relatively soft making it generally undesirable for knife making. However, the benefits of Austenitic steel are its toughness and superior corrosion resistance from high levels of chromium making it perfect for everyday items like forks, spoons, kitchen sinks, etc. Martensitic steel contains less chromium while still meeting the criteria for stainless steel but very little nickel thus making the steel magnetic. What really sets martensitic steels apart is higher levels of carbon which allows for the formation of Martensite, an extremely hard structure making it ideal for knifemaking. Steel manufacturers can transform austenite into martensite through rapid quenching.

High-speed steel (HSS or HS) is a subset of tool steels, commonly used as cutting tool material. It is often used in power-saw blades and drill can withstand higher temperatures without losing its temper (hardness) mostly for Industrial Use.

All Griffins are available in both a 440C and a D2 steel. Both are excellent steels and are very durable and long lasting. D2 is a harder steel and tends to hold an edge a bit longer in between sharpenings. Both steels are available as serrated or non-serrated. Blades are available in Drop point, Tanto, and Spear point styles.

By folding two types of steel (1095 & 15 N 25) several times, we obtain 150-200 layers. The hardness of the steel that we use to make knives is 56-58 HRC on Rockwell scale. We have now started production of Knives in 01 High Carbon Tool Steel, 440C steel and D2 Tool Steel. Acquired hardness ranges between 60-62 HRC and will be available soon on our website.

At Perkin Knives, you get a wide variety of combat knives and blades. If you happen to be searching for knives at cheap prices, then perkin knives has all the answers for you. Here, you will find a host of knives to choose from. We bring you real steel knives, folding karambit, etc.

The Hunter Series of Remington Cutlery features a multicolor green and black G10 handle with an inlayed antique bronze medallion, black G10 bolsters, and gold micarta spacers for a stunning look and exceptional grip. Blades are made from D2 stainless steel for extreme durability. Choose from various sizes, fixed blade, folding, or pocket.

From quick bites to epic feasts, our classic bonded cookware handles all kinds of culinary exploits and looks great in any kitchen. Made with three layers of steel and aluminum that heat food evenly and last a lifetime.

For those looking to take their cooking to the next level, this cookware collection combines the responsiveness of copper and the durability of stainless steel. The result is unparalleled performance.

With a vintage-inspired brushed look, this cookware collection cooks as good as it looks and having five layers of stainless steel and aluminum, it has the best performance and heat distribution of any stainless steel cookware.

D2 steel has been around for a very long time and is a proven knife steel. It is NOT a stainless steel but it is near stainless with a little over 11% Chromium. It takes 14% Chromium content to be classified as stainless steel. This is a high carbon steel that resists rust better than most. It's tough and holds an edge. If you don't like stainless steel, give this a try. Note: CPM bar stock normally comes with a very hard black exterior from the foundry. This bar stock has been surface ground to specified thickness plus .010". This means the black foundry scale has been ground off the steel leaving a raw steel finish. It is not precision ground but the thickness is going to be fairly close to the specified thickness. Fraction thickness Decimal thickness3/32" .093"1/8" .125"5/32" .156"3/16" .187"1/4" .250"

When you need a Karambit, this Honshu Karambit knife is exactly what you are looking for. It features a 4" D2 tool steel blade wearing a satin finish with an over-moulded handle and open hole pommel for an easy grip. Includes an ABS sheath with a nylon shoulder harness. This is an upgraded version of the Honshu UC2977 which is the same knife but with 7Cr13 stainless steel - slightly more expensive, but worth every extra penny.

Gutter (1095 Spring Steel) - The 4.5" Gutter is a versatile game-processing knife that can handle deer and elk with ease. The gut hook is gauged to the right depth, and the broad blade makes skinning smooth and easy. Well balanced for control and a pleasure to use. Please note, 1095 blade steel requires maintenance with consistent anti corrosion oil wipe down to control rust). 041b061a72


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