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Buy Discount Disneyland Tickets

This guide to discount Disneyland & Disney California Adventure tickets offers money-saving tips & recommended sellers of park admission and where not to buy to avoid scams. We cover potential price increases, deals at grocery stores or from AAA, and pros & cons of Park Hoppers. (Updated January 3, 2023.)

buy discount disneyland tickets

Speaking of which, Disneyland ticket prices increased most recently in mid-October of last year. This impacted single-day and multi-day tickets, with regular and Park Hoppers all increasing. On average, prices were up by about 8-9% per ticket, with several multi-day tickets up by $35 each. The Genie+ ticket add-on now costs $25 per day, which is up from the previous cost of $20 per day.

This would hardly be unprecedented. To the contrary, it has happened on both coasts on multiple occasions. In fact, Walt Disney World increased prices twice last year, with the most recent increase occurring in December. The Florida parks made the second increase under the guise of changing the park reservation system and structure for single-day tickets. The same could absolutely occur at Disneyland this winter if the 100th Anniversary celebration proves popular.

There are also modest savings available at AAA stores, which obviously are not grocery stores, but the AAA discount is the same idea. Note that AAA and Disney ended their partnership, so the savings there are no longer as good. More importantly, they no longer offer free parking, which was a really big deal.

Currently, there are not ticket discounts for Southern California residents. The last of these offered California residents the ability to visit the Disneyland Resort theme parks for as little as $83 per day with the purchase of a 3-day, 1-park per day ticket for admission on Mondays through Thursdays. However, this expired in mid-September.

You can still save money at the Disneyland Resort with discount park tickets even as the resort opens brand new attractions like Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway and celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company with a new fireworks, fountain show, and parade.

The most seasoned Disneyland goers know that you can always save money on cheaper multi-day tickets. We work with Disney's oldest travel partner to get exclusive and special discounts for our readers.

In this guide we have broken down the best discount ticket options including comparisons of AAA discounts, Costco tickets, DVC discounts, and more into an easy to use list so that you will save money at Disneyland.

In order to reach every market throughout the United States and to increase their marketing power, Disneyland partners with outside companies and allows them to resell their park tickets at a special rate.

I work with Get Away Today, the largest of these Disney partners, and negotiated an even lower rate on park tickets exclusively for my readers. The team at Get Away Today values all that we provide for our readers so they have committed to offering the literal lowest prices on multi-day tickets publicly available ANYWHERE!

Their company is top rated and they have worked with Disney for over 30 years helping millions of people to save money. Over the last four years they have helped thousands of our readers too and now they want to help you save money with their special promotions. Another reason to book with a travel reseller right now is that they are far more concerned about making sure that you have a great experience than Disney is right now. Disney call centers still have high call volumes and wait times. When you work with Get Away Today for tickets they are there to help you make sure your trip is perfect.

You can also book entire vacation packages through Get Away Today that include your hotel stay. There are great special savings in this option because Get Away Today secures exclusive deals for our readers such as free nights with certain length of stays, free perks at certain hotels like free breakfast or parking, and other discounts!

One of my favorite things about Get Away Today is the layaway option. With just $175 down, you can put your entire vacation on layaway including your special discount tickets and hotel! This is such a great way to make a Disneyland Resort trip accessible for families. The layaway plan does include a $75 non-refundable fee but I have found it is totally worth it so I can have the flexibility to make payments on my trip.

You have the option of combining your park tickets to Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood to save even more money. Our travel partner, Get Away Today, offers special discounts on combination park tickets that allow you visit the Disneyland Resort for two/three/four days and Universal Studios for one day! They offer discounts on one day Universal Studios ticket option as well.

Even if you don't live in Southern California, purchasing an annual pass might be a good idea if you plan on visiting the Disneyland Resort for more than seven days in one year. You will save money on your park tickets and annual passes also provide discounts on food and merchandise. The amount of discounts depends on the level of pass you purchase but even the cheapest passes give you a 10% discount. So when considering if you should purchase an annual pass, factor in the savings for food and merchandise to make your decision.

You can even just purchase on annual pass for one person in your party so that way the entire group can save money on dining and merchandise. If you consider the amount you can spend on dining on a Disneyland vacation, the dining discount from having one pass comes in handy.

You may purchase discount park tickets for guests who do not fall into the category as long as you are with them when they enter the park. Disney Cast Members are supposed to check ID at the front gate for all military tickets.

Disneyland doesn't offer official discount tickets for firefighters and law enforcement but cheap tickets may be available if you contact your union. Many unions all along the West Coast have access to cheap Disneyland Resort tickets.

AAA Disneyland tickets used to provide a great savings on tickets. We used to purchase discounted 2-Day, 3-Day, 4-Day and 5-Day Disneyland tickets from AAA. The AAA Disneyland discounts have largely gone away in recent years as Disney has cut back on which companies they work with to sell tickets. The Disneyland tickets AAA prices are typically not better than the prices offered by our travel partner, Get Away Today.

You can check out the AAA website or call a local branch for information on Disneyland tickets AAA. The amount of the discount depends on the length of the ticket- longer length tickets will get larger discounts. AAA members can save from $8-$14 per Disneyland ticket depending on the length of the ticket. These AAA Disneyland ticket prices are still not as low as the discounts offered through other Disneyland ticket resellers.

Costco Disneyland discount tickets used to be available in almost every Costco warehouse store, but they have severely limited their Disneyland tickets Costco sales. Now, the only Disneyland tickets from Costco available are the SoCal Disneyland tickets that are reserved specifically for Southern California residents (photo ID required). These tickets are only on sale at Costco during the limited time run of a SoCal ticket offer (last time this happened was in Spring 2020). There is no information on when Disneyland will offer these special discounts again. If you are not a California resident, you will not see Costco selling Disneyland tickets the way that they used to. Costco no longer selling Disneyland discount tickets was very disappointing until we found our great travel partner.

Costco members can still purchase Disneyland Resort vacation packages which include both a hotel and Disneyland tickets Costco in the package. This package is not discounted below the regular Disneyland pricing, so there is no benefit to booking your Disneyland tickets from Costco anymore. These Costco Disneyland vacation package varies by season, but you may receive perks like Disney gift cards or discounts on PhotoPass. The Costco Disneyland vacation package is booked through the Costco Travel wing of the company that functions like a traditional travel agency. No savings on Disneyland tickets here!

The previous Costco prices were one of the best Disneyland discount ticket options, but now that they have discontinued the discounted offerings there is no longer a reason to purchase through Costco. I recommend checking for prices from our travel partner, Get Away Today, which will likely offer you a better deal on both discount Disneyland tickets and hotel. Get Away Today is also the only place where you can purchase refundable Disneyland tickets.

Disney Youth Education Series (YES) is a program offered throughout the year that provides educational classes on topics ranging from leadership to marine biology that are taught inside of the Disney theme parks. As a side benefit to these cool Disney classes is the opportunity to purchase discount tickets.

The amount of these discounts varies for each type of ticket. The pricing is different for those taking the class and those simply going on the trip. There are lots of different rules and restrictions attached to these tickets so make sure you read all the fine print.

Teachers that are members of a union within the US or Canada may be eligible for discounted Disneyland Resort tickets through their union. Check with your union to find out if they offer any deals or cheap tickets. The amount of the discounts will vary depending on the union.

College students in California can also purchase discounted one day and two day tickets. These discounts which can usually be purchased from the various Student Unions but do not provide much savings so we recommend comparing the price before purchasing.

Magic Morning is a benefit of tickets that are three days or longer for guests to use that allows guests into the park one hour before official park opening on select days once during their visit. Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open during this time and can be a great way to beat the lines for popular rides in those areas. This shouldn't be confused with Extra Magic Hour that is offered to all Disneyland Resort Hotel guests on each day of their stay. 041b061a72


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