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Buy Used Camcorders

When it's time to leave your cell phone camera behind and move to higher-quality video equipment, consider used camcorders and cameras. Professionally cleaned and inspected items can give you high-level results at entry level prices without sacrificing quality. Whether you're adding to your existing camera inventory or taking your first steps into videography, there are value-priced used cameras and camera accessories to help you do it.

buy used camcorders

With modern digital technology, most consumer cameras that take still photographs also shoot video. With good lighting and accessories such as used video tripods with heads, your digital camera can produce videos similar in quality to those made with specialized video cameras. If you don't need still photos, or you prefer the convenience of a handheld model, a camcorder is for you. These compact video cameras are meant solely to record video, although they are capable of taking still shots as well. They're comfortable to hold, have screens that you can adjust for the best recording angle, and have more video storage capacity than most digital cameras.

Professional video cameras are larger versions of camcorders, with imaging chips, low light capability, and other advanced features. This is where buying used is an especially good plan, as these specialized items can cost thousands of dollars. Go the professional route if you already have expertise as a videographer or are planning to learn. A happy medium between used consumer camcorders and professional cameras are prosumer camcorders, which are less complicated but still feature-rich.

As with investing in new equipment, know how you're going to use your item, what features you need, and what models best meet your requirements. After that, there are some specific areas to consider with used products. Look for a warranty. This could either be time remaining on the original manufacturer's warranty or it could be a new warranty offered by the seller. Pre-owned items come in many conditions, and the better the condition, the greater the cost. However, you may be willing to trade some cosmetic blemishes for better features. Some parts and accessories for older model cameras may no longer be available. Look for a used item that comes with products such as replacement lenses, batteries, or other camera accessories.

Used camcorders and cameras are available in a range of sizes, prices, and types. Acquiring them used allows you to try out something new to you, or build your collection with less expense. Visit B&H Photo and Video, where you'll find the used pro and prosumer camcorders you need.

There are 28 Sony Digital8 Camcorders with 8mm and Hi8 Playback capability, meaning they can play back tapes that were recorded in Video8 or Hi8 format, as well as recorded in Digital8. There are also 7 models of Digital 8 camcorders that are not backward compatible with Hi8 or Video8 formats.

These camcorders are a European version that records at 24 frames per second, which is referred to as PAL, but they can also play back NTSC format 29.97 frames per second. And some of these have analog playback capabilities.

The good news is if you choose option 1 to transfer the tapes yourself the Digital8 camcorder that you bought used may be worth more when you are done, so just sell it to the next person that needs to transfer some videotapes.

Digital8 camcorders generally run cost anywhere from $100 up to $250 or more depending on the quality and where you purchase it. Popular sites like eBay and Amazon fetch a premium because that is where most people look, whereas on local used sites like Craiglist or Facebook Marketplace there is less demand so lower prices.

Since Sony had so many consumers out there using these 8mm tapes they decided to develop a format called Digital8 that would use the same tapes, and most of the initial camcorders were developed to be backward compatible and could also playback Hi8 and 8mm tapes.

If I remember correctly these camcorders also promised to playback Video8 and Hi8 tapes, but even Sony recommends that you playback your tapes on Sony equipment if they were originally recorded on Sony equipment.

I'm Bob Hennessey. I have been shooting video for over 30 years, and have used everything from Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, even an SVHS camcorder. With all of these tapes from decades of video I can help guide you through transferring your tapes to digital formats and DVDs. Let me show you how.

Below is a quick reference guide for some of the best camcorders offered in the various price ranges. We researched across the web (industry review sites, surveys, forums, etc) and narrowed down the choices below.

To avoid both scenarios, we have written this guide about all camcorder basics. This guide covers how camcorders work, different types of camcorders, advantages, disadvantages, and more. Scroll down to learn all of this and more.

Digital camcorders rely on electronic signals. The different components of the camcorders will work together in order to produce the video and upload it onto your camera. To fully understand how camcorders work, you have to look at the different components as a result.

Pocket-sized camcorders are popular today because of how compact they are. These camcorders are designed to take with you on the go. Often, pocket-sized camcorders are waterproof and shockproof as well. The disadvantage of these camcorders is that their quality is typically less impressive than high-definition camcorders.

The most classic place to use a camcorder is at family gatherings. Many families have used camcorders to record Christmas morning, vacations, or baby firsts. By having a camcorder at these events, the families will be able to enjoy and relive their memories in the future.

Even though camcorders are still popular today, most people do not purchase an additional camcorder. If you already have a smartphone, you have the ability to record items. Most people today agree that recording items on a phone is more convenient and easier.

Not to mention, cell phones are simply more convenient to carry around than camcorders. Although camcorders are incredibly compact and slim today, most are not as convenient as cell phones. Especially since you already have to bring your cell phone, packing an additional camcorder can seem unnecessary.

All used products purchased at Henry's come with a 90 Day Henry's Used Warranty which covers parts and labour. At Henry's discretion a unit will be repaired, replaced or the customer will be given a credit equal to the purchase price of the unit. This warranty does not apply to items sold through auctions. Used auction items are sold as described in the auction listing. For information on extended warranty options, check out HELP - Henry's Extended Life Plan.

There are four main types of camcorder: entry-level, professional, action, and mountable camcorders. For those new to video recording entry-level cameras aid in the setup of shooting and keep things simple with minimal camera settings. Professional camcorders include lots of extra buttons and switches to make changing settings easy and quick but often are much more expensive. Action camcorders are designed to be rugged, waterproof, and resistant to shocks. Mountable camcorders are small and compact, perfect for mounting on multiple surfaces including inside cars, on helmets, or anywhere else a larger camera wouldn't be able to fit.

Higher resolution provides greater detail when capturing movies. 4K UHD is the standard of most modern camcorders and produces a moving image 4x larger than that of full HD (1080). Full HD is still widely supported though, and will make it faster to upload or stream footage on social channels such as YouTube and Twitch because it contains less image data.

The best camcorders go far beyond the videos created on today's flagship smartphones. Meaning that even if you've got one of the best camera phones around, you'd probably still benefit from a dedicated camcorder. Far from dying out, the camcorder is experiencing a renaissance, with a remarkable choice for every budget, level of expertise and activity thanks to their high quality footage, excellent resolution, and enhanced optical zoom lenses.

4K camcorders are now commonplace, from easy-to-use beginner devices that record with stabilised footage straight out of the box to high end professional-grade models that come studded with features and controls. Those needing something made of sturdier stuff there are rugged camcorders that can take more than the occasional knock, and often feature dust and waterproof sealing, able to operate in extreme temperatures, too. Many modern camcorders also offer wireless connectivity including Wi-Fi, NFC, or Bluetooth, allowing you to transfer videos without wires, or even live stream directly from the device.

90s camcorders, or VHS camcorders in general, also offer particular visuals that can be quite appealing to some. That grainy, not-so-polished look that these cams provide can really stand out from the average digital-looking videos captured by iPhones or basic mirrorless cameras these days. 041b061a72


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