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Steel Road Plates To Buy [VERIFIED]

Steel road plates are large, flat plates that provide a temporary surface for traffic to pass over while construction is underway. Steel road plates are commonly used to cover potholes, excavations, trenches, damaged pedestrian walkways, and roads under construction.

steel road plates to buy

Steel plates are made from high carbon steel, stainless steel, and other steel compositions, and they are manufactured in steel mills. The most common method used to make steel plates is by hot rolling. To do this, a steel slab is heated to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit and passed through a series of rollers. Each set of rollers makes the slab thinner until the desired thickness is achieved. Once the steel is the correct thickness, the plate is cooled to room temperature and cut to size or rolled into large coils.

Hot rolled steel is the cheapest type of steel available. However, cold rolled steel is another option. Cold rolled steel is created when a steel sheet that has previously been hot rolled is run through a second series of rollers without the addition of heat to create an even thinner sheet of steel. This added step accounts for the disparity in price between the two types of plates.

Steel road plates can be manufactured in a vast array of thicknesses and sizes to accommodate the needs of most roadway and construction projects. For large excavations, multiple steel plates can be welded together to create the dimensions needed. Plates can also be purchased in standard sizes, which are 1-inch to 2-inches thick and include dimensions such as 44, 46, 48, 410, 412, 416, 58, 510, 512, 516, 68, 610, 612, 616, 810, 812, 816, 820.

Though steel plates are often 1-inch to 2-inches in thickness, their desired thickness will depend on their applicaiton type. For steel road plates, road travel speeds above 45 miles per hour will require thicker plates, such as a 1.50-inch plate thickness.

Eiffel Trading is an online marketplace that allows heavy civil contractors to both buy and sell materials and equipment. Structural steel is our bread-and-butter, and our inventory includes both brand new steel plates and used steel plates, used steel sheet pile, used pipe pile, brand new h-pile beams, and so much more. Additionally, our equipment offerings include used sectional barges, used pile drivers, used concrete formwork, and everything in between.

Trench Shoring Company has one of the largest inventories on the West Coast of trench plates / high quality steel road plates. Our inventory includes trench plates with non-skid surfaces which conform to updated city regulations and increase job site safety.

Safe-T-Stik is a super strong, durable, magnetic tag line safety tool designed to keep your workforce safer when moving heavy, dangerous steel objects such as Trench Plates, Road Plates, Shoring, I-Beams, Poles, Pipe, Steel Plate or Dock Plate. Safe-T-Stik keeps workers further away from hazardous situations without sacrificing control.

Steel road plates used in the construction and traffic industry to reinforce grounds, cover potholes, make temporary crossings over trenches and other sensitive areas expecting heavy load bearing from vehicles and such.

Recognizing that the handling of steel plates can be hazardous, we are outfitting our steel plates with the Fast-Lok road plate lifting system by American Drill Bushing Company. The Fast-Lok system is the ultimate in convenience and safety for placing, moving and storing road plates.

Chinese bauxite 1-3mm size aggregate coating supplied by Jobling Purser Type 1 BBA Approved High Friction Surface combining a two part polyurethane resin technology with a high PSV calcined bauxite road grade aggregate.

It is now a legal requirement to make sure that Steel Road Plates and other plates that are used to cover open roadwork trenches are treated for slip resistance. In NYC that means "have a skid-resistant surface equal to or greater than the adjacent existing street or roadway surface.".

It is common and predictable for outdoor flooring to get wet from rain and slippery from leaks and spills that are commonplace on the roads. Therefore it is your duty to take action to prevent slips and falls and skids to prove in court that you did your best to avoid any accidents.

Durabak paint is a popular solution for this problem. Durabak 18 is ideal for steel road plates and can be applied to road plates of any material. Durabak forms a layer of polyurethane slip resistant coating on the road plates, the crumb rubber granules in the Durabak 18 Textured give a high level of grip.

Durabak 18 is very hard wearing so you need not worry about it wearing out halfway through the project. Available in 16 colors including Black, Orange, Safety Yellow and Bright Red you can be sure to protect your steel road plates and their users well in advance of their contact.

So, if you are looking for skid resistant paint for steel road plates or want to recoat road plates with worn out slip resistance you should give Durabak 18 a try. You can find application instructions for metal and concrete here and you can chose from our color selection here.

One of the reasons you'll appreciate Durabak so much is that it's easy to use. Durabak can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on the road plates. Prep is simple too, scuff the surface or sandblast to get a 40 grit scuff, then spray with Zinc Phosphate. You can then spray or roll the Durabak on 12-24 hours later.

If you're using this plate in very high traffic areas, or near a junction or traffic light where you expect an excessive amount of road-wear, you can build up Durabak as thick as you like. Just wait for the last coat to be touch dry and you can go as thick as you like. If you're rushing you can mix in the Durabak accelerator to half the curing time.

A road plate is a steel plate that serves the purpose of temporarily covering a broken road in which cars or pedestrians need to access. Their size can range from 5 feet to more than 20 feet and even smaller ones. This is helpful in many areas such as construction areas that create uneven roads that are dangerous to travel on without any heavy-duty temporary covering. The plates are used to allow cars to travel across the road when construction is not actively happening. The plates are in direct contact with the pavement and are fixed into place to ensure the safety of the drivers who utilize the roads near construction sites. To secure the plate, the road plate is pinned (a process of pushing pins into the pavement at the edges of the plate to prevent the road plate from moving), secured with asphalt wedges, or recessed into the pavement (a process in which a hole is cut out of the ground where the plate will go that is exactly the size of the plate).

There are many different types of road plates that serve different needs and projects. They can vary in their depth, dimension, or specification (such as anti-skid) depending on what they will be used for.

Steel road plates are not treated in any way such as anti-skid treatment and they are a temporary measure for places in which there is construction--it can cover roads over areas of trenches, work, or excavation.

Anti-skid (or skid resistant) road plates are large steel road plates that are specifically treated with a high friction aggregate to create an anti-skid surface. Additionally, there is an anchorage point on each of the four corners of the large steel plate. Their function is just like steel road plates, but they are safer in terms of pedestrian and vehicle use.

Road plates are used as temporary covering in areas of construction including excavations and broken roads. Road plates are especially useful in bridge excavations in which material is removed in order to build a bridge. This requires a lot of construction and road plates are used to allow access to the road throughout times of construction. Additionally, road plates are used to open the carriageway in times of high traffic such as traffic sensitive periods of time, at night, or on weekends. In addition to construction, road plates may also be used to temporarily cover a pothole (which forms over time from a combination of weather and traffic) before it is fixed by the local authority. Sometimes, this process takes a while, so road plates are helpful to have.

J.M. Ahle offers high quality road plates in a variety of sizes and shapes for various uses in the Central New Jersey area. If you would like to buy them or have some questions, please contact us at (732) 238-1700.

Compliant to Australian Standards, our Steel Road Plates have a certified central lifting point and holes in each corner to aid safe and efficient handling. Suitable for a variety uses on construction sites, such as covering pits in roadways, providing access to cars and covering trenches.

Steel plates are one of the most common building materials that are used for a wide variety of building or construction projects. At P.I.T. Pipe, we can supply steel plates in just about any thickness and size to accommodate your particular needs for any roadway or construction project. We have a wide variety of steel plates available, and we can custom manufacture plates to meet your requirements.

If you need steel plates or any structural steel for your next project, P.I.T. Pipe can get you what you need. We can cut and deliver any size steel plates for your specific application. We also buy all kinds of surplus, new, used, or obsolete steel pipe and beams. We sell reconditioned steel pipe and other steel items to save you money on your project. Contact us at P.I.T. Pipe today for all your steel pipe, structural steel, and metal pipe needs.

Steel plates are one of the most commonly used materials in construction projects with a wide variety of uses and applications. Steel plates are available in a wide range of thickness, sizes, and widths. They can be precut to the desired sizes or can be welded together with other structural steel plates depending on the requirements and applications. The plates can be made from high carbon steel, stainless steel, and other steel compositions depending on the required strength. 041b061a72


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