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13 : The Man With The Magic Eye: Soul And Maka'...

But Prisoner 13 is rather capricious, as he is next seen hopping away from the prison, shouting "Thank you!" to the frog. He bounces through the snowy forest, his wrists shackled and a ball and chain still attached to his ankle. Because his bound hands cannot reach his blindfold (which is covered with magical symbols), he depends on the hopping Eruka to guide him out of the forest. But the odd prisoner is hardly in a rush to escape, seemingly happy for the conversation to discuss how difficult it is to escape from the Witch Prison, especially when he wanted to imitate the escape plans from famous movies. Prisoner 13 wanted to dig himself out of his cell with a spoon, but all his prison meals consisted of only chopsticks. Eruka asks why he had not considered urinating onto his cell's bars, slowly corroding them away. Embarrassed he had not considered that idea, Prisoner 13 begins to slam his head against a nearby tree, criticizing himself for his ignorance.

13 : The Man with the Magic Eye: Soul and Maka'...

Soul avoids answering, thinking about how the Little Ogre tells him he must break the rules to grow stronger to ultimately overcome fear itself. Soul thinks he is not afraid of the Ogre or of becoming stronger, yet he remembers his nightmares of hurting Maka. He only tells Maka that her shouting annoys him and she should sit down rather than strain his neck looking up at her. She refuses. Stein realizes that the lesson is not working: their soul wavelengths are slipping away from each other, with the potential that they will not be able to resonate again.

In his human form, he is a tall, attractive man with a muscular build, apparently seeming to be in his thirties, with some facial hair unkept. On his right shoulder he has a tattoo of unknown form, which resembles an eye. HIs left eye is removed and replaced with Maba's own Demon Eye. Above this Demon Eye is not an eyebrow but instead a tattoo of the words, without spaces, "NOFUTURE." This eye also shows no pupil or iris, instead it has a magical array.

Free's soul is large; its diameter is much longer than he is tall. Free's soul changes shape depending on the form he assumes. When assuming his more humanoid form, his soul includes spikes along the top resembling his tufts of hair and decorated with the same array as his Demon Eye and his "NOFUTURE" eyebrow tattoo. When transforming into his Werewolf form, Free's soul expands and gains two spikes at its top, resembling his wolf ears.

His Demon Eye's magical energy is also finite and must be recharged to pull off the Independent Cube spell, which also requires the backing of Calculation Spells in order to pull off.[31] The Demon Eye can be inhibited, with Maba ensuring to cover his Demon Eye with blindfold covered with magical symbols and seals to prevent the usage of his powerful Magic within his arsenal.[2] His large size has proven to be a problem and makes him incapable of utilizing stealth, as seen when he tries to break Eruka out of DWMA custody only to be caught, with DWMA guards pointing out he is "huge and stands out", further speculating that spotting him would be obvious.[32]

By the time Eruka arrived, despite acting tough, the werewolf accepts Eruka's help due to his inability to effectively plan an escape. Meeting Medusa, calling himself "Free" to reflect his current status, the werewolf offers his services to repay his debt to her. Upon learning that he is go after Soul and his Meister Maka, unaware he is to test the Black Blood's effect on them, Free accepts as he feels contempt for Death and the rules he establishes. Confronting his targets at London Bridge, his opponents unable to work together at the time while his magic is still rusty, Free has the upper hand until the Meister/Weapon team are able to use Witch Hunter with Maka pushing Free off the bridge. Though he intended to drag Maka into a watery grave, Free's hand is sliced off by Black Star and the werewolf's attempt to get back on the bridge ends with him frozen and sinking into the sea.

Angela ends up being a little kid so they sympathize with her and not kill her or take her soul. Now, the reason why each team is looking for a witch is that their headmaster Death needs the soul of a witch to make a weapon called the Death Scythe.

Arachne Gorgon tries to get her different parts back together after hundreds of years of separating her soul into different spiders, while also keeping an eye on the world. Arachnophobia becomes a significant threat to Death Weapon Meister Academy, with Giriko and Mosquito acting as her Minion.

The mystical significance of Mystic Eyes is old. Sight is considered the first Magecraft in human history,[7] because it is the one out of the five senses that provides the most information.[7][8][1][2] As such, many cultures across the world came to fear the Evil EyeWP, and many mysteries of the natural world were explained through the symbolism of eyes. For example, the Sun and the Moon being often described as the eyes of Heaven. The Eye of HorusWP from Egyptian mythology is a particularly famous example, with the god Horus' right eye being the Sun and his left the Moon. In Christianity, the eyes of the omnipotent God became connected to his providence over all things, becoming the Eye of ProvidenceWP. Other natural phenomena described using eyes include storms, with things like the "eye of a hurricaneWP" and the clouds surrounding it called the Eyewall, thus making the storm itself a single eye. From there, the association of wind and storms with divinity creates a connection to the eye as well: the archetypical examples being storm deities Balor of the Evil Eye, king of the Fomorians in Celtic Myth, and one-eyed Odin from Norse Mythology, with the former having a single eye whose gaze could annihilate entire armies, and the latter who gave up one of his eyes in exchange for omniscient knowledge of all things. The earth itself has "eyes", like the mouth of volcano, the image of a bright red eye piercing through the darkness of night strongly connected to the image of the evil eye. Though not as numerous as gods of the storm, there are cases where these symbols were granted to goddesses of the earth: a famous example of this would be the Gorgon Medusa, from Greek mythology. Even in modern times this continues, with the black holes discovered by modern science which could also be said to be eyes born of natural phenomena. There is a conceptual similarity between them and MahakalaWP, a manifestation of Shiva in Hindu mythology, to the point black holes could be said to symbolize the magical eye aspect of Shiva on a macro level.[7]

What defines Ragna as the Grim Reaper is the power of the Azure Grimoire. Having had the device for most of his life, Ragna demonstrates great mastery over it. The grimoire has an aura that drains the souls of those around it, and heals Ragna with the lives it takes. This ability also extends to being able to absorb the wishes and dreams of the chosen, although his body has to pay a heavy toll to continuously do so. This is an artificial Drive given to Ragna, as he was born without one. It is called Soul Eater, and in gameplay, it performs the same function by restoring health to Ragna every time he lands a successful Drive attack. Because the Azure Grimoire is essentially a cauldron, Ragna has an endless supply of seithr at his disposal, and he has demonstrated the ability to summon various dark energies that resemble parts of the Black Beast, such as the Beast's claws, breath, or heads, like with his signature Dead Spike ability. Aramasa works well with the Azure Grimoire as Ragna channels the latter's power through the sword.

Unfortunately, Ragna has many weaknesses, though most of his weaknesses have been solved over time. His headstrong nature leads him to make rash decisions, although he has mellowed over time and become more level-headed. The Azure Grimoire will certainly kill him, or worse, turn him into a Black Beast, which contributes to the reason he rarely using his power to its full extent, essentially forcing him to hold back at many occasions. At first, Hazama can nullify his Azure Grimoire with his own superior version, but this has been solved with Idea Engine which he got from a dying Lambda. Whenever he is around Celica A. Mercury, he loses sight in his right eye and cannot use the Azure Grimoire, including merely moving it - his right arm, practically paralyzing it, but Kokonoe has since solved this with a Noise Canceller. Connected to the weaknesses above, as stated by Kagura, Ragna also relied too much on the Azure Grimoire, throwing his power around without skills or precision, which put him at disadvantage on the scenario where he can't use his Azure Grimoire, like when he's around Hazama or Celica, but Ragna has grown out of that after understanding the meaning of his power, becoming a much more powerful and efficient fighter, starting with him besting Nu without the Azure Grimoire. His Soul Eater also only works when fighting against people that actually have souls. Therefore, he is at a disadvantage against someone like Fuzzy, because he summons soulless monsters like ghouls and a Bone Dragon.

For the sake of the epilogue, the rest of the party (returning to their lives and relaxing) found Grog's catatonic body. Percy took the deck from Grog's body. Scanlan immediately proposed a toast: "To Grog! He was the dumbest of us all. He was the dumb and the dumb." To which Percy responded, "May he rest in bed sores for all eternity." Vox Machina then spent two weeks making their way through the halls of Pandemonium. Keyleth was furious because she thought she should be mourning, and instead she was hunting Grog's "stupid ass" down. Vex convinced her that it was keeping her occupied. When the party returned to Whitestone with the restored Grog, a VERY angry Vex told Grog he was lucky that they didn't shave his beard for what he did. A horrified Grog realized that he fucked up. Scanlan claimed that Percy had lost an arm in the process of rescuing his soul.[17] The events covering the rescue were later covered in "The Search For Grog" (Sx42) and "The Search For Bob" (Sx45). 041b061a72


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