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Teen Gallary _HOT_

SeatingCouches are dispersed throughout the Teen Gallery and gallery stools are available upon request. Accessible seating is available in the Digital Studio and meeting space for teen programs.

teen gallary


Calling NYC teens! Get inspired by artwork and create some of your own with a guided drop-in drawing session in our Agnes Varis Art Center. You are invited to explore Subsidence, a surreal exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Nate Ricciuto, and sketch in the gallery from works in the show. Stay and develop drawings for the whole afternoon, or swing by for a quick doodle. Optional group share and discussion throughout! Art materials are provided, but feel free to bring your trusty sketchbook.

Spotlights of pink and white illuminated the walls of the Institute of Contemporary Art, or ICA, Seaport Studio. They shined on the soon-to-be-placed artwork from teens throughout the Greater Boston area. A long mirror at the end of the hall reflected the anticipation.

Around 6 p.m., the gallery started to fill with teenagers and families, and the artwork began. On small 3-by-3 mirrors using different colored markers, the artists started making what later would become part of the art inside the gallery.

Everett High School became part of the project after the school superintendent, Priya Tahiliani, met Dissard while still working for BPS as the assistant superintendent overseeing the Office of English Learners. Tahiliani believes that this exhibition offers a space for the teens to come together and explore their identities with those who have had similar experiences.

Teen Council is a group of 12 creative and dedicated high school students who help make our museums more welcoming and engaging for young people. The Teen Council plans and hosts events that invite D.C.-area teens to hang out and have fun, make art, and build an incredible community together at the museum.Ages 13-19

Teen Museum Council is an intensive year-long program for D.C. Metro area teens who would like a role making teen programs at the Portrait Gallery! Throughout the academic year, TMC members work on a variety of activities for other DC-area teens, such as creating a teen art exhibition, organizing a teen night out, collaborating on social media projects, initiating a video project, or offering a special teen-led tour of the Portrait Gallery. Come help us make history!Ages 14-18

The Youth Teaching Assistant (YTA) Program for Smithsonian Summer Camp provides an extraordinary way for teens to get involved with the Smithsonian while earning community service credits. YTAs are introduced to the world of teaching while supporting Summer Camp instructors. YTAs befriend, help, and act as role models to young campers. A wide range of programs offer YTAs the opportunity to experience and learn about new subject areas or increase and share their understanding of a more familiar subject such as art, science, or theater. This volunteer position is available on a weekly basis June-August when Summer Camp is in session. Smithsonian Summer Camp takes place on the National Mall in the S. Dillon Ripley Center, unless otherwise stated.Ages 15 and older

Michael B. Jordan is our man crush every day, but long before he was leaving us weak in the knees with his handsome face and his chiseled physique, he was giving us butterflies as a teen actor on shows like "The Wire" and "All My Children." The 36-year-old "Black Panther" and "Fruitvale Station" star also had us scribbling his name in our diaries with his performance as Vince Howard in NBC's "Friday Night Lights."

Whether you've been a fan since the beginning or you fell in love with him through "Black Panther" and his Creed franchise, you'll enjoy these photos of the former Sexiest Man Alive's evolution from a cute teen actor to a certified sex symbol.

You can't keep a classic movie down. After years of lying on the shelf, inexcusably dropped from distribution, two of Franois Truffaut's greatest films are returning to the theatrical circuit with first-run fanfare. And they look as good as ever. ``The 400 Blows,'' based on Truffaut's own unhappy childhood, is a sensitive and intelligent corrective to the rash of goofy teen pictures cascading out of Hollywood lately. ``Jules and Jim,'' the story of a three-way romance, treats its delicate subject with a warmth and wit too rarely found on today's more jaded movie scene.

Universal was back again in the third spotwith the new collegiate thriller The Skullswhich earned $11M in its freshman term. Landing in 2,412 theaters,the Joshua Jackson suspense pic averaged a good $4,575 per site. TheSkulls performed much like the recent teen thrillers TheFaculty ($11.6M opening/$39M final) and UrbanLegend ($10.5M opening/$38M final). Universal covered $11M ofthe picture's $16M budget, plus prints and advertising costs, in exchangefor distribution rights in seven English-speaking territories.

Rounding out the top ten were the sophomoreteen pics Here on Earth and Whateverit Takes which each grossed less than $2.3M. Earthcrumbled 50% to an $8M ten-day tally which should eventuallyreach $13-15M. Whatever fell 46% toa $7.4M cume and is likely to retire with a similar total. Opening dayand date with each other proved to be a poor move by Fox and Sony respectivelyas the films split the high school vote in two with a pair of offeringsthat were weak in commercial potential to begin with.

The top ten films overthe weekend grossed $72.1M which was off 1% from last year when TheMatrix crashed into the top spot with$27.8M, but up 6% from 1998 when Lost inSpace finally knocked Titanicout of the number one spot after fifteen weeks with a $20.2M opening. 041b061a72


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