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Yahoo Mail Sign In

If you try to use Yahoo Mail in a third-party email client using less secure sign-in technology, you might get a "Server password has changed" or an "Authentication failed" error message. This is because those email apps use outdated security protocols and we've disabled access to them by default now.

yahoo mail sign in

If you use Yahoo two-step verification, Account Key or an older email app, you may need to use an app password to access Yahoo Mail. Just remember, this is not intended for permanent access and you'll want to download the Yahoo Mail app or follow the steps below for specific third-party applications.

If you prefer to continue accessing your Yahoo email on your current third-party email application, including the default email application on your mobile phone, please see details below on how to ensure it's syncing with the latest secure sign-in method.

Access mail via Apple iOSRemove your Yahoo account and re-add it to the Apple email app on your mobile device. When you re-add the account, look for the Yahoo provider logo to trigger the secure sign-in method.

To get to the setting settings (this from Mojave, I don't have a Catalina system handy to check): Mail > Preferences > Accounts > select the problem Yahoo account > Server Settings. The outgoing mail server settings somehow do not match the Yahoo server requirements.

In the Mail app mail server configuration settings, I usually enable connection security (most mail providers now require that), and usually disable the option to automatically manage the connection settings.

Thanks, connection doctor just shows it trying to connect on multiple ports but never actually connects. has to be a yahoo issue security issue. Very odd and frustrating. Tried downloading Spark as an alternative and it could not connect either. 041b061a72


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