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Online Loads

GTA Online. Infamous for its slow loading times. Having picked up the game again to finish some of the newer heists I was shocked (/s) to discover that it still loads just as slow as the day it was released 7 years ago.

online loads

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After taking a minute to load the common resources used for both story and online modes (which is near on par with high-end PCs) GTA decides to max out a single core on my machine for four minutes and do nothing else.

Over the last few years, the inland freight industry has experienced a digital shift. Instead of dealing with freight brokers, many inland freight shippers have eliminated the middleman by embracing online load boards.

Online loads are quickly becoming the best way to efficiently and economically move your cargo. Instead of paying freight brokers a percentage to find you a reliable carrier, you can save money by finding a reputable carrier on your own.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a load board is an online system that allows shippers to post loads they want to ship. Shippers input all details about the load they want transported. These include pick-up and drop-off locations, freight type and size, and other pertinent information.

What's great about using online load boards is that they are a great supplement to your current list of carriers. If there's a problem with a driver or your capacity increases, a load board is a useful tool to turn to. gives shippers the ability to post their loads for free. This step can be done by creating an online account to post loads, or by sending the list to the service for them to put up. Direct Freight has an easy to use online interface that allows shippers to: also provides shippers with a free posting account for online loads. Shippers can use the Trulos Dispatch System to easily find carriers in your area, set up carriers, manage loads, and work directly with carriers instead of going through a broker.

Convoy matches shippers and carriers for traditional loads and spot shipments in their app. Shippers are assured high-quality coverage for their spot freight even if on short notice or during difficult weather situations.

With NextLOAD, shippers create an account and after being approved, are then able to post loads through an online form. NextLOAD integrates with various TMS systems that can be connected to your account to allow you to post your online loads automatically.

Having such an accessible online option is a gift only today's technology can provide. Use an efficient strategy to streamline your workflow today by signing up for a load board that best fits your needs.

The Direct Freight Driver app lets truck drivers search more than 300K loads daily from reputable brokers & shippers on the Direct Freight network. Users sign in with a current Direct Freight Services username and password to start searching for loads.

CDN stands for content delivery network. Shopify provides merchants a world-class CDN run by Fastly that ensures that your online store loads quickly around the globe. You can check the CDN status on the Fastly status page.

Your store caches, or saves, some elements on your customer's local storage temporarily. The next time your customer visits your online store, the browser can load resources from the cache instead of sending another request to the server.

In addition to local browser caching, Shopify caches pages on the server side. The first time a page is loaded, it might be slower, but later page loads are faster because customers are receiving a cached copy.

The `` Liquid object injects assets used by a variety of online store features, including performance analytics and optional features like dynamic checkout buttons. Loading this object and related assets has an impact on the speed of your store. Shopify is optimizing the tag and its assets to make it faster.

When you add apps to change the functionality or appearance of your online store, they add code into the theme so they can run. Some code can be removed or reordered to improve your online store's performance. If you're not using an app, then you can remove it.

Certain features, when enabled, might also affect your store speed. For example, some quick view pop-ups pre-load information from every product page when a collection page loads. Loading extra data your customers aren't using can impact your store speed without adding value.

You can choose from several fonts for the text in your online store. However, if you use a font that does not yet exist on your customer's computer, then the font has to be downloaded before your text can be displayed. This impacts the time that your store takes to load.

The Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome is a profiling tool that uses a flame graph to display Liquid render performance. This tool helps you to identify the lines of code that slow down pages in your online store. Learn how to use the Shopify Theme Inspector.

ICE, a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security, has issued guidelines preventing newly enrolled international students from studying in the U.S. if their colleges are operating only online this fall. Eva Hambach/AFP via Getty Images hide caption

"Nonimmigrant students in new or initial status after March 9 will not be able to enter the U.S. to enroll in a U.S. school as a nonimmigrant student for the fall term to pursue a full course of study that is 100 percent online," the agency said.

It told designated school officials not to issue a Form I-20 to an international student in new or initial status who is outside of the U.S. and plans to take classes fully online. (Nonimmigrant students need a Form I-20, or certificate of eligibility, to apply for a student visa, apply for benefits and enter the country.)

According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, which is tracking the fall semester plans of more than 1,250 colleges, 12% are planning for online-only classes, compared with the 34% proposing a hybrid model and the 50% planning to operate in person.

Wind loads are an important consideration in structural engineering, as they can have a significant impact on the design and safety of a structure. Understanding and properly accounting for wind loads is essential for ensuring the structural integrity of a building or other structure.

Wind loads are caused by the movement of air and can be influenced by various factors, including the speed and direction of the wind, the shape, and size of the structure, and the surrounding terrain. These loads can be either static, meaning that they are constant over time, or dynamic, meaning that they change over time. In addition, wind loads vary depending on a structure's location and climate region.

Structural engineers use various methods to calculate wind loads, including wind tunnel testing, computer simulations, and empirical data. These methods allow engineers to predict the wind loads that a structure will experience and design it accordingly.

Wind loads are often also referred to as Wind Pressures. These pressures act over the surface area of a structure, such as a wall or roof. This distribution of pressure over an area means we can calculate the equivalent wind load force that can be used for structural design calculations.

Engineers must consider the wind loads that a structure will experience in different directions and at different heights. This is particularly important for tall structures, such as skyscrapers, which are more susceptible to wind loads due to their height.

Snow loads are caused by the accumulation of snow on a structure and can vary greatly depending on the location and climate. In areas with heavy snowfall, the snow load on a structure can be quite significant and must be taken into account during the design process.

To mitigate the effects of snow loads, structures can be designed with certain features, such as snow guards and heated gutters. These features can help to reduce the impact of snow loads on a structure and increase its stability.

Seismic loads are caused by the ground motion during an earthquake and can vary greatly depending on the location and magnitude of the earthquake. In areas with a high risk of earthquakes, the seismic loads on a structure can be quite significant and must be taken into account during the design process.

In addition to designing a structure to withstand earthquake loads, it is also important to consider the maintenance and upkeep of the structure. This includes regularly inspecting and maintaining the structure to ensure that it is in good condition and can withstand any future potential earthquake loads.

This ASCE 7-10/ASCE 7-16, EN 1991-1-4, NBCC 2015, AS/NZS 1170.2, and NSCP 2015 wind load calculator has been pulled from our full Structural 3D software, it allows you to determine the wind pressure by location and apply it directly to your structural model. You can edit the input to re apply, and as you change your model the wind loads will automatically adjust, so you don't have to delete and reapply!

SkyCiv now supports seismic loads based on ASCE 7-16 and NZS 1170.5! Determine the seismic base shear for your structure using the Equivalent Static Force method. Generate the design response spectrum based on these reference codes and apply it directly to your S3D model!

The new system is called MoveME (Move Oversized Vehicles Efficiently Maine) and will have 24-hour/7-day availability for carriers, alleviating the need to wait for BMV office hours to obtain a permit. Apart from loads that are considered extreme or instances in which special provisions are necessary, an applicant can apply for, pay and print or download the permit and approved route directly through the online service.

MoveME uses data from the Maine Department of Transportation and Maine Turnpike Authority to create safe and efficient routes for oversize loads. The online service is hosted by ProMiles and is available at

TQL Carrier Dashboard is a web portal and mobile app designed to give you speed and convenience every step of the way, even on your busiest days. With TQL Carrier Dashboard, you have unlimited access to our free load board with 65,000+ loads a week. You can also review load documents, submit quotes, submit check calls online and more. 041b061a72


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