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Phoenix Desire

Harley Phoenix was born with an innate desire to write, and write about emotional experiences. Phoenix's is an avid reader of classical literature, biographies, and self improvement. It is Phoenix's desire to help others with the written word and tell stories or ordinary people and their extraordinary experiences.

phoenix desire

The United States and China are unified in our desire to find a peaceful solution to the situation with Iraq, but the United States and China are also unified in UN Resolution 1441, which we both voted for as permanent members of the Security Council to see that Iraq gets rid of its weapons of mass destruction, that it is disarmed. And so far Iraq has not complied with the terms of 1441. Even though the inspectors have been able to go back in, Iraq continues not to provide the inspectors what they need to do the job and disarm Iraq, so this will be an opportunity for me to discuss this once again with my Chinese colleagues and point out to them that the United States feels strongly that we cannot just allow inspections to continue forever, and the answer is not more inspectors, the answer is Iraq compliance. And if Iraq does not comply, then the United Nations Security Council must consider whether or not other action is appropriate. And this will be a subject of discussion with my Chinese colleagues.

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The Moroccan waterwheel does not produce the maximum amount of grain for the smallest price. However, it meets the needs of the community within which it exists. It grinds grain to a consistency neither too course nor too fine, and produces grain without the subtly-affected taste associated with diesel-powered mills. It also provides the community with the distinctive sound of water rushing through a wooden mill. Similarly, the Providence Phoenix serves its community--the heterogeneous system within which it operates--in many ways. (A few examples being its promotion of routine and ability to reflect the interests and opinions of the community in print. Another being its ability to either promote or hinder socialization depending on the individual's desire). While it is easy for modern society to view progress as a straight path from simple to complex, to do so is to disregard the consequences of every action taken within a system. Increased complexity brings with it an increased number of options, which in itself provides a new set of complications. Remove the overly-simplified simple-->complex model of progress, and there is a place in the future for both a water mill and a free alternative newsweekly. Cresswell reminds his audience that within a heterogeneous system of human-object interactions, the new and modern is not necessarily more efficient than what has already been established. 041b061a72


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